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  2. SPFL statement

    board statement imminent?
  3. SPFL statement

    Victimhood is ingrained in to them from birth. If the facts and truth tell you something different, then ignore them or make up your own facts. Tims and the truth are like Oil and Water.
  4. Morelos Article

  5. Lee Wallace

    One of my favourite players ever but we need to seriously look into replacing him soon sadly.
  6. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    Lots of poofs
  7. Lee Wallace

    Lee has been getting it tight on here for months but now we'll see how much we miss him when he's not in the team. Hopefully, the lad John can step up to the plate and prove his worth.
  8. Morelos Article

    you racial stereotyper, you
  9. SPFL statement

    This only benifits the sfa as it was there dealing and procedures that will be reviewed. if anything although it puts and end to the saga somewhat let's the sfa off the hook
  10. SPFL statement

    Wont surprise me if the SFA change their mind.
  11. SPFL statement

    Only they would still be able to see themselves as the victims, demoted to bottom tier, player & tv payments withheld, lost over £30 million worth of assets, passed from one unscrupulous owner to another. This last 5-6 years has cost us anywhere from £50-100 million and you still have these fucking cretins crying foul like we've been part of some conspiracy. Fuckwits the lot of them.
  12. SPFL statement

    I get the feeling that people at the SFA are getting pissed off with Liewell telling Doncaster to tell the SFA what to do, so they are not playing any more. And, Regan did not like Doncaster trying to put him on the spot with made up stuff. The start of a nice internal war is beginning; we should be pointing at Liewell and telling all that he is the major shit stirrer.
  13. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

  14. Morelos Article

    Then again... we might see a Fowler-like celebration on saturday!
  15. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    A lot of people prefer the Rugby.
  16. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    Pena's late runs into the box could be key. I suspect that Morelos will occupy both centre-halves because they know how dangerous he is in the box. This might leave some space in behind for Pena to take advantage of. He's got better every game he's played. This would be the day to go that extra step better.
  17. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    hodgson will be ok if he stays as a left back he can defend it is when he tries to push forward he loses the place our first priority on sat should s be to stop them playing lets have a walter smith type of tight defence and win 1 nil dont think pedro is capable of setting that up
  18. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    I think it will be too fast for him for the first 10 minutes - just as the Partick game was. But I would hope it settles down a bit thereafter.
  19. How can you live in Glasgow and not care about football?

    What's football got to do with it in this city!
  20. Morelos Article

    Absolute arse wipe. Really hope between now and Saturday Pedro calls for strong refereeing from Thomson,and uses this piece of garbage as one of the reasons why!!!
  21. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    i dont rate pena at the moment he might come good i suspect if he starts on sat this forum will be full on sat night of people saying how hopeless he was hope i am wrong but the game will be too fast for him
  22. SPFL statement

    I'd rather we all just viewed this as case closed. The investigation celtic wanted is dead in the water now and there's nowhere left for it to go. It's time for everyone to move on.
  23. Morelos Article

    ...and looks as laid back as a sunlounger...
  24. Jim from coronation street

    Just had a flashback to Trevor "eat yer dinner Mo!" Morgan there.
  25. Morelos Article

    Just as well he doesnt understand a word of English!
  26. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    You could easily argue that Hodson will leave us wide open at left-back. Regardless of who starts on that left-flank, Dorrans and Jack are going to have to protect the defence something awful.
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