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  2. It's an acronym of Uneducated, Effluent, Fenian Arseholes.
  3. I'm sure you understand that I hope you end up eating your words as well 😉
  4. I'd forgot about Jelavic, but I still think my point stands, but you're right we'll have to wait and see and I hope I end up eating my words
  5. Absolute scorcher that day, had £10 e/w on rock of Gibraltar to win the guineas found out it won after the game. Back in the days before the dreaded 3 day hangover!!
  6. Nikica Jelavić went for more than 4 million in 2012 did he not? In all fairness none of the players we had from 2012 until 2017 were going to be sold for big money simply down to the standard of player. I've no idea what Morelos will be worth when Covid-19 passes and football returns, however pre- christmas him, Tav, Aribo and Kamara looked to be valuable assets. Pre-christmas I'd have certainly asked for £20 million plus for Morelos, now we'll have to wait and see I guess.
  7. Goes down as my favourite cup final of all time Last minute winner bringing the house down and causing mass bedlam. And the fastest evacuation of half a stadium in living memory will always take some beating 😂 Absolutely world class day to be a bear And one year later .Another treble was in the bag .Great times
  8. A game I'll never forget, my 3rd shift on the buses, a backshift, came home around midnight, was off the Sunday, wifey had recorded the highlights, watched it with a few cans,brilliant 👍🇬🇧
  9. Who are UEFA? According to Declan The Dude, they’ve got fuck all to do with Scottish football 🤠
  10. All their staff at the celtic shop are on zero hours contracts. So much for their charitable, socialist outlook.
  11. Lucky the Leverkusen game was home 1st, that’s banked a few quid just days before shutdown...
  12. I’ve already suggested something they could do that would help reduce monthly payment and allow more people to renew meaning more money into the club. Its common sense really
  13. Not sure what else the club is supposed to do if it wants to survive.
  14. These UEFA meetings aren't telling us anything we didn't already surmise.
  15. BBC Scotland showing the Scottish Cup Final, 2002, on Sunday night. I remember watching it in The Park Bar in Finnieston. It was a mixed crowd that day and the game swung back and forward till we put them to the sword in the last minute. Great game and was a great day out.
  16. Nice to see my old heroes again. Football played by men, unlike the fally over pansies of today.
  17. Yeah, I mean, he's a good striker with a good mentality at SPL level but struggles when the quality of the competition increases beyond that. Morelos is an enigma, I think he's his own worst enemy. For someone who talks about his upbringing and how it turned him into such an ambitious, driven person, his mentality is really suspect. His talent is way beyond that of Edouarde, but it's only seen when his head is in the right place. What goes on in his head which stunts him? I can guess but , really it's just an idea. Personally I don't think he's interested in Rangers or the fans, I think he saw us as a stepping stone and nothing more. He shone in the SPL when it suited him because he was hoping to get into the Columbia squad and get noticed by an EPL side. He then did the business in Europe and probably thought he'd done enough and it was just a waiting game. When he saw nothing much happen in January it probably knackered his motivation. I've never known someone to miss as many chances against celtic, I'd expect that can only be down to the pressure he's putting himself under. In my opinion it's not simply a pressure to do well for us, it's a pressure to do well, get noticed and get a move away from us. It's weird.
  18. We are as bad or worse than the taigs for shouting big numbers, we haven't sold a player for more than 3 million in over a decade, I genuinely think folk are delusional if they think we'll sell him for 20 million although i hope I'm proven wrong. But we constantly say how much we'll get for a player then we sell them for nowhere near that much or they end.up going for nothing. The big numbers are encouraging but it simply doesn't happen in Scotland unless there are certain circumstances. And many clubs are going to be struggling after this coronavirus shite and I can't see Morelos staying longer than another full season
  19. The club badly need us here, what did you think they would do?
  20. sometimes you wish you weren't but in this case sadly I expect I am!
  21. Unfortunately you’re probably right mate
  22. UEFA have suspended CL and EL indefinitely.
  23. That's hilarious. 'We know these are trying times and people will be struggling. We also dont have a clue when the football will resume so you'll be glad to know season tickets for next season will go on sale asap. Remember and snap them up folks,WE ARE THE PEEPULLLLL"
  24. I'm a fud so I will renew even though they are taking the pish but what's new. I couldnt not review been going since a wee a wean. This season isnt even done yet so think it is cheeky them asking for renewals but nothing different from them taking money out CCCS with 1 day notice lol. I am far to loyal to the club just like thousands more
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