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  2. Rangers Legends this Saturday

    Do you take your boots every home game because sometimes we're a full team short!!
  3. Niko is gone

    Of all the posts I've seen on here , that about sums it up 👍.
  4. Simply The Best

    My dads favourite player ever. Far too young to see Coop in the flesh, but have seen the Super Cooper dvd countless times. My dad is from Clydebank and believes he’s the greatest footballer he has ever seen when he is in the mood that’s how much he rates them. He played for the club he loved.
  5. Rangers Legends this Saturday

    An an NI bear, not making this, are RTV covering it troops?
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  7. Niko is gone

    Good luck to him, despite his lack of running power and stamina I was always impressed with his desire to give his all when playing.......sadly not a lot of people could see that as all they seen was a slow lumbering player but his work ethic and sttitude was spot on its just his legs couldnt keep up. For that I admired him and it was plain as day he gave his all for the team when he played.......good luck Niko but it had to happen
  8. Survey about Reduced Allocation for the taigs.

    Its not like the old days when thousands of bears would pile into the septic end of the old piggery. This really put the peados noses out of joint. As far as this debate is concerned - ban the septic cunts from Ibrox.
  9. Niko is gone

    Fuck off the titanic turned quicker ffs
  10. Match Day Pubs

    Guy that owned it a while back was a cunt, been taken over now and it’s good. In there for a few after the game and straight to the Quayside.
  11. Semi final ballot

    Yeah just be honest and say look this is how we do it like it or lump it at least you know the process and can move on
  12. Semi final ballot

    Emailed earlier to say i qualified for their criteria to get a ticket so i await their response. Said before, its a lottery and if i dont get drawn thats sound but that walloper needs to cut the bullshit as if hes in the know and making all sorts of statements about who qualifies etc. Just admit its a fuckin lottery
  13. Rangers Legends this Saturday

    Sorry man. I've got a rule about not giving lifts to folk that talk to themselves. Hitchhiking is safe these days.
  14. Simply The Best

    That picture was on my son’s bedroom wall for years, he was only seven when Davie passed away but I made sure he knew all about him.
  15. Semi final ballot

    I'm Mau mateand don't lnow What A happening but they wanted my pals named fucking cunts
  16. Semi final ballot

    I think the SLO and the people in the ticket office actually don’t have a clue and they just feel like trying to join the dots and guessing to pass it off as genuine info and making themselves look like liars at worst and stupid/wrong at best
  17. Simply The Best

    Was a sad day, one of the boys I know was down with them making the programme when he passed away, the boy played for Clyde at the time, it's basically 5mins from my house, strange thinking he passed away there. Great player that I was lucky to see, sometimes you could tell he just couldn't be bothered, but other times he was just brilliant, was always a murmur of anticipation when he got the ball to see what he was going to do. As for his moaning, think he would be fun and straight to the point to listen to him talk about Rangers with the position we are in just now, think he would be cursing everything and everyone.
  18. Rangers related picture thread

    Baxter's return season...my 2nd ever game at Ibrox..Lubanski ran riot that night IIRC
  19. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    What area you in ? What’s the options ano you have posted before but can’t be bothered looking back.
  20. Semi final ballot

    They're fucking at it
  21. Semi final ballot

    I think you mean bang, there's yer entry into a ballot
  22. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Personally I'd be thinking of an English manager who has standing and experience at a far higher level than the likes of McInnes who turned us down or Jack Ross who is far too inexperienced for us at the moment.
  23. Niko is gone

    Followfollow is an absolute shitehole but the pair of you would be banned for those posts, and quite rightly. Calling a current player Dildoo and a former player a parasite for no other reason than not being very good is really poor behaviour for supposed ‘supporters’.
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  25. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Ridiculous comparison, one has worked with some of the worlds best teams and managed in the premier league and the other has never managed above the Scottish Championship
  26. Simply The Best

    Tonight’s friendly for Scotland v Costa Rica is quite poignant. Coop was in great form in 1990, but suffered a broken toe, leaving him to be left out of the World Cup. Scotland lost 1-0 to Costa Rica which proved enough to see them out. Was the sort of game that you could have played an, even, 50% fit Davie, and he would have delivered enough with his good foot to see us home.
  27. Simply The Best

    His goal v the scum in the dryburgh cup final was a peach, I was there , up the auld west terracing belting out the cultural anthems
  28. Big Ecks new assistants

    Where is Andy Watson & Jan Wouters?
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