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  2. We're delighted to add yet another two dates to this year’s Founders Trail and Ibrox Stadium Tour programme. Sunday 3rd September Saturday 7th October. Both of these dates are available due to International football being played those weekends. We will be adding more tour dates once the fixtures for next season are released. Adults : £25 Children (under 16) and Senior Citizens £18. Group discounts are available upon request. Please reserve your seat here:
  3. £500k for a proven goalscorer at this level seems like decent business.
  4. So when they fell in love with the club they became fans
  5. I see Willie Miller is saying he should stay at Aberdeen rather than come to us because he has a better chance of winning trophies with the sheep. And that if he does go he'd rather he went to England than Rangers. These bitter bastards really are dreading the day Rangers get their act together and regain our rightful place.
  6. He plays for the wrong club. It's obvious to all and sundry Miller could cause danage against England but he has no chance of being called up. Not that i care because i hope and expect England to destroy that ginger runts wee republic of scotland pile of pish.
  7. That fella Mascherano isn't exactly a colossus ....
  8. He wouldn't be the stupid one....all the fan boys hanging on his every tweet are the stupid ones. If they read into tweets something that's not there, they've only got themselves to blame.
  9. A bit disrespectful to all the great players and managers bursting a gut for our club. We are supposed to be one big family and statements like that do not tell the truth. we have great fans yes, but we have also had legends whom have fallen in love with our club and deserve to be held up as highly as our fan base. collectively we are rangers
  10. Rangers want Moult and he is currently under contract with Motherwell. Motherwell could get this £200k from a number of clubs so sweeting the deal with MOH could be good for us.
  11. 200k with another 200k if we win the league in his time here. MOH has to go to England otherwise we are going to be lumbered with majority of his wages until his deal ends.
  12. Impressed by anti Protestant pro Ira bile are ye ? Ffs wind yer neck to compare our supporters to they fucking rheptiles is a joke ..... put to shame my arse ....embarrassing statement to make .
  13. I'm of the opinion that we need to bring in real quality to complete with the filth. Not sure he can be classed as that. However, even in the 9 in a row days, we always supplemented the superstars with the best players from other teams in our league. With a 1 in 2 record for Motherwell, and more goals than any of our strikers this year he's probably worth a low cost gamble. I'd venture that £350K plus addons would probably be enough.
  14. The ball isn't exactly in their court though, they can't really sit and demand anything, especially if they want money for Moult.
  15. We're undoubtedly paying MOH a stupidly high wage. Motherwell can't come close to covering it.
  16. The Jason Holt one is a belter to be fair.
  17. The problem with O'Halloran is, I don't think there's a club in Scotland other than unwashed that can afford to pay more than 20% of his wages.
  18. Any video links to this game please ?
  19. This looks like it could be a goer, if it's not there will be a lot of angry rangers fans unfollowing him, so surely he couldn't be that stupid 😂
  20. I'd take him but not at that deal ffs Either 200k and MOH with us paying like 20% of his wages or a straight swap, 500k and MOH while we've to pay just about all his wages He has a year left on his contract and Motherwill think the ball is in their court These arsehole clubs should be getting fuck all money, we should sign Moult and McLean on pre-contracts on the 1st of January.
  21. Today
  22. Who do you recommend then? Also he scored 18 goals for motherwell this season so if that pish would be interesting see what you call good.
  23. He's tweeted goodbye Doha,I reckon it's a goer here's hoping he's a massive upgrade on what we have
  24. Sorry but 500k for a proven scorer in our league doesn't seem so bad? Plus we rid of a negative influence from the dressing room who we would probably have difficulty selling.
  25. Would be a
  26. The fans are the club
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