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  1. We got out of jail yesterday, that's not the way to win the league, it's early days but things need to improve massively.
  2. I'll have whatever the op is on
  3. I'll be happy with a draw, going on our current form
  4. I think fans who pay good money are entitled to show their displeasure
  5. We can only get better and we must get better.
  6. Even with the blue glasses off, I agree he was pretty shit.
  7. A few bob spent on a decent defence would sort my squeaky bum.
  8. caught me out because that's just what we would expect him to say...word for word
  9. I think our fitness levels pulled us through but our performance was sadly lacking, we need to do much better.
  10. He's an eejit but he's not far off the mark, we have a lot of work to do.
  11. I'll take that kind of performance all season if the results are the same, 3 points is all that matters
  12. I'm a fuckin eejit I forgot about NO SURRENDER
  13. Anything the scum can do we can do......injury time Winners......Yassssssssssssss
  14. Yassssssssssssssssssssssd
  15. I wonder if we'll see our name at the top of the league again this season