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  2. Ibrox Maintenance

    It may depend on which issues have been highlighted in any review and the ones deemed most urgent to rectify. Some things are deemed more critical within safety certification criteria or more likely to lead to legal action and require more urgent attention. Safety regulations can emphasise areas you wouldn't necessarily think about.
  3. Ibrox Maintenance

    I’m not sure why your getting yourself worked up about Work happening on the car park. What gives you the idea that these works are in lieu of some other maintenance works elsewhere? If it’s just line marking in the car park you do realise these are relatively low value works approx Pena’s wages for a week (and that is being very generous for a few days work). A lot of the works within the stadium will be better suited to the close season when they can be done without interruption and delays to programme. Stupid thing to get into a 3 page argument about because improvements are being made to the aesthetics of the surrounding area.
  4. Ibrox Maintenance

    A good point but it could just be down to first impressions when inviting future investors to the stadium. My ma always said "keep the outside of your house and the parlour well maintained so that the neighbours won't judge". There was wisdom in her words because first impressions do count.
  5. Ibrox Maintenance

    In all seriousness, I'd guess this is a compliance issue that is required following a review of our safety certificate...as RFC Eagle points out. We can only be responsible for the area under our control (see big JB for the deeds ;) ).
  6. Ibrox Maintenance

    We don’t have the Deeds, where have you been the last 6 years.
  7. Ibrox Maintenance

    So it’s looking silly questioning why a car park gets done when the rest of the area is a shambles. 👍👍 Probadly got more to do with the new houses not wanting to look at the eyesore.
  8. Ibrox Maintenance

    Any of the land parcel that's on the deeds. Check them
  9. Ibrox Maintenance

    Next on the list? Responsibility of the council? No idea to be honest. I wouldn’t be jumping to conclusions and making myself look silly.
  10. Ibrox Maintenance

    So again I’ll ask, if the car park is breaching me all that, what is the direct surrounding of the stadium then.
  11. Elise Christie

  12. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    A win, 2-0!
  13. Elise Christie

    A few pints I may try for the brown
  14. Elise Christie

  15. Ibrox Maintenance

    The painting of the lines, marking disabled spaces, clear definition of pathways and roads etc falls under Health and Safety, its not just resurfacing. Safety certification includes all these factors. Clear signage and markings reduce the risk of the club being sued in the event of an incident.
  16. Play them all away!

    You can bet your bottom dollar that this will get spun as bias in our favour when we play 3 times at home against any team, never mind the fact that its the fault of a ridiculous system or the how many times its disadvantaged us in the past.
  17. Elise Christie

    Maybe she had a bottle of buckie beforehand and thought "Fuck it, I am having that gold thing"!
  18. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Cheers bud👍🏻
  19. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    Money on Rangers at home you having a laugh
  20. ***The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread***

    I've stuck a tenner on this. If your wrong im gonna be pissed aff.😁
  21. Ibrox Maintenance

    I’ve answered the one question you asked me and I’ve not said one thing about the board. Have a day off.
  22. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    probably why they are not as liked as they think they are. EDIT: Greatest Gers forum in the world, remind you of another group?
  23. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Good post mate, pity that kind of post would get chopped on FF.
  24. Today
  25. Elise Christie

    If her injuries were so bad , she shouldny have been involved . The injury she has effects everyone in different ways ,so we'll never know
  26. Ibrox Maintenance

    I’ve focused on the Car Park getting done when we still have plenty of work needing done directly around the stadium. The fact you seem to think the board should be praised for doing vital work that is long overdue baffles me. Couple that to the fact 3 of the current board agreed to stop all maintenance work on the stadium and felt we didn’t need said car park so sold it, kind of tempers any goodwill. I notice in this full exchange you haven’t once answered any of my questions, which leads me to believe you just like to have a moan if anyone questions anything that is going on.
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