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  2. In the same sort of way, but veering off the thread title, oleg kuznetzov when he played againt us in a friendly. He genuinely looked like one of the worlds best centre halfs, he was absolute class. Signed for us , looked great in his first game and then got a serious injury. Played on and off after that but was never the same player.
  3. He brings us something no other midfielder could, even when he wasn't 100 percent you could see how much we still needed him in the side.
  4. Agree with everything up until the Lawwell bit. It's more about killing it dead once and for all imo. They (celtic fans) can't continue to suggest there were 'shenanigans' involved in us getting a licence and we likely cough up a token fine for technical breaches somewhere. celtic like that there's a grey area there. It lets them play to the galleries a bit with it and act as though they'll do something but in reality will inly pay lip service to their mental fans.
  5. I haven't read all the thread so don't know if it's already been mentioned As you say there was no tax liability at the time as there was a dispute over it .Also I'm pretty sure when this issue first came up it was revealed the SFA knew the situation .we all did as the small tax case was public knowledge for some time as this was the reason Whyte claimed took so long over his takeover to go through .If anybody should be punished ,which they shouldn't anyway it should be the SFA not us . For me this is just another case of money in the game being wasted at the request of Lieswell in order to to keep the hordes off his back at his own club .
  6. Does Zelalem count? He plays for the US and was born in Germany but he has played for the German youth sides before switching.
  7. It might be worth touching base with govanblue to see if any old nostalgia stuff would be appreciated for Erskine, he does fantastic stuff drumming up funds for the veterans.
  8. Daniel Prodan.what a player he was .it wasn't just me that never saw him play for us though
  9. This has totally fucked up my father's day,
  10. IIRC he was still on their books when he died but hadn't played in a month or two.
  11. Never had the pleasure I'm afraid. Apparently I was at a game Cooper played in as a baby (as in months old) but I was never old enough to see him properly until he returned to Clydebank.
  12. There were cunts on here as well telling us โ€˜for a factโ€™ news would be breaking today as well.
  13. We all know that they are not the impeccably run club they claim to be .the free run at titles and CL cash they should be out of sight .but they ain't . I assume any story that either was there or not would be about where has all there money went and with the media grip of threats they have it's no surprise something like that would be pulled
  14. I've deleted the link, now take the same link in your post down too
  15. At this present time almost every set of fans in this country hate us .Even fans from clubs that are traditionally unionist and had a soft spot for us like Hearts and Falkirk despise us now . Media and SFA attacks on things like EBTs and Boozegate (where there were a lot more than 2 Rangers players involved ) have ramped up the hate on us . Fuck them all anyway .
  16. With a 6 already convicted and more being arrested or being looked into - this is a lot more than just the odd peado working their way into an organisation.. this is something a lot more sinister and deserves a lot more attention than it is getting
  17. I have some Rangers news and could add some programmes but I would need someone to uplift because I don't drive.
  18. If I wanted to be the centre of attention I wouldn't be doing it on a forum with a dwindling user base and a pretty small number of regular posters. Why do that when I have an audience of millions available through my work?
  19. As long as you let me know where you work so I know where to avoid going for a bag of chips.
  20. These in the know wankers should be banned from forums when their shite wee attention posts turn out to be just that.
  21. That is certainly another option unfortunately.
  22. Today
  23. You have him sussed early doors . James Doodles does rather likes to be centre of attention .
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