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  2. Many go bankrupt - it's no big deal
  3. Why are you bringing 'likes' into it? Creepy guy. Well see if you preferred it when you didn't see me post, put me on ignore.
  4. Aye that's why you have huge swaths of our support boycotting tim led media publications.That's why a blanket boycott of away games is also being seriously considered as well because the Rangers bashing is a thing of the past eh?
  5. What's all this about, the enigma code. Answer a straight question pal.
  6. Seriously? Wouldn't say your a shitebag just paranoid. But that's expected when you try to keep a low profile. Internet points is likes. The more you insult, have decent memes, say staunch stuff or have mates on here - the more you have. Leave you behind back where you were when I didn't know who you were. Been on RM for 2 years and never came across you until like last month when the naismith stuff was rife. When the season starts i only really stick to match related threads. Dont get any dickishness there
  7. Sadly we are in the minority now.
  8. I reluctantly read the statement above and noticed, in, 2 above, they are attempting to ban them from all stadiums in Scotland, quote, " any matches involving Celtic FC at any other stadium in Scotland or elsewhere". I think they may actually have realised that the governing bodies are taking their antics / IRA Roadshow seriously and are now concerned about what actions the governing bodies will take. I seriously hope that they have indeed something to worry about.
  9. He hope dies just like the club he used to play for.
  10. Announcement 24th July 2017 admin Uncategorized We regret to inform our followers of a major incident at Imperial Towers. A meeting of the admin team, scheduled for Monday evening, has had to be cancelled due to our regular premises being flooded. This flooding we believe, was caused by the actions of the hate-filled element of the Celtic support on Sunday evening!! A further statement will follow, expanding on this unfortunate incident DisbandGB 24th July 2017 admin The Bheasts Earlier we regrettably advised that our scheduled meeting was cancelled due to a flooding incident. We can now advise that the reason for the flooding was our members pishing themselves laughing at the reaction to our @disbandgb twitter account and petition. Even for the moon howling Celtic support, the meltdown was of epic proportions! Absolute quality, Tangoed too fuck
  11. You might drop lucky and get one outside stadium, I'd have thought someone will be selling some
  12. Outstanding Laugh by them.
  13. Thanks mate.
  14. Actually I never use fenian online and very rarely taig as all it takes is one demented lurker to report it so that's a flat out lie. Que a barrage of people calling me a shitebag... Internet points? the fuck does that even mean Leave me behind?
  15. I don't trust one of that lot at all and I don't think they'll rest until titles are stripped. Ive had enough of it, we should tell the governing body we will not be accepting any away allocations at any of their shit holes and every opposition will get the minimum at the corner between the family and Sandy Jardine stands (Broomloan and Govan in old money). In addition, their away ticket will cost £50 each. If the police don't like it then they can fuck off as well. Fuck gIving that mhanky mob our entire stand anymore and all those utter pricks chasing the blue pound when it suits them.
  16. Cheers mate will say to the guys on the bus.
  17. Motherwell meant to be selling tickets for the Rangers end direct through them, anyone looking give them a phone tomorrow, worth a try!
  18. Not a bad signing. I actually thought he had become rubbish but I just watched a few clips of him in the last two seasons and he still looks ok. Not really lost his pace either.
  19. Has any other club in world football been persecuted as much as we have? Other countries must look at us and shake their heads in disbelief!
  20. No mate just trying to cover up my previous fuck up. Simpleton? Your vocabulary consists of taig, fenian and injury. I dont think you have contributed to any decent discussion regarding the team. Only slagging players, ex players and board members. Your internet points are all for being a dick, calling cunts taigs and most are from your wee fanny pals. Canny wait till the season starts so we can go back to discussing games and tactics and leave the wanks like you behind. Naw offence mate
  21. Absolute fucking genius The previous statement about going offline due to a flood caused by hateful Celtic fans hahaha... Played a blinder. Would like to have seen it last longer, but fuck it. They caught a shitload of the demented throbbers.
  22. 3 miles mate
  23. He'll just have to 'write' more of that nonsense that his pals in the Celtic-funded comic commission from him on a regular basis.
  24. 2 days for the hordes to revolt and get the pitchforks to Hampden....
  25. No stealth holiday thread allowed!! Last sentence is a wish for one day....doesn't mean now with our current squad so no mars visit. To be fair, saying I was wired to the moon would have been more applicable in your dig than mars
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