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  2. He will be far too busy lobbying Uefa to make sure the Taigs don't get bombed out the Champions League...
  3. Off course he’ll be dropped, straight under the wheels of the team bus. 🤣 No chance he kicks a ball for them again. Imo
  4. Me neither mate. But someone with a little desire to uncover the truth has to dig around and provide the proof that this was the case.
  5. Sounds like thats what she did today, it sounded like in the meeting they had with the footballing authorities the government basically said they two teams dont play until next week
  6. Pena , garner and waghorn are all from about 3 to 4 years ago . Our Colombian cartel money laundering was only in it’s infancy then
  7. Really hope Alfie stays, we could be some force going forward this season
  8. Definitely, although flying to Spain and back between games will take some beating 😂
  9. If they’re as shocked and livid as they say they are, the player should be dropped. if one of ours put the team selfishly at risk like that we’d be demanding the player be sacked. They’re livid, but he’ll be first in the lineup next up
  10. It’s bothersome that a entire season could hang on whether some young lad in Hamilton’s squad goes on a bender tbh
  11. Cheers mate. I was going to buy the normal Garcia hoody online until I seen that. It's a belter! I work in Glasgow but don't think my boss would be too happy with me waiting in a queue for hours.
  12. Unless the Gov expressly withdraws permission for clubs to play (they havent) then it is the SFA and SPFL's decision whether games are played. Had Sturgeon made the call to postpone them on public health grounds and enforced that with the SFA/SPFL, it would be a much different conversation.
  13. Believe it's £170 but I've not been down to the store since they announced it today so I can't personally confirm that. Hopefully they make it available online at some point down the line. Water-proof as well.
  14. Btw, i have no doubt that other idiot players hsve broke the rules already and just not been found out, from across the country
  15. They wouldnt be ignoring the nations laws or guidance. They'd still be very much within them. Parkhead's not been shutdown, celtic's players aren't isolating and there are no travel restrictions to the UK from Iceland. Theyd only be ignoring the SFAs guidance. And that means nothing to what is essentially their supervisory body. UEFA absolutely feel their competitions are above domestic ones. Clubs and domestic associations agree to that stipulation every year. UEFA games always take priority over domestic ones. If Sturgeon pulls the plug to the extent UEFA games can't be hosted here, it fucks us over.
  16. Somecunt drop him off in Aberdeen for the next 3 days
  17. What are the chances of the league actually being completed this season, given that Sturgeon basically said football is on a final warning? I really can’t see us going a couple of months, let alone the full season, without some idiot player doing something daft again.
  18. Surely its the government thats effectively pulled the plug on the games though, the scottish government only agreed to allow football to return if certain rules were followed, they havent been so the games have been postponed, which i am guessing was one of the possible outcomes from a rule break that the government put in place
  19. sheep I get. Postponed fixtures for players going out for a drink in a hotspot. scum is different. They played at least one player who had to be in lockdown. Their excuse that they did not know is beyond pathetic.
  20. how long would that be to wait? extra processing power on that game could be good if you wereny waiting months. that mortal shell has a date of the 18th august to come out on xbox btw but not sure if its delayed aswell as its not showing to buy yet but I'll be on that next week if so. another decent game is remnant from the ashes btw, better co-op though, getting a big dlc on the 20th, not sure if PS do like a game pass that'll be on, its on the xbox equivalent so all youd need to get is the £8 dlc to have lots of game for no much £
  21. Garcia hoody is a belter. Didn't know there was a Rangers version. Much are they mate, and do u have any pics?
  22. I don’t believe for a minute that not one single person at celtic knew he fucked off to Spain. No chance.
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