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  2. Shame for the 22000 staff firstly and it will affect me for not getting there but it is what it is. People are losing their jobs
  3. Absolutely knew he would come good in the end. Gerrard didn't give up and saw what he would be worth to Rangers this season. He was already worth plenty with his goal tally. Just needed his emotions checked. Job done. He's here for the season and hopefully further. Love him to bits.
  4. You'll be getting no tickets posting like that ya fucking daffy.
  5. Good grief, this is a wind up surely? Have a guess...
  6. How do yous think this will effect the ppl who have booked the day trip Do you think should start looking at other travel arrangements
  7. Too little to late,horse and cart have bolted, fuck me Noah's ark could have been and gone 10 times over and these fuckers will never accept their part , the jaun guy who ever he is won't work this time. Never mind biting the apple of forbidden fruit they've scoffed the orchard. Disclosure is a farce, Torbett and the 13 others that we know of were allowed and would still be able to carry out their vile crimes to this day, unless your convicted in a court of law disclosure means fuck all, oh I forgot Torbett was convicted but hey ho we will bring him back ,after all he is saving the club thousands on the plastic cups and medals we award the victims . The deflection tactics are in full throw, the victim card being played, you name it they'll use it , from parades to the singing of songs the poor downtrodden Roman's have been subjected to a living hell in Scotland, it's a miracle they have survived the brutality that has been visited upon them. If the shoe was on the other foot they would be screaming from the rooftops for a public inquiry and the full force of the law to be applied whether it be in a sporting or criminal sense. Their denial and silence tells us all we need to know. The best one yet Catholic schools are at the forefront of battling sectarianism. You couldn't make it up , the brothers Grimm are amateurs compared to the media in Scotland. Vote them Out. Kick them Out.
  8. Today
  9. Wednesday night mate not long to wait ­čĹŹ
  10. Unreal mate. By 2024ish Uefa will be owing they cunts money if the fines keep getting smaller.
  11. We'll probably end up playing these cunts 7 times like Kilmarnock last season.
  12. Did similar vs Feyenoord - beat two men and swung a perfect pass cross half the field to Ryan Jack Remember the people who said get rid and bring Stevie May
  13. I think they are capable of reeling in a play off spot with 30 games to go.
  14. I wanted him gone after the parkhead red but thank fuck heÔÇÖs still here love him again.
  15. Guy I work with still says get rid and get in Moult He suggested Cosgrove recently too which was fantastic
  16. Yesterday
  17. One of the most blatent hand balls in recent times
  18. Given you wont answer simple questions then nothing tbh ­čĹŹ
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