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  2. Morelos to Cardiff

    Championship clubs get about £50m a season from TV revenue. They could throw a solid bid in for Morelos no problem and I'm certain one of them will. As Is aid, he wants to go there and I imagine he'll do his best to make it happen.
  3. Darfur

    Hope the boy doesnt sign up to here Cushy would crucify the poor fucker.
  4. Feel good factor coming back?

    Being a Rangers supporter over the last 5 years should see us all fresh out of feel good factor. We had a few moderate ups quickly followed by some mighty downs so any confidence we might have should be very reserved for the sake of our own sanity. A hell of a lot of things need to change at our club before we can expect any progress to be made and the feel good factor to return. We need a board that isn't infested by those who seek to further their own ends before furthering the interests and progress of the club and who are prepared to invest, and raise, proper funds to facilitate success. We need a proper PR department as the current incumbents are incompetent at best. We need a board, or an individual, who will stand up for the club and it's supporters and defend it, and us, against the constant barrage of attacks from the insidious Rangers haters in the media and from those within the Scottish Football organisations. And finally, we need a team of players on the park with enough heart and backbone to play the game as if they mean it, know what it means to be a Rangers player and led by an individual worthy of the captains armband. The appointment of Steven Gerrard is a drop in the ocean of what is required and for the feel good factor to return there is a very long, rough and rugged road which we will have to travel.
  5. Darfur

    Yeah I am. One of many thousands.
  6. Morelos to Cardiff

    I don't partake in the wankfest over him so i'm not sure tbh.
  7. Darfur

    Ask them to get rid of Robertson and Fish Fingers Magoo.
  8. Morelos to Cardiff

    Hmm if they are not wanking over his chances converted ratio , I can only imagine its his impressive thatch up top. Its puzzling though because by any standards he is certainly one ugly bastard.
  9. Darfur

    You must be right in there mate
  10. Martin Skrtel (Fenerbahçe)

    Depends who's table you look at.
  11. Darfur

    Where's your evidence for that? In my experience, any fan who's asked for something from the Club has received something. Maybe not everything they asked for, but always something. In the last five years, I've asked the Club for approximately a hundred Free Stadium Tour Passes, and received every one of them. I've referred many other people to the Club too, and they've always got something for their cause. I've even asked the Club for some free Season Tickets, and got them too. 3 years running. And I asked them for an automatic Concession discount for the Erskine Carers, and got that. And a Concession for Combat Stress, even though they're technically not pensioners, and got that. Free seats for Bar 72? Tick. Free hospitality seats? Uh-huh. An invite to the Director's Box? Yep, we've got one of them too - just haven't taken them up on it yet. Mascot appearance. Done. Meet the players? Ach they're everywhere. Sick of meeting them! Assorted Freebies? - Too numerous to mention. All courtesy of Rangers FC. The Best Club in The World. Simply.
  12. It's still all about the Rangers

    Listen the last time I listened to the opinions of a Catholic I was about 15 year old. And I dumped that wee boot.
  13. Connor Goldson

    One in, one out policy?
  14. remember this is what we are up against
  15. Morelos to Cardiff

    So does Griffiths but plenty on here wank furiously over him.
  16. Harry Wilson (Liverpool)

    No gay chat here i said.
  17. Darfur

    Regards jobs saw a male has been accepted as a woman candidate for a Labour position today. WTF Is that all about??
  18. Pressure from taigs

    Williamson for starters, dodgy as fuck kidding pal
  19. Morelos to Cardiff

    I agree, would like to see him in a side that actually gives a fuck after he’s had a good break and pre-season.
  20. Rangersmedia Golf Society

    On the website just now and they fly you through all the holes. First would test anyone to be fair. Water left or bunker right.
  21. Suggestions.

    I think Jack Colback would be a good signing too. Really good player technically, decent experience and can play in midfield and at full back.
  22. Feel good factor coming back?

  23. Feel good factor coming back?

    I am in a good place and am optimistic about the future. However, I still feel that too many fans will as ever go into hyper hate mode as soon as a result goes against us so this type of thread is pointless.
  24. Darfur

    That website indeed is some banter. When I was in-between jobs I fired a CV up on it and just sent it to every cunt. interviews for jobs I didn't even know i'd applied for
  25. Morelos to Cardiff

    If we can’t replace him then he shouldn’t go unless it is a silly offer. He tailed off towards the end of the season and missed some great chances. I think he also suffered with being played up himself latterly. I think his energy is superb and he would be a nightmare to play against. Also we should remember he hasn’t had a break, went straight from mid Finnish season into ours. He needs a good summer and a strong pre-season and I think he can offer a lot.
  26. Darfur

    You got there in the end though mate. Well done x
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