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  2. Fuck up ya tarrier.
  3. He has shown on a good few occasions he has a decent level of technical ability and is rapid, he is just far too inconsistent and doesn't have the mentality for a club our size.
  4. Wouldn't be my thread if this wasn't posted
  5. The famine is over, big jock knew and the IRA ran away Their banner the other night just reminded us loyalists of a defeated enemy No Surrender
  6. The only game I think he stood out was the first game against Celtic in the league and we know how that ended up. Best of a bad bunch that day. Wish the lad well but time to go
  7. Naw.
  8. Bigot? Bears Den? Reported? Am I doing this right....
  9. I think he's great but if someone came in with a £5 million pound bid I guess we could let him go..
  10. Just want to fly kick cunts who always say 'a reckon there's a player in there' Seems to be the norm when discussing him with some folk but the reality is he's absolute shite.
  11. Aye mate. Decent first fight!! American cunt Sherman battered an auld Polish cunt!
  12. Ulster is still British, Scotland is still part of the U.K. and you still cover paedophila, wheyyyyyyyy fuck yer fucking IRA Cunts
  13. First couple of games when he came in looked like a diff option, not seen much since. Then again I don't watch all the games just the ones I can.
  14. Bordersbear, the name suits, everything he posts is borderline offensive. I thought we were past this as a Club What kind of ignoramus stuck in the 17th century still spells it Hullo? It's sectarian and has no place on here
  15. This is true. Don't get me wrong, I think we were right to take a gamble on him. Him and Crooks were only 130k combined and I believe the stories saying that Arsenal were snooping around him. I said the same thing when we signed Nicky Clark too that he was a low-risk gamble worth taking even if I had my reservations on it working out and him being the next level player that we needed to challenge Celtic. Overall not a good signing, but not on the level of some of the other disasters either. The thing isn't taking the gamble in the first place, it's being able to move them on quickly when it doesn't work out and have someone better lined up to replace him. That's already happened with signing Dorrans so all that's left is to say goodbye to Windass now.
  16. That looks really decent, but fuck naismith
  17. Whatever arse-licking shite he came away with in commentary doesn't disguise what a crushingly average footballer he was. Painfully, annoyingly average. Flew into tackles that harmed him and the team in an effort to be believed. Now retired aged 32.
  18. Big Nico. Couldnae even run tae the fans when he scored. 😂 What a footballing brain and vision he has.
  19. We should build our team around him
  20. Shat out another aerial challenge today as soon as he came on and showed no desire to track back. After his Progres disaster he could at least kid on he gives a fuck.
  21. A while? Been here a year and yet to see him turn up.
  22. Is it on the now I have 2 steaming women playing shite songs on youtube
  23. Today's starting 11 will start at Motherwell
  24. Sectarian question mark yah cunt!
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