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  2. 38 appearances in the last two seasons, excluding a significant number of international games.
  3. It will be an honour for us to present the Founders Story at the Beancross and Newlands Community Hall Montgomery Street Grangemouth on Friday 25th October at 7.30pm as a fundraiser for LLOL 259. The presentation will also provide an insight into The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project and The Founders Trail. A cultural disco will be held after the presentation. Bar open until 12pm. Waitress service available. Tickets which are £5 can be purchased from any member of LLOL 259 or just pay at the door on the night. We hope to see a few of you along.
  4. Would we really need 2 centre defenders on the bench? Helander is highly likely to start on Sunday against St Mirren I think.
  5. Premier Sports have now advertised the Wolves game, no mention of Rangers. Wolves getting most of the coverage these past weeks no surprise.
  6. I see Docherty has been dropped from the squad v Warsaw in favour of King. I think thats mainly why King was brought in as SG doesn't have the required level of confidence in Docherty, especially for bigger games.
  7. Dropping Helander out the Euro squad for King. Don't understand that one at all. King came on yesterday and his biggest contribution was ? well nothing really can't recall his name being mentioned for time he was on the pitch. This is to be expected given the fact he has hardly kicked a ball in the last two seasons. So if required he is hardly going to make and telling contribution. Whereas if required Helander would make sense to have on the bench. It's a bit like naming Murphy on the bench yesterday, guys just back from an ACL injury picked up on a plastic pitch. Pointless him even being there.
  8. Struggling to see why this should stay in bears den....
  9. I must have missed the second half one, but in general so far this season Defoe has had some stunning first touches. Obviously his finishing is top drawer too, so pleased to see him in such great form and he's on his way to becoming a Rangers legend (hopefully!)
  10. BA, we beat Killie 2-1. Tav was the driving force behind both goals. Perhaps you should go and watch both goals. It is reasonable to argue that, if it wasn't for Tav being on the field in the Killie game, we would have dropped at least two points already!
  11. Talking about it on Radio Scotland after the game. Tom English called it "the first touch of the season".
  12. I'm assuming Borna made the squad as well the other two. Am I correct in saying this?
  13. Do we need to organise a schedule of matches for our reserve team like we did for our highly successful development squad to help the likes of Docherty and Stewart ?
  14. They won't, they probably won't even try and negotiate the price down. They'll keep him for the season then let him go back to Barca.
  15. The scum celebrate a different kind of touch of the season I'll maybe get a load of shite for saying this, but I think the person who's first touch was best at our club throughout the years was Mols. Seen him take some ridiculous long and high balls and completely deaden them. Remember he took a big punt up to him down perfectly controlled like he had superglue on his boot and straight after scoring with it. Guy was incredible and I feel lucky I was able to watch him, always wanted to meet him but I'd probably be too much of a fanboy.
  16. No shocks for me in the squad. Got to remember it's Thursday/Sunday hopefully for quite a while. That's why Gerrard wanted 2 for every position.
  17. Dont see how you can draw any effective conclusions from yesterday's game. Team was , with a couple of exceptions, made up of players who have had very little competitive football and are likely to have hardly played together bar training sessions
  18. Legia are not a step up to who we’ve played so far. Maribor and the danes were far better teams. This will be a tough game because everyone knows what is at stake. The reality is they have not had a great season in any competition and their only positive seems to be they don't concede that many goals. They won't have faced a team like us for a few years now and If we keep it solid at the back I think we can win, maybe (hopefully) by a few goals. I’m cautiously confident.
  19. He played at Livingston & now Hearts for a reason.
  20. The attitude of some of them as well leaves a lot to be desired
  21. Some laugh fae the ticket office. In the now picking up mine and anothers. Couldn’t pick up the others even though I have the travel club card, passport, email confirmation to my email and the money came out my bank. Absolute waste of time that place it really fucking is
  22. He will play and one of the other 2 will drop out and be rested for the 2nd leg imo
  23. yeh 3 years ago. Thought we would be appealing choice now tho. he's 24 in his prime. Might fancy himself to fight it out for a first place. Average wages at hearts 2k a week. He'd probably be on closer to 5 with us. so would have been tempting for sure. Just think 3.5million for Helander plus whatever he's on wages might have been better spent elsewhere if Gerrard sees Goldson and Katic as his main men. Having said that, I think the boy has looked good so far so good chance he forces himself into the starting XI soon
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