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  2. Second Best

    There's no fight amongst this current squad of players. It's been apparent for over a year now.
  3. Sir Walter Smith

    I really think its time! Can't see anyone else being able to get a tune out this mob we have just now. I know he should be left to enjoy retirement but needs must.
  4. A cold winters night

    I'm not a fan of how the current board have handled things in the past 9 months but what would happen if they decided to fuck off? We're undeniably better off than when they took over so it's a genuine question. What would happen if they fucked off?
  5. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    They've been named on here several times and tbh, I thought it was fairly common knowledge who was behind TRO. CG (and not I don't mean chuckles)
  6. A cold winters night

  7. Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    Park has money but I don't think there's any real interest from him to get involved in the way we would want him to. We're looking for someone to come in, take centre stage, and plough money in, and he's not the one. I have no fucking idea who the right guy could be or if there's anyone out there. The club is in dire straits.
  8. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    I literally used the words "someone who should have the club's best interests in mind" - that's in no way a statement of fact and I've stated repeatedly that it's my "opinion" "belief" and "view". I'm not sure how much clearer I could've made it that it was my opinion.
  9. Players need punted asap

    Him being better is saying more about the rest tbh.
  10. Jim McColl

    From what ive heard Jim Mccoll doesn't spend his own money, thats partly how we got into this shambles in the first place. Can't believe im saying this but whats needed is a McCann type to come in and underwrite a proper share issue, only issue with that is if the appetite is there for another issue?
  11. A cold winters night

    There will be tents on the halfway line again.
  12. Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    I'd go with Park, He has the best chance of getting us back on AIM and with a NOMAD, I also think other investors would step forward once DK and PM step down and that the big tax case has now been sorted.
  13. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    I find this fascinating, genuinely. If you have insight into who these crossover people are you could win some friends on here by sharing it.
  14. Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    We always end up with payoffs then the player signs right away with another Club chuffed with his wee bonus.
  15. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    Nope. Not in the slightest. I'll give a pass on hero-worshipping domestic abusers and convicted racists.
  16. Players need punted asap

    I'm not sure if he's better , but I'll credit him that he doesn't hide like too many others . Probably the reason he's the fall guy .
  17. Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    I'm guessing you're young but I'm not guessing you're nieve because you are. It doesn't work that way. No.
  18. Once again: FAO the 'paid hands and errand boys'

    RO were the cheerleaders behind the campaign. C1872 made it 'official'. There's a VERY-limited crossover of people involved in both site's output. Once it had the C1872 stamp of approval the RO was used to push it bit more aggressively than C1872 would (or could) given their official links with the club and not simply being a mouthpiece
  19. Herrera

    I never really rated Garner but compared to Herrera he now looks fucking good.
  20. Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    Most of these guys are contracted until 2020 and we still have 4 duds out on loan. Clearing out the current squad is a big fucking problem.
  21. *** The Official Cricket Thread ***

    Broad & Anderson getting tore into the Aussies.
  22. A cold winters night

    before an abandoned match we gathered at the front doors of Ibrox to let them know how we felt, think its time another gathering on a cold wednesday night was required!! Right before the AGM to let them know how we really feel.
  23. Still Backing The Board?

    Sounds right up there with "your cheques in the mail" and "I'm from the government and here to help you".
  24. Herrera

    I know I'll get hate for it but we should've taken a chance on Cummings. I would've rather that than expensive punts on Garner and Herrera. Even now, I would rather we took a punt on Moult than search elsewhere. If there's someone banging in goals on a regular basis here, in this country, and they're a good age then let's consider them. One of the things I hate the most is big strikers that can't head the ball. Herrera looks like a big guy who can't head it and he's no partner for Morelos.
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