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  2. Who DO you want to play RB? Which of the players with no future? The ex college guy with no experience other than 30 mins in recent months and no Rangers future or the experienced guy who has played twice since Aug, those being defeats to the scum and a draw at the sheep where he was rank, and has no Rangers future?
  3. Valverde finished 4th in his first season with a 'bang average' Bilbao side who finished 12th the season before(10th year prior) and got three other top 7 finishes and he is still classed as a poor appointment by Barcelona! As for the 'average' Betis side, he got to spend 35m Euros in his first season and 40m in his second year and still finished 10th! Only 6 other clubs spent more than him over 2 years and 5 are the big sides in La Liga. Guess how much Valverde spent in 4 years at Bilbao? 22m. Yet your preaching like Quique Setien getting 6th position with Betis was some masterclass?! Betis didn't even want to offer him a new deal and he's been out of work since the summer. Maybe you don't pay enough attention to Spanish football? He could turn out to a huge success, bigger surprises have occurred in football and Messi could go into god mode. But its clear he was not 1st choice and on paper his creditials are weaker than his predecessor but his style is defo more suited.
  4. Long term yes. Sometimes you need to be drastic. This can’t continue against the club so a stand has to be taken.
  5. Used to like a Brandy and American.
  6. Spurs getting horse in second half Watford just got a pen Spurs left back having a nightmare Deeney just missed pen 😞
  7. Those would be the that would make the most impact mate. I know it’s radical but these cunts are corrupt to the core. Can you imagine the coverage and impact a national final would get with no away fans from one team.
  8. Pity it wasn't a water pistol to give them a wash.
  9. Another one that hasn’t understood a word I’ve wrote and simply jumped in with both feet. You say he will be ok against St Mirren you so sure about away to Hearts?? If he isn’t ready for that who plays?? Stevue has shown last night there is a pathway to the first team, Patterson and few others already train as part of first team squad. Do you want Tav dropped to give Patterson more game time?? You say Flanagan and Polster have no future which is true but at this moment they are Rangers players and have far more experience than Patterson so to simply say don’t use them is very naive.
  10. Hopefully the team see this as what it is, a siege on them and trying to deny them rightful achievements in this league. Usw it to fire us up and on to 55! Fuck the SFA, incompetent fly weasle mongo bastards
  11. Nothing like a pre statement statement to keep some folk satisfied. More condensed statement due? They dont say that, nor should they as it should be more expanded and detailed.
  12. Suppose you’ll be all for patching the semi/final if we get there as well? And cup games at Ibrox depending on which team we play?
  13. If Leeds get up the can't have Bamford as their main striker. Never a Premier league player.
  14. 100% and until we slap them back they'll continue to punish us any excuse they can. The bheggars have been greeting from the final whistle at the noncedome and they've got a result. The old saying if you shout loud and long enough somebody will listen has paid off for them Again.
  15. I can assure you that clubs depend on the 3 firm games and it’s jackpot of you get the 4th one.
  16. Gerrard would never hang the kid out to dry the way Beerman was with Pedro. If he feels confident that the kid is ready, he will play him on Wednesday. He must be leaning towards that thinking.
  17. We should be signing a quality Cam/playmaker. Play 4-2-3-1 in these type of games then go back to tried and trusted team/formation in Europe and Tarrier games.
  18. Makes you wonder eh ! pure weirdos out there
  19. This the whole crux of the argument on this one. If Tav is fit, last night is the perfect game for Patterson as he finds his feet against a team that he has beat already this season and the RB that is regularly playing gets a rest and is ready to go in the next two league games. The problem is Tav can’t play the next 2 games and I don’t think for a minute Stevie is going to play Patterson in the next 2 games, there is absolutely no chance he plays at Hearts. So he has to give whoever he is going to play some game time to get him ready, so that player will play against St Mirren even though there may have been a chance he could’ve started Patterson against St Mirren. The way people are going on though you would think anyone saying he shouldn’t play on Wednesday night is screaming he is shite and won’t make the grade, this lad is going to be a star and we will get a few great years out of him before he moves on to a better league and we make some serious money, but that is in the future it’s not on Wednesday night. Plus on your assumption that if he can’t handle a game against St Mirren he isn’t up to much is nonsense it is far harder to bring on a young defender as any mistake is amplified because he is the last line even harder on a run of games to the end of the season that is win at all costs.
  20. Aye, fair enough. Arfield as centre, Aribo out right, this is a pain in the arse
  21. After firing his side in front😀
  22. Again though, what 3? In an ideal world, yes but that means playing Jones, OJo or Barker.
  23. Change formation, 4231 and play Aribo in the centre of the three.
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