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  1. Just bought 5 tickets for the North Stand Lower (Rangers end) no bother. Was able to select the option to print them as well.
  2. Not had any do far, must be a lot of people on it so far. I have 3 of us on it set up as family and friends, anyone know if this puts us at a disadvantage in ballots? Since we either all get a ticket or none of us, do we all need to come out in the same ballot. I'd assume no but I've no idea how it works
  3. Always available for a pass. Always
  4. Gutted for you mate... I'll take your ticket.
  5. Mckay to tear it up.
  6. Both of Jeffries goals were brilliant
  7. Going to head to this tonight. Didn't manage to make last night's game or the game at the weekend so I'm looking forward to it.
  8. Needed one striker before today. Probably need two or possibly one and a loan deal now.
  9. First time i've seen this. That's a brilliant goal!
  10. No, Falkirk.
  11. Exactly
  12. Jason Cummings scored for Hibs today...
  13. Not long landed and this is fucking depressing reading.
  14. Will be high in the sky when this game kicks off and I'm gutted I won't be there! Hope everyone enjoys it and the team put on a good performance.
  15. No sure whether to stay the night or go and come back the same day