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  2. Carefull, there's stupid cunts on here who will beleive that.
  3. Put him out on loan and he will score every week, sell him and he will get hatricks. It's the Rangers way.
  4. Is that a rumour, or a suggestion? Too many folk getting these threads mixed up lately, it's becoming unbearable. 😇😇
  5. I'd rather we play 3 at the back, with a 5 man midfield consisting of 2 wingbacks, & 3 tight centrally, more concerned with supporting strikers than defending, since we've got an extra man in there. I think that Tav, and Wallace are better going forward than tracking back. If we play with the three at the back, it might take some pressure off them trying to get back into defend when another attack breaks down. They're not the best fullbacks in the world, but they're not the worst either. I just think that they're being asked to do an awful lot, in attack, and defence, that they're not doing either particularly well.
  6. Hope you're better with numbers than you are with letters.😰😰
  7. Sometimes we forget how lucky we've been to have such talent as the DeBoer brothers playing for us, as well as all the other stars that turned out for us. Maybe one day a mega rich blue nose will come along, and give us another thrilling time. 😕
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  9. That was about going back to Olympiakos.
  10. Is he a kafflik?
  11. This is a great topic. Ok my short answer would be cry. No manager coming in now will work really. its too late on for someone to come in and turn this season round with warbs/Pedro's team. That's the only reason i'd give pedro more time. If a new manager came in now, he himself would be under pressure at the end of the season. So presume as I will predict and of course hope he proves me wrong, that pedro is sacked by xmas. This is what I would do. Terminate Dalcio's loan. Tell the board you want 100% backing or its not for you. Publicly declare that we have a good team and we have underperformed with the calibre of players we have. We are not looking to sell anyone, but if bids come in we will listen to offers. (bullshit) Privately start trying to offload players to the highest bidder, Wallace and Tav etc. Get as much money as possible Tell the board that we need quality over quantity and we will use the youths to build the squad if need be. Aim to get quality in the starting 11. Appoint a new captain, whoever looks like the most likely to inspire his teammates - not Wallace. Tell miller that he will not be a regular starter Emphasis on training the players to have a different approach to the game. Make us difficult to beat, but dangerous in attack. Identify which players are showing signs of improvement. Explain to the players that we must win at all costs and that anything less is not acceptable.
  12. All that matters is how well they done for us. None of them made the grade. I'd have kept McKay but his ability to not show up or to disappear meant I was not too bothered. The rest who went though were mostly hopeless last season. I doubt any were going to turn it around at Ibrox.
  13. People just disregarding the fact that players like alves signed for caixinha? There goes the transfer everyone raved about - and players like Pena and Morelos and Herrera would likely walk as well - all players that could prove vital on the park.
  14. Yeah i remember him point is he has a world cup winners medal.
  15. Yet you're still here posting. Why?
  16. Sell Wallace. Bring in new Left back. If not possible, give a run to Beerman, if doesnt work - try Wilson in that position. Give the captain armband to Bruno Alves. Find a good scout and send him to cover Scandinavian countries, as a start. Sign Jamie Walker and tell Josh Windass to get a grip, or he is off next. Sell Fotheringham. Use the money from Fod for a proper goalscorer, and add an experienced goalkeeper to the team. Tell Dalcio to go home.
  17. Guivar'ch was average at best in the World Cup (he was taken off in the first half hour in their opening game) and was only in the squad because Jacquet needed a work horse to allow Zidane and Djorkaeff to play off and he didn't fully trust Dugarry to put in a shift. We also signed him from Newcastle where he was discarded after 4 games. In fact I think he actually surprised most on signing for us because we weren't expecting much but he did a job in the limited amount of time he was with us.
  18. Fart again?
  19. Stephane G'Vivarsh (sp) world cup winner.
  20. Hi There Looking for 1 Ticket for the County can meet at ground. Any help would be Appreciated. Thanks william
  21. Definitely up there. IMO the five in no particular order: Terry Butcher - Captain of England Ronald de Boer - World class attacking midfielder, Champions League winner, from Barcelona Paul Gascoigne - World class midfielder - almost the first name on England's team sheet when fit Brian Laudrup - World class winger / forward - European Championship winner, signed from Fiorentina via the Champions League holders Basile Boli - European Cup winner, France's centre back
  22. God but that is a depressing post. I picked up this old article from D'Art's facebook and came back in here to let you read it ... Who Do We Think We Are? 22 June 2012 By G. M. Semple Share1 0 Comments One way or another, Rangers is moving into a new era, and given the public battering the club has taken over the last decade or two, some of us are wondering what Rangers stands for in the 21st century. The Rangers support has a traditional affection for the Monarchy, the Union and Protestant religious belief, but the passage of time has seen an erosion of their importance. The growth of nationalism in Scotland has attracted many from within the Rangers support, and it is surely undeniable that young Scots don't endorse the monarchy as readily as their fathers and grandfathers. The drift away from organised religion has lessened the role of Protestantism, and the Rangers support is certainly not immune from society's trends and influences. So who do we think we are in the 21st century? It's easy to dismiss the sectarian aspect of the club's history in the unseemly haste to 'move on' but instead of running from it, we should embrace the club's past and not apologise for it. In much of the last century, Rangers and Celtic knowingly employed an unusually high percentage of their 'own kind', but Celtic's role during this period has been glossed over while Rangers, most noticeably, has been held to account. Sixty and seventy years ago the Protestant aspect of Rangers and the Catholic ethos at Celtic were facts of life, and few thought that it was a problem. Rangers were Protestant - Celtic were Catholic - and the world kept spinning Just as the Rangers scout asked young prospects what school they attended, Catholic employers in the Glasgow area weeded out Protestants by asking them what parish they were in. A Celtic-supporting acquaintance once assured me that the only Protestants at Parkhead were on the park. Today then, in a politically sensitive era, why do we support a team in blue which plays in a part of Glasgow that few of us come from? More than anything else, it's a shared Protestant heritage. We may not be churchgoers any more, but we are as 'culturally' Protestant as many of our rivals are 'culturally' Catholic. Some are unionists and others are royalists, but the overwhelming majority of Rangers fans share a Protestant background, and it is this which keeps us beating a path to Ibrox and Rangers: 'the last Protestant Castle', according to one writer on Follow Follow. This does not mean that Rangers won't welcome all-comers to Ibrox as employees and spectators, but the heart of the support today still beats to the sound of a 'cultural' Protestant drum. Our history lives on within us, and while the future will see evolution and change, the past, for now at least, has not been forgotten. We support Rangers because it stands for something: something that is important to us. We don't support Rangers because it has no identity. We support it because it has an identity that we can embrace. The very act of supporting one club over the rest is discriminatory. If clubs are all the same, why should we choose a club in Govan and not Maryhill or Mount Florida? We want our club to set itself apart from the rest. We want it to be unique and distinctive: we want it to be special. And it is distinctive. And it is unique. And it is special. Over the years, I've been privileged to be in large crowds watching scintillating football; amongst the best we ever had in this country, but despite being in the company of personal friends, I did not share in the joy of the spectacular triumphs witnessed. I was watching Celtic, and yet I didn't belong in their number. They annihilated teams with style and flair, and played the game the way I like to see it played, but my admiration for their class and quality did not develop into a lifelong love of that club. It couldn't. Celtic is my club like Mars is my planet. I am more at home amongst strangers at Ibrox than I am amongst friends at Parkhead - and my Celtic pals know and understand this because their club at Parkhead belongs to them in a way that Rangers never could. They feel about Celtic the way I feel about Rangers - and we each respect and appreciate this. More than that: we love it. It's about being different and celebrating, understanding and respecting that difference. It's about being civil and democratic, and being mature enough to understand that we need not be the same to be both friends and rivals. Unfortunately, wisdom and basic commonsense have taken a back seat to an anti-libertarian agenda in a devolved Scotland, and the country is now in a dark place. The answer is not to discard, criminalise and fear identity. It is to enjoy it and be glad of it - and to respect the identity of others. As the past slips away, and as the old ways seem less important than before, we wonder what the future has in store. If we are not fully paid-up monarchists, unionists and Protestants, what exactly will the identity of the Rangers support be - and be agreed to be? It will be this: it will be libertarian. It will be a freedom-loving ethos handed down from our Protestant past, but it will only be credible if we remember our Protestant years. If we deny our Protestantism, or run from it, there will be no moving on. Embrace it and the future will have no limits. Hide from it, and it will stalk us for a thousand years. G.M Semple Now, stop you're whinging and suck it up. A few wins and we're back on the road again. Our ethos is - 'NO SURRENDER' !!
  23. I see your point but it could be a bit more stauncher... Try again...
  24. Should never talk about yourself.
  25. First post but maybe give the new squad a few months to bed in? If things don't improve in a few months the board will have to sack him and start again.
  26. The club's fine, its the morons on RM that are the problem. Take up surfing, in Australia; that'll cure ye.
  27. What a player he was arguably the biggest name signing we ever made.
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