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  2. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Unless your guess is Neil.
  3. Hummel

    They're probably an older club than us to be fair mate
  4. Tarrier Tickets

    Sorted a couple, bring it on.
  5. Takin it to the car park

    if it wasnt for the fact our manager is the youth coach id think you were right, if theyd appointed anyone else and we were in this position theyd hold out for another season and use the kit money to buy a couple players then cross their fingers again, but if Murty isnt replaced by the start of the season i can see folk calling for their heads. They thought they were clever and could do everything cheap as fuck and get away with it, but they've put themselves between a rock and a hard place and i hope they just fuck off because ive never trusted them and probably never will
  6. Tarrier Tickets

    On you go,sport....you put them in their place. That'll show them.
  7. Tarrier Tickets

    Already decided I wasn't going after the way I felt last Sunday night when I got back in from that debacle, my feelings haven't changed and I've still not calmed down any which I usually do after a few days, before I'd be up for it just to show some defiance to the bastards but I don't even feel up for that, working all sorts of hours and all weekend to pay for my renewals , if next season is another disaster I honestly don't know where that will leave me attending wise, this fucking club are absolutely destroying my love of football at the moment.
  8. Declan John speaks

    Fuck all brave about it, almost a week has passed
  9. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Neil was too bald to be considered anyway
  10. Happy days at the friday Training.

    Is Morelos injured? I couldnt see him in any of the training pictures.
  11. Declan John speaks

    Yes. I agree don't rate him at all but still brave to do the interview.
  12. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Your guess is as good as mines at this stage.
  13. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Not heard anything on Neilson so can’t say either way
  14. Declan John speaks

    He’s a massive part of the problem no matter what he might or might not say in that interview.
  15. Tarrier Tickets

    Dean Windass handed back his 200 tickets.
  16. Declan John speaks

    Literally no interested in a single word any of these cunts have to say.
  17. Happy days at the friday Training.

    Docherty looks delighted at shaking his hand
  18. Declan John speaks

    Actually just watched the first 30 seconds and I find myself infuriated by him saying "we all know it wasn't good enough", nah you don't. You haven't a clue. Fucking paedo tache
  19. Tarrier Tickets

    our team need put in their place. Theyre as much to blame for last week as the manager is and frankly i think they deserve another humping and to hear it lauded over them because theyre cowards and deserve to feel embarrassed knowing our luck this will end up a pointless game anyway and well end up winning and they cowards will jump about like they're heroes for it i couldn't give a fuck if we beat the tarriers, we could win 5-0 and it would feel like an empty victory
  20. Declan John speaks

    Can't be bothered listening to you either, Dave
  21. Declan John speaks

    Btw, Tavernier should be doing that presser.
  22. Declan John speaks

    No, he does quite well for a young boy in the interview I thought.
  23. Declan John speaks

    That'll be him oot tae for saying no one went OTT in the dressing room on Sunday. Why even answer that question
  24. Your five man managerial shortlist.

    Praise the lord. I’d also like It won’t be Neilson
  25. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    I see Popcorn going back to Scumdome for the next few years mate Fact Brenda was saying he was happy here tells me ,he may trying to soften things up for his eventual move away Could be wrong but it's how I see it panning out
  26. Declan John speaks

    Does he say Murty's a clown?
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