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  2. You still here? Thought I told you to go fk your mother
  3. I'm surprised Walter Smith associates himself with this.
  4. Would love to be in your position where £300 is a 'small price to pay'
  5. I dont know why you think 20k bears would pay £300 for a name on their seat. Bare in mind not everyone wants to sit on the same seat forever and that we used to do it years ago, 20k didn't have it. Probs closer to 1k, even if that
  6. Were you with the way Pedro handled it?
  7. Theres also the major structural engineering challenges to filling in the corners which makes it uneconomical. It would be more cost effective to dismantle the 3 stands (Broomloan, Copland and SJ) and completely rebuild Ibrox to increase capacity, not that thete is a case for it as things stand. As I pointed out the seats belong to the club and, if they decide to implement safe standing, current incumbents in the affected seats will have zero input. It seems that some will continue 'howling at the moon', failing to grasp the reality. I've criticised the UBs over a number of issues but, along with a number of RSCs, fully support them in the push for safe standing.
  8. I think you will find that was your first post to me. I would say comparing a Bear to a taig and being called a cunt would come under insulting. Have a nice day bawbag. 👍👍
  9. Thank fk for that I thought you were going to bore me all afternoon
  10. IMO we 100% win it
  11. I wouldn't have us relegated for the sake of 4 Old Firm wins.
  12. Winger and a left back please! Why don't we use Beerman as the left winger?
  13. The last point was made to fans in general, as for £300 for your name on your seat? It's a small price to pay to help your club.
  14. Enough. You are unable to understand words.
  15. I'd be happy to lose all our games as long as we beat the mhanks every game this season.
  16. 😂😂 I shall leave you to howl at the moon. Enjoy the transition period, remember to let us know when it's actually over and we can expect Rangers to actual play like Rangers. 👍👍
  17. £300 for a name on a seat hahahahaha that's brilliant I don't give club 1872 anything so your last point is irrelevant
  18. I am starting to have concerns over whether the manager is able to get the best out of what is an improved squad from last year. Leaving that aside it is common sense to say a larger spend on the squad would improve our chances, that's a given. The genuine question I would ask, and not in a facetious way, is where exactly is this new board with large amounts of money to invest going to come from? Until this changes,other than give up, we will have to maximise what potential we do have and that's getting a manager that can make the very best of what weve got, and at this point in time it looks doubtful whether pedro can do this.
  19. 5 points behind Aberdeen st. Johnstone and scum 3 games in
  20. Would you take £25?
  21. People say this but it can't be true. If we picked up 2 points from our next 3 games surely you would want him sacked?
  22. Do you have any better suggestions to raise money? Another share issue is the only option and if or when that happens every penny must be spent on the squad. Its only a suggestion , people had their names on the backs of their seats before we went into admin and when it's to improve Ibrox what the fucks a tenner a week for 3 years if you can't afford a £300 one off payment. It beats wasting your money with club 1872 on shares you will never see or own
  23. I agree but PC and the board look like they're in tail spin which sends shivers down all of our spines. All will be forgiven if come late Sept we beat the mhanks. Come on PC. WATP!
  24. He's going to have to ask you for directions though. Is it just along the road from the glorious slopes of Ibrox?
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