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  2. So if I just head down to Halfords and buy my family a crash helmet each we are safe from coronavirus? wish the government would fucking tell us stuff like this, got paid today so I'm away to get 5.
  3. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.nzherald.co.nz/world/news/article.cfm%3Fc_id%3D2%26objectid%3D12317913&ved=2ahUKEwjEg7LGqsnoAhUFSRUIHYsOA_QQFjAQegQIAxAB&usg=AOvVaw2F__J93UdPL6reSQapbhSk Gives a wee bit more insight and logic than doubting it all due to too many inhalers having been issued. Since that article the 13 year old and a 6 month old have been reported as dying with no underlying conditions. None of us know 100%. But imo it's wrong to assume kids dying must have underlying conditions even if they didn't know about them or the virus has mutated. It's far likelier the current virus can, has and will kill people of all ranges of health, age, medical history. Those at the best end of the scale arent immune though those at the worst are clearly more at risk.
  4. Go out and exercise mate . You are spending too much time indoors and it's showing
  5. All remaining teams in Europe go straight into the champions league next year imo. Only fair way to do it.
  6. This is how the bheasts are dealing or should that be panicking over their title aspirations Reading their warped take on things doesn’t half make you laugh 😂
  7. Sutton is a two faced cunt but even he would find it hard to twist this narrative after condemning the English football clubs for doing the same as the paedos. Guaranteed he won’t mention his club in regards to this though.
  8. That’s my favourite game, recorded it on a video tape and later got it put onto a dvd. Was in single figures for age but will never forget that game.
  9. I see in the STV news app it’s been sugar coated by saying Hearts, Hamilton, Montrose and Dundee United have done the same. Then goes on to say how celtic will do the right thing and make their wages up the 20% they’re loosing as if they’re heroes in all of this as opposed to the self proclaimed ‘Richest club in Scotland’ who jettison responsibly for their own to the taxpayer at the first opportunity. I really do have no words to articulate my honest destain for their lack of morals, ethics or decency. Let’s see how this story runs today compared with the Spurs etc. story from yesterday, I think we all know how this narrative will be portrayed by the usual suspects...
  10. One things for certain, the players will be sold and wages will be reduced before they stop paying hollicom for their services and we all know why. Horrible cunts!
  11. The unscrupulous media are lapping this up as they ramp up the fear on the hour, every hour.
  12. Yes I watched it and enjoyed the game but never listened much to the commentary lol but I’ve just googled it and the Andy Gray bastard was in Wuhan to celebrate new year, just saying like 😂😂
  13. Today
  14. Remember years ago Liewell said celtic don’t rely on European money in their business model. Fucking lying bastard. Its what keeps them going. No European football for even one season would either make them sell their best players or they would be in the shit. Thats why they have furloughed their staffs wages, they are desperate to pinch any pound they can get. 👍
  15. I'm looking at close to 1400 quid this year for our renewals , sadly I may have to let our seats go as I have too many other priorities ahead, tbh I haven't given football much thought over the last few weeks and have not really missed it that much.
  16. I really hope they do it and not through any grandstanding shite, but we have staff members on a few hundred a week who will. Need every penny of that.
  17. I would love our club to announce a deal with the players/ high earners to voluntarily drop their wages to pay our staff’s wages, i.e. same jobs celtic have abandoned for the govt. to cover 80% (they have a history of abandoning) . Thereafter release a statement about how being a club of Rangers size and standing having a responsibility to it’s community and family to personally look after them in this time of crisis. Let’s see them grandstanding about their ‘riches’ any time soon following that. As I said in a previous post, we may have difficulty in the coming weeks/ months but their hugh wage bill/ outgoings will leave them in a far weaker position as I think their model relies heavily on European funds and selling players, both of which won’t be offsetting their shortfall any time soon...
  18. You can get a 4 month credit option or 10. I don't understand why anyone would do 4 month credit when the clubs doesn't have credit fees 😂
  19. Yes from me. Perfectly acceptable compromise as far as I'm concerned. Alright, it's not ideal just giving the tarriers a free pass to go and potentially earn another 20 million on us, but at the end of the day there's no solution to this that's going to keep 100% of the people happy. We all have to give something up and as far as I'm concerned you cannot just award a title to celtic with x2 Old Firm games to play, a game in hand to play and (when it was postponed) 2 months of the season still to play. However, we need clarity on who goes into what European competitions etc for next season. Someone has to get the Champions League place and I think it's only fair they get it as the team top when the season is voided. There's no way they should get a title handed to them, though. Not a chance. If this happens I don't think I'll go to another game in Scotland again, even games at Ibrox. Nothing against Rangers but I'd never shake off the feeling of the corruption - what's the point in getting involved in competition if the prizes are handed out to whatever team the Governing bodies fancy? The taigs were quick enough to tell us after we beat them at Parkhead a few months ago that "no titles are won in December" .. fair enough, none are won in March, either.
  20. If you're referring to me, I've just joined (been a lurker for a while) and it was on the top of page 2 on the hot topics so wanted to give it a reply myself. The last reply was only a few days ago.
  21. Is this story still going, at least certain people can't help but come out of the woodwork to show themselves up.
  22. Sitting here having my morning coffee watching BBC news and there's an article about the outcry against the EPL clubs for taking the Government's money and not the mega well paid players taking a cut to guarantee the non playing staff salaries. Morally wrong, sending out the wrong message etc. Who the fuck should suddenly appear on screen agreeing with all this morally wrong attitude............... Chris fucking Sutton. Couldn't mark his neck with a blow torch.
  23. If anyone deserves his medal it's him. Glad he got a replacement sorted. I'm just curious though, why would you take your medal on holiday with you and walk about with it? I've not seen the documentary or read the story, is there a reason for it like he was showing it at a function in a bar or something?
  24. Difficult decision , fortunately I am able to pay and will take the risk as the club needs the cash. What would be helpful if the first team squad took a reduction of wages say to 80% . The club need to look at this carefully but we do need the money. What I am disappointed about is that the first team squad have not come out with some comment on this. I just wonder if something will happen on this before the renewals come out.
  25. Don’t think the 4 month option is a credit agency, maybe if they could squeeze it to 6 months for 1 season they will probably help a lot of people out.
  26. I'd love nothing more than for us to get a few million for this loser of a captain and use the funds to strengthen elsewhere. The most over-rated player (to some, at least) I've ever seen at Ibrox in all my decades following us.
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