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  1. For me he is the type of player thats vital to have in a squad , especially if you want to win things , wont command a starting position once were up too full speed but can fill a cpl of positions well when we have suspensions , injuries or players need a bit of a rest
  2. On that last part we can agree , and i will repeat what i said in the barton thread , as the season goes on then his qualities will undoubtedly show through and he will prob be our best mf , my views are taking yesterdays game in isolation as i think we need to deal with 1 game at a time
  3. Yes i was fucking there too so dont start yer shite , i cant debate with stupid , i have explained my views , and getting dragged down 3 yards out as he is about to nod into the goal isnt missing a sitter , and yeah if barton shouting and pointing is making a difference then yeah he was best , actually making a difference going foward is what niko done by actually making runs and passes
  4. I will repeat , complete and utter nonsense
  5. Complete and utter nonsense , barton was average at best yesterday and your apparent hatred of halliday is clearly clouding your judgement on his performance while bartons reputation is allowing his poor passes and powderpuff challanges go unnoticed
  6. He was our best midfielder yesterday and looked our biggest goal threat and it should have been barton that came off , he nearly got 2 goals in the first 10 mins of the second half and looked like he was denied a stonewall pen
  7. You trying to turn halliday into the whipping boy isnt going to make ppl think kiernan is good enough
  8. Ha ha dont get me started on miller and him not being in the box , i wouldnt have halliday in my team all being well and i think barton will go on to show his quality this season but my subs yesterday would have been barton , miller , mckay for niko, dodoo , o'halloran
  9. Nonsense , he nearly got 2 goals and looked like he was denied a stonewaller in the first 10 mins of the second half , you do realise windass and holt are injured
  10. Shouldnt have been subbed today , was far more involved than barton and looked most likely to score in the second half
  11. Spot on , its frustrating as fuck to see our cf drop 40 yards from goal to play a 5 yard pass when we have 3 cm playing , or when he comes onto the left wing and him,mckay,wallace stand 5 yards apart play about 4 passes with none of them moving so then its passed into midfield anyway
  12. If any of our players are so mentally weak that they go into hiding after a little bit of booing then the sooner we discover them and remove them the better as they arent cut out for our club
  13. I thought he was the poorest of the midfield 3 today , rossiter was doing the majority of the tackling and halliday was the 1 trying to get into the box , looks like he is running through treacle at times too
  14. 6-0 , i fucking hate that cunt mcghee
  15. The advertising cunts have pulled a masterstroke here tbh , look at the exposure this has now