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  2. Anyone know what time this opens on Saturday for the game?
  3. It's not mate, my mate forgot he had a stag doo this weekend and asked me to take it down to the ground with me to sell . But thought I would ask on here first.
  4. I think his league form is more relevant to any speculation linking him with Rangers, and it is clearly not good enough. He is not better than any of those players really, not with that amount of goals, and is clearly as inconsistent now as he was when he was here.
  5. Selective reporting by the scum rhodents in media .Shower of reprehensible scumbags Oh yeah bears don't do paranoia .It is beneath us right
  6. No chance .that's 4 now from the one club. This is a MASSIVE story being buried in MSM. If a similar story was to break at a club on the continent we would all be hearing about it . Lieswells tactic of deflection is working wonders with the separate entity pish .surely soon the connection will be made that the big main host club was at the heart of the cover up .as that's where the shit really hits the fan Deflecting will do nothing but cause more injustice for the dozens of kids affected .I'm sure when they were at the boys club they had no idea this was a completely separate entity and would have been led to believe that the boys club was a direct route to the first team
  7. Not sure how much league football he's played but having seen him for Northern Ireland in that time I would say there's no doubt he's better than garner and waghorn. Dodoo I think there is a player in there and he needs a chance.
  8. Some tarrier was talking about crowd funding some documentary to explain why we are a different club. Would we have anyone brave enough to do one about the biggest child sex scandal since Penn State?!?!
  9. no. we need to look forward and not backwards. i wouldn't take back any of our former players especially those that deserted us when we needed them most.
  10. @Queen's_highway Out of curiosity is it Britannia bear that's your mate @Pennyboy as he sent me a pm last night saying he had a ticket for sale in the CD but I never got it till this morning & he'd edited the pm? I've sent him another one anyway to see if he still has it for sale.
  11. The manager confirmed Jordan will be back with the team in full training at preseason so we can at least put it to bed that he won't play again this season. It will be interesting to see how he gets on after a proper rest (constantly played throuout last summer) and hopefully he's over his injury issues.
  12. I agree mate .We have sunk so low with the dross we have .It would appear like signing Henry .Still dislike the prick but he does evoke memories of Helicopter Sunday's
  13. An article from a football magazine called "Charles Buchan's Football Monthly" from 1963.
  14. Is he better than Garner, Miller, Dodoo and Waghorn, with his goal tally of five in three seasons?
  15. I hope we will be bringing in a better standard of player than him going forward so it's a no from me even though he's probably better than the shite we have at this moment.
  16. No. Not a time to go back to players from the past. If he was that concerned about playing for us,he would have stayed.
  17. As genuine first team picks for a team challenging for the title I think you are right. I would place Dodoo in a team of better quality, where he would get the chance to show his potential. The rest I agree with.
  18. 3 more goals than Clint Hill this season. If we line up with Kenny Miller as our best forward in August my ST is going back, fuck that. What a laughing stock.
  19. Who are you getting the lessons from ?
  20. You raise good points, and it appears of late that the emphasis is less on the quality of our players and more on systems and tactics. This is clearly a mistake and has done us no favours. We need very good players first and foremost.
  21. Are you still looking for a ticket mate? My mates selling his , think it's for CD 5
  22. James Maddison
  23. Said it on FF when someone proclaimed the "we need a clear out" and I replied "Aye, from the dressing room to the stands and everything in between".
  24. Reading about Jock Wallace's time here and knowing about what Walter wanted from his time here, they all wanted the best players for Rangers. We appear at present to have a signing policy of signing players where we over speculate on their potential, but most of them should have to have something about them before they get here.
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