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  1. Hope they get pumped every game. Fuck them.
  2. The wee convict cunt never bullied anyone. Throwing yourself around everytime a CB breathes on you is not bullying them. A very experienced CF outsmarted two fairly in-experienced CBs.
  3. Wes

    Like it was a matter of time last season as well.
  4. The opposite in fact. One of the few of them that have done punditry that actually called other talking heads out on their blatant anti Rangers shite. Few years back we were getting called the worst team to qualify for the CL last 16, Duffy on Radio Scotland basically said they (Rangers) were maybe the worst of the 16 remaining but that still meant they were better than the other 16. Didn't go down well.
  5. Pushed around. He let Wilson and Keirnan knock him on his arse at every opportunity. It wasn't a wee guy dominating 2 players bigger than him. It was a wee cunt that is experienced at being a wee cunt. He out-thought them, not out-fought them,
  6. Bad enough calling them tims instead of the many apt names we have for them. Capitalised the T as well
  7. Yeah and this is it: "Joleon, this is the MD, have fun"
  8. bullied. The world really has gone soft if what that wee mongo was doing all afternoon is considered bullying. What next? Harsh language is mass murder?
  9. Maybe because most people in the game will know that there's no way MW would have had anything do with negotiating Lescott's salary, clauses and other contractual stuff. The idea that our manager is doing this instead of board executives is laughable.
  10. Wes

    Him and Tavernier are 2 players who, along with the CBs, took a pounding all summer. They are also 2 players who've looked the part since the seasons started. Just awaiting the climb down thread about it.... *dies waiting*
  11. I'd pay to watch this Rangers side on their worst day over any team in Scotland on their best. That positive enough.
  12. Horrible first half. Which I'm not revelling in. Unlike some.
  13. Shades of Super telling big Eck how many he's gonna score
  14. Not that anyone actually promised but........where's the CL trophy? I was promised a CL trophy
  15. Bit harsh mate. Clubs entitled to legally challenge contracts surely