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  4. Don't think anyone is, it's more knocking the we can win it. I mean cmon, it's far harder to win that than our league. We all love European games but right here and now the only thing that matters is the league. I'm sure if you could have the option of European trophy this year or league title the highest percentage of bluenose will say league........that's how important it is right here and now. If we were to stop them doing 9iar and next year we had the same question then yeah Europe but with 10iar on the horizon it's just a horrible thought that makes me sick and very angry.
  5. Great post mate, the regionalisation of the lower leagues especially. Peterhead going to Stranraer and Annan going to Cove Rangers is insane.
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  7. From where we were just 2-3 seasons ago, I’m buzzing. I don’t want to worry about Europe next season. Can’t keep thinking about it that way. We’re where we are on merit and that shouldn’t be taken away from a young upcoming team. Yes, it’s not looking good for the league right now, but we can only battle what’s put in front of us and see if we can get further in any of these competitions. Get past Braga hopefully and it’s all gravy and money to build the strength of the squad for next year. Just don’t fucking surrender even with the shit we deal with in Scotland.
  8. The priority and the bigger picture is always winning the league, everything else is a bonus or a distraction depending on how you look at it. Not winnng it, gives the scum the opportunity yet again to get a shot at the CL group stages and all the cash that goes with it, which only increases the gap between us and them. If we are ever to catch up with them, barring a billionnaire investor, we need to take that title. It's as simple as that.
  9. Best a luck Kenny,I remember the day he scored that screamer.always will be rememberd.
  10. Mcloy_72

    The split

    The splits pony.it's always gonna be us and taigs for title every season.let's not kid ourselves by saying aberdeen ,hearts,hibs,Kilmarnock are ever going to win a title regardless of splits or any other carryon.
  11. Excited very much about the future
  12. I'll be having a ball,I'm sick a hearing bhears saying they don't give a shit about europe.at would they know about Rangers. Off course I want the league,but let's not knock europe.
  13. Mcloy_72


    Gerrard and halliday are about the only hard men in the team the rest have the backbone of a worm.
  14. I’d prefer to go back to 10 teams in the top league - play each other 4 times (that’s screwed up but required for TV money) total of 36 games and scrap the split. It’s not fair the way it is - with unequal home and away ties against some teams.
  15. Well... if yopu progress to a certain point then....it does put silverware on the table :pipe:
  16. Just click on any of the alkassdigital.net links above and you'll get straight in 😉
  17. Winning on Thursday would be nice, but it papers over the cracks, which should be league success.
  18. Nope. Pes4/5/2006 were great but FIFA at the time was as good, and FIFA 11-15 were better. Don’t get the love for him, used to like him but he’s a greeting faced wank. Hope Tottenham pump Leipzig.
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