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  2. When is the public sale for this game does anyone know?
  3. Said it for the last 2 years, if (when) we get a bit of a lead in a title race, we will be deducted points for some trumped up charge, on some recently brought in legislation
  4. A 3-1 victory for us, couple for Defoe and another Katic bullet
  5. Absolutely nothing mate except whoever does do it will be committing career suicide as the MSM don’t want to touch this with a barge pole and the person will be cut from any media gigs. Which is sickening but that’s what will happen.
  6. or it may help us recruit another young striker -- been looking at a couple have we not? any young player would love to work with Gerrard and Defoe.
  7. Will take another scrappy 1-0 win, although I think something might click tomorrow....watch this space!!
  8. Over the moon with this deal ..... to have someone of his calibre in all areas is a major win win situation for us ..... when you think of some of the signings we have had to suffer over the last eight years .... this is one of the best who actually has a gift for a goal when it counts ..... just like Alfredo. He is also one of the only players who actually gets what we are all about .... proper class act ....... I'm over the "fucking" moon actually ...... when "moon" is just not good enough .....
  9. Rangers hammer the scum and it's all big bad Rangers, condemn Alfie and Kent. Their handball goal and a shambles of a refereeing performance by Clancy is airbrushed away. Thumbheid makes gestures twice on scoring and throws something at a fan. The scum players and management in the dugout area turn on the oap. The narrative is poor leigh is the victim of naughty shouts and even a witch hunt. Multiple cases of hypocrisy that Stevie wonder could see in how Alfie and Griffiths are treated. Blatantly obvious the agenda being driven in the taig press. Buckle up troops, we win tomorrow and keep winning and the dark arts the likes never seen before in Scotland will soon emerge and target us. We ain't seen nothing yet.
  10. Great result for the development team, especially when you learn that we had 15 & 16 year old boys playing in that team.
  11. Still might be worth it. What’s to lose?
  12. They would get slaughtered for using child rape to point score. We would get a sudden call for respecting the feelings of the victims and their family’s, never mind the fact that the whole of Scottish Football and the MSM haven’t given 2 fucks about the victims and their family’s for decades.
  13. FFS, that thought sent shivers down my spine. This one will be sweeter than our ninth in a row.
  14. Today
  15. You know what, maybe this is what it might take to open this can of worms. Might blow it wide open. Imagine a sports pundit coming out with a statement about the truth. What could be the worst to happen?
  16. It all get put down to "whatabouterry" by the press and radio - this phrase seems to be straight from the Hollicom press release this week. Every phone in and paper has been using it to "conviently" shut down debate ever since that wee ned made a complete arse of himself. A total cop out.
  17. Ideally, he'll have been put there by a speeding big artic.
  18. Big Jock Knew and Jack canny remember Selective amnesia and a faked car crash
  19. No. Notice the word “if”. I think whether it’s a good deal or not depends on his wages. I’d be surprised if he has taken a pay cut to less than 20k a week in his last earnings season. Knowing he could have one last big hurrah on 50-100k in China. If it is 20k then great. His experience will be valuable and at 38 he probably will still be good enough for one more season. If it’s 40k I’d say I’d rather take the money and have a punt on a few more strikers that might pay off or use those wages to attract someone of a higher calibrate to replace Morelos.
  20. 3 points massive tomorrow, scum have a run of tough away games and we’ve got some easier home games coming up got to keep the pressure on them
  21. Unless there’s the option of Flanagan playing instead in which case the youngster won’t be playing.....
  22. Everywhere they gooooooooooooo Stinking pishy mhutant monobrowed Dullard fuckwits Punch bags of Europe 2019/20
  23. Maybe you’ll notice I’m the one that bumped this thread on Wednesday. 😉
  24. GOAT useless prick of a poster, for as long as I can remember 😆
  25. I think Gerrard is the man to, at some stage call it out. He has a larger following than the entire SPFL combined.
  26. EatDolphins

    PC Gaming Build

    AMD Ryzen 3 3200G Processor 8GB DDR4 2400mhz Memory Integrated onboard Graphic MSI A320M-A PRO M-ATX Mainboard ADATA 240GB SSD 1TB Seagate BarraCuda SATA3 HDD AMD Ryzen Wraith CPU Cooler Cyberpower ONYXIA Mid-Tower Gaming Case What sort of quality is this?
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