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  2. Have been told by someone at the club over a month ago that it will be £45 to register for away tickets next season. This is their way of coping with the high demand. I would love every single bear to refuse to pay it, but know that won't happen. I won't pay it, so guess this will be my last season on the CCCS then, and the club get just what they want. It seems that the recent fan consultation was just a smokescreen and this had already been decided beforehand.
  3. The game I'm worried about , is Sheep away before the final . I fully expect them to kick our players all over the place .And maybe even damage a few of our players . Maybe even Accies will do the same . TBF . they haven't been known for this past years
  4. Live on BBC 2 tomorrow from 19:45 Flamengo v River Plate
  5. Imagine having to live up to the expectation being the nephew of a Rangers legend and footballing genius I wish the guy all the best, but wonder if this is a good move for either Rangers or him.
  6. Maybe if we get rid of him, his Mrs will dump him, have a melt down, and start putting naked pictures up on the Internet??
  7. Imagine dishing out likes to "obvious" Fenians on a Rangers forum.
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  9. I said 'imagine' mate why you always being so serious
  10. Many people go on about having a good squad with plenty of depth. If we can't rest a couple of players against Hamilton (who have a number of players injured/suspended) then when can we? I reckon Davis will be rested and possibly Morelos at minimum. Pump them by at least 3 goals.
  11. We could go to Hong Kong and sing the Sash with the protesters.
  12. Good moaning, perhaps officer Crabtree?
  13. Looks to me mate that although the final and semis is a different ballot a lot who have missed the final are now getting this to try make up for it. Obviously some.will have both but ive seen a fair few who never got the final get this
  14. I’m not sure if this is the same one but a few months back I saw a tackle from an English non-league game on YouTube where a player deliberately done another player miles off the ball and broke his leg. There were comments that the guy was going to be taken to court for deliberately causing harm. To be fair it looked like the guy had an excellent case if it was the same one.
  15. Thread should come with free protective glasses. Journo wank off. .Not in our eyes.
  16. Dissapointed you posted that link pal.
  17. AC Milan would still take him a heartbeat. A club as strives of success as they are wouldn’t turn their nose up at Mourinho if he was interested in going there. No chance.
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