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  2. Seems expensive if the guy only has 1 yr left on his contract. If MoH is loaned out we will be paying most of his wage. This would probably take it to nearer 750k . I think not
  3. He'd still be getting the wage. The article says we've to cover 80% of his wages while on loan which is a piss take.
  4. Good option off the bench though. I'd rather there was no money involved and it was just a straight swap with O'Halloran. But nae danger is MO giving up his cushty wee bench warmer wage to earn 10x less at Motherwell.
  5. I don't get how its ripping the pish out of Hibs.....
  6. Not good enough to start for us.
  7. Well this deal can get to fuck.
  8. Why Gaz? Did Mitre just pull you in a club?
  9. £500k + O'Halloran loan to get Moult
  10. Ramos is only 6ft... This kid is solid btw, very rarely got shoved off the ball and I like the way he defends. Like strikers do to defenders he got in their faces, and really riled them up which resulted in McLean ripping Bates shirt because they were closing them down so quickly and using their bodies, not allowing them to turn or have time to beat them. He defends well and also has a fair leap on him for his height. A lot more to come from him and Barjonas
  11. Sure I seen someone with that on at the game on Sunday. Cracker.
  12. in a way that say, 3 goalkeepers couldn't? Think before posting. Full stop.
  13. dear fucking lord, revisionism at its very best bain was a parasitic wee perma tanned crooked cunt who made a fortune out of us being in fucking debt, fuck him,
  14. still only 18 and he is 5ft 11 -- time still for a wee growth spurt, happy to see him, Bates and Barjonas grab their opportunities -- still reckon Thompson is a player and hope he gets a chance under Pedro.
  15. That squad is horrendous!!! If I were Strachan I'd be on my hands and knees BEGGING Kenny Miller to come out of retirement for this game. Big game experience and the energy to give bother to the shite England defence. But I suppose this line of thinking only applies to Broony.
  16. This is what Monty gets for not staying off the grid.
  17. What's happened to folk on here? Miserable bastards moaning about people wearing our club's colours. Shame on you. We are in Europe earlier than ever before so you can expect to see me kicking about the pool on holiday in the full kit, shinnies, boots and a pair of fucking goalie gloves.
  18. Dorran's will have outgoings higher than the rest of us so he's entitled to want to make sure he's covered all bases financially. Defeats the purpose of him moving if his lifestyle is going to be affected. I hope he does sign though as he's Rangers daft and has the quality we need.
  19. Not my place ma man . 😂😂 Probably next season if we get a far flung cup game up north as still on self imposed boycott of these clubs 😂
  20. Nah, they support nobody as far as I'm concerned. Once you decide you're jumping clubs I think you lose the right to actually support anyone, including the club you started off supporting
  21. actually re the tax - was it an arsenal player - Ray Parlour it was, remember him? who was found to be paying tax of 15%.... the rest your right, as budgies and goldfish can be every expensive
  22. Ive bumped into folk from school who supported aberdeen and dundee utd and called us all the shit under the sun. They now claim they are Rangers fans, shower of cunts the lot of them.
  23. Give us the scoop! When you coming back on bus mad man, last time I met you I had to return to the Red Lion the next day to retrieve my polo shirt
  24. If he wants more than 20k a week get him to fuck. As Pedro say we want players who want to be here. He will have made enough down south and then get paid a million a year to play for the club he loves, if that's not good enough then stop fucking about.
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