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  2. Cheer up Joe Miller
  3. Don't usually like the "fixed that for you" thing but...
  4. Thanks for confirming.
  5. Delivery arrived in store the day. No home strips or third strips in it. Fucking shocking tbh, some fans were waiting in the rain for more than an hour waiting on it opening.
  6. This post.
  7. Then sir you are a confirmed mongo
  8. have said the only reason I would keep him, would be to chase cunts who grabbed the match ball and made a run for it. No doubt he has pace but hasn't a fuckin clue what to do with it. Will be disappointed if we hand him back to St J for nowt.
  9. Is Joe Miller suffering from senile dementia?
  10. Sounds more like you have problems with your neighbours
  11. Hold on a minute Dalcio got number 7 someone better tell Bruno his mate Ronaldo might not be joining
  12. Wasn't sure what to expect when I starting reading that. Well written and can't wait to hear the reaction!
  13. Tried calling mate and they keep hanging up saying the lines are busy. Probably just head up later 👍.
  14. Club deck available now
  15. How are the cunts allowed to get away with stuff like that?
  16. He turned down a contract in February which I believe was the first offer and since then has not heard anything since Caixinha came in. He's well within his rights to turn down the first offer as happens with just about every contract negotiation up and down the country.
  17. Honestly refreshing to see pedro take no shit here... year to go if he is stalling and not pulling his weight in games and training like its suggested then no qualms in getting rid, can join his pal breadman at forrest to never be heard of again never rated him in all honesty
  18. He's shite.
  19. That is a hell of a statement well done Linfield.
  20. It's the only way to stop them. Damage has been done by publishing it in the first place
  21. That's a brilliant statement. I await the DR's and Millers response As an aside, was Miller the author or was he being interviewed?
  22. Heard the improved offer was pennies more, and this is why he has turned it down while he sees other players on alot more than him(not the new signing either).
  23. Either go to Ibrox or Call?
  24. Can't get to this as down in London which is a bastard, but the missus is still going and using the Cross Keys Stevenson bus, and it will be a extra special occasion as for all the fans who are now not with us and never got to see the team back in Europe GBNF!
  25. They should just sue the fuckers.
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