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  2. You insist that you did tell her and that she's clearly forgotten and is losing it.
  3. I see Tavernier has been receiving abuse on twitter from Rangers fans after Sunday. Who even fucking does that? Some need to get a grip and fast.
  4. I’ve not booked up as I was hoping for a day trip but still fancy going, how long would it take to get there with this route and I take it this is just travel for £112 would still have to book a hotel for a night I’m guessing?
  5. Near enough 100 million on him and Tierney is horrendus.
  6. I remember Cuellar managed to some how nutmeg Mutu in a clearance
  7. All I can remember is Buffel playing and I'm sure he hadn't been getting a game for us IIRC.
  8. I literally cannot remember anything about what happened in the match during that first leg. Watched it on the TV and that’s it 😂
  9. 8530 posts, 67 likes..... You've done well to keep under the radar mate, fair play.
  10. 6/4 at home to Lazio. Amazing odds mate. Might stuck 100 on - 1 and 30m man to score. Printing money IMO.
  11. Rangers 0 - 0 Fiorentina. A real classic.
  12. I got papped quite far back in that area for the Dundee UTD semi at Ibrox, hated it. Atmosphere was pish because you couldnt hear rest of the ground (although the atmosphere in that section was alright, you just couldn't take the rest in because you felt enclosed in that section. Couldnt see the upper tiers in rest of ground and the ball when it went in the air either.
  13. We have two other right backs at the club, if one of them cannot be trusted to play right back in games like home vs hamilton etc then why the fuck did we sign them and why the fuck are they still here Pointless buying another right back when we have 3 already but gerrard wont drop his favourite
  14. My first season book seat was in MRA mate, you cant see the centre spot for a metal stanchion but apart from that it was ok i suppose
  15. Today
  16. All this is fitting an agenda for me If it were the bheasts or Hivs .Nothing would be being reported
  17. Sohas the guy accused of the abuse been identified?
  18. Yappy little junk yard dog of a club
  19. Thermopylae


    Captained the Canadian team who beat the yanks mid week a game like that is bound to leave its mark
  20. A draw would be fandabidozi - but I think this Porto will show us how to play football - but football is a funny game - so who knows !!!!
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