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  2. Can't stand either of them, but I suggest you read "Merseyside's Old Firm" The Sectarian Roots of Everton and Liverpool.
  3. ffs Barry Ferguson is even having a pop at Morelos, saying he needs to calm down etc, this cunt Broadfoot is getting away with murder, ferguson should be calling him out.
  4. Surely it should be 'Player of Half a Season' seeing as the cunts have chucked it since the turn of the year.
  5. Today
  6. Leave me out of this though even at my mature years I'd be as good as Halliday plus I'm staunch as fuck.
  7. Never.... if no one complains about it!!
  8. Are we becoming the new ......??? Manchester United of Manchester FC Torino of Turin Fenerbahce of Istanbul Espanyol of Barcelona 1860 of Munich Find out more in a new series of irrelevant club comparison threads....
  9. There’s a 47-page thread in the OT.
  10. I Watched the Netflix documentary. based on the programme I don't believe the McCann's had anything to do with it. After I finished watching it, it left me wondering if the police had checked who had hired the hire car before the McCanns'. In the programme an elderly couple stated that they had saw Maddie in the back of a car at a garage. It made me wonder if the car that the McCann's had hired 25 days after she was taken, was the same car used for her abduction I hope Maddie is found some day.
  11. It'll be interesting to see how serious they are about these cases in the summer with the money received from Dembele and Rodgers apparently available. If they don't spend then it's a clear sign there's a shit-storm on the way.
  12. If he's a quality player then he would be worth every penny. We need to have faith in the scouts and managers ability to identify talent. John Brown has a good track record for spotting defenders hopefully he'll be keeping an eye out.
  13. Question: At what point will EUFA/FIFA order the SFA to sort out the inconsistencies with refs?
  14. Well you can’t be fukkin Chris Graham then
  15. GA1972

    Maurice Edu

    He was a limited albeit athetically gifted player who had double the guts of all our present squad members combined Always conducted himself well and still speaks well about the club Gave me one of my favourite memories in football with that goal and he thoroughly deserved it Happy retirement Mo
  16. If it were a 4 point gap instead of 10 he would be cited. Of this I have no doubt.
  17. Nah, an Orange sash, would look great on his skin.
  18. He should get an ak47 tattooed on his leg would help keep his low profile.
  19. Morelos not deported yet for punching broadfoot and ruining his chances of ever having a healthy life?
  20. Naw. We’ll be back. The tims are about to be emptied out in compo as well so they might end up being the Tranmere Rovers of Glasgow 😉
  21. A lot of money for one player.
  22. I have seen some weird shit outside of the OTT forum but fuck sake really? Next you will have the McCanns recommended for looking after our young lads, would reduce the youth team size for fun.
  23. If I had to guess I'd say about £4m. Assuming Morelos is sold then we could afford it.
  24. No really anything to do with Maddie then
  25. The problem is that both full backs attack at the same time and recently all of our midfielders are all up front when we have lost the ball; Aberdeen’s 2nd goal, the Kellie goal and 3 others Killie chances. Don,t know if it is tactics or just poor awareness or game intelligence causing this. If we are playing a holding midfielder why are we left with 2 central defenders on their own in our half?
  26. ben51

    Maurice Edu

    Was never the same player after that horrendous tackle at Tannadice. Superb in the run up to that League win.
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