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  2. Never really mentioned he was celtic u16 boys club manager. Probably as they're a separate entity......
  3. Whilst they briefly skim over his managerial achievement of getting two teams relegated in one season 🙄
  4. Gentleman? The guy knew of the "open secret" and done nothing about it. Fuck all this old firm respect shite, he was part of the paedophile ring cover up and there's no respect or honour in that.
  5. 😂 Always remember him shiteing it when Butcher volleys the door
  6. Think it will be a warm weather training camp then back to ibrox to face Oxford then Europe will start around 4 days later
  7. I think it's hilarious that they are paying him to gamble and classify it as mental illness. He is ripping the piss right out of them. Big Lafferty was a gambling addict. Never stopped him playing. The wee reptile deserves everything he gets. I only wish the song was more offensive.
  8. Any idea when the club will release our plans for pre-season, as in where we'll be going? Loads of other clubs have already announced theirs
  9. Cunts will milk this to fuck, expect to have Lisbon lions shite all over the tv and media for weeks.
  10. I wouldn't be dropping Candeias for Kent tbh. He assisted 2 the other day and played pretty well Yes he's inconsistent and sometimes he looks absolutely terrible but you don't drop players after games like that what kind of message does it send to the squad
  11. Lived very near me before going into a care home. Football rivalry aside, a gentleman. Certainly from when I knew him.
  12. Got Robertson at 9/1 before he won the China Open, he’s right in form. Worst I’ve seen Ronnie play yesterday trails an amateur 5-4 should get through if he pulls the finger out. Will be cheering on Dott today !
  13. They're totally fucked when he goes😂
  14. Same team for me. Harsh on Kent but Candeias did well the other day so deserves to keep his place.
  15. Good luck to Graeme dott this morning against Hawkins, winner plays pape face
  16. That is the biggest threat, far more than any football they play. Killie got suckered at the weekend, lost three players, three points and, assuming the Fenian Compliance Officer runs true to form, will go the Glitterdome with a seriously weakened team. If the manager gets only one message through to the team, it must be “don’t give the ref a chance to card you”
  17. Almost like it goes without acknowledgment. Or worse, it doesn't matter as the pressure is off bollocks whereas a defeat would have been cast against them. Need to keep it going, but we've got nothing to fear if we play as well in the next 4 games. If we win all of them, they'll deserve due credit.
  18. Same team for me . Although Candieas is so frustrating, he deserves to keep the shirt . As he did set up 2 goals at the weekend
  19. They'll be obliged to cancel their game this weekend what with McNeil dying. Gives us chance to take it to 6 points and a wee fixture problem for them. I mean, if they cancel for Phil surely they'll cancel for their Caesar... 🤔
  20. Will never forget Billy's immortal 7 words " it was an open secret at parkhead"
  21. They could ask for their game against Killie to be postponed - so their trip to Ibrox could be a potential league winner. 🙄
  22. They'll want their game postponed now....... Oh wait it's not Phil odonnell and it won't help them win the league, and they'll be asking for a minute's silence at every ground in the world🙄
  23. I don't remember using the word perfect, but if you ask John Greig for his opinion I'm sure he'd not be too critical of his rival .
  24. Fucking brutal you can hear ma voice screeching in this 🤢 @ben51
  25. Glasgow is going into vigil overdrive already 🙄 A guy in my office actually sobbed...
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