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  2. If you don't get one its worth contacting the Luxembourg RSC to see if they can pick you up a local ticket.
  3. Davis was signed after Mendes I'm sure.
  4. I like wee Barrie, but if hr doesn't want to be here he can fuck off then. I only want players, playing for us, who want to be here, and are hungry for winners medals. No player is bigger than the club.
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  6. I have never had a season ticket, but have always had Rangers in my heart. Not only that, but in my whole life, I have probably only been to about 100 games. That said, I fully intend to go to a lot of games this coming season. I must admit that life has got int he way of being a football fan for me, and it became way down my list of priorities, but I have the time to go again, and although I tried to let football (and in particular, Rangers/Celtic)go, I have been drawn back in by social media. You just can't get away from it. I have many friends and acquaintances who are tims, and we have shown a mutual respect and kept a safe distance when discussing Old Firm stuff over the years! ie, we know the boundaries with each other, but latterly all I see is shite on fb slagging Rangers and 'liking' all conceivable Celtic groups imaginable, and it has gradually fired me up more and more to the point I feel more of a fan now than I have ever done in the last 30 years! So I am looking forward to reacquainting myself with Ibrox (Mecca) this year!
  7. Joe has previous
  8. Every time I recall Joe Miller, I'm always reminded of this episode at Clyde - why the DR gave him any credence, says it all about the journalistic standards thesedays at that rag.
  9. Why the fuck reopen a 2013 thread unless you are fishing or trolling???
  10. Hope that this isn't the case. I haven't owned a season ticket ever (didn't have them for punters like me in the 1950's/1960's) and I've lived overseas for decades. Still follow, follow from 6,000+ miles away as best as I can.
  11. Was thinking we were pish last year what. A shit season mid forgotten how bad things were makes King look like an exemplar custodian and that's saying something charles green in general was ridiculous, promising fireworks displays, £10 million in transfers, orange tops, the hospital bed interview, the xmas message feels like looking back on those days when you first moved out of home and spent the time pissed and in bother. Absolutely bizarre remembering all these things
  12. Brainfart here but when was the last time we signed an EPL first team Player? Mendes? Davis perhaps?
  13. Taking Oguchi Onyewu on trial to the USA. Then signing Phillipe Senderos.
  14. My point exactly regarding wanting to move abroad.
  15. Honestly think thats unfair... On jeffers... He was once a goal scoring prospect who looked destined for big things when arsenal signed him. Campbell has done nothing of note ever.
  16. It wasn't his only offer. He's already played in lower leagues in England and hated it.
  17. A team of local facepainters??
  18. Perhaps a football barrier.
  19. Not all Season Ticket holders are True Bears and not all True Bears are Season Ticket holders in the words of the oracle . . . !
  20. Stealth money bags post
  21. Howling It's like watching Mario Balotelli put on his training bib.
  22. No chance would he be a wildcard Kirk... Guy hasn't played in nearly 2 months. Will be nowhere near ready to be involved in a match. Plus the fact I don't think he will be signing before the weekend at least now anyway.
  23. Mind this?
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