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  2. Positive I used to sign him all the time on LMA 05 😂
  3. Still find it amazing that they went through a collapse after the winter break in our first season, then the management sat back and allowed it to happen again the following year.
  4. True, but you have to admit that the important part of the word news is new... Anyway, good news about Mols... https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football-mols-is-set-for-major-impact-1082748.html
  5. If that was the case we wouldn’t have pumped them at the Piggery and played probably the best football we have in years against them and Hibs.
  6. I think the turning point was a few days before that actually. We blew it at Pittodrie after looking like we had the game won after half an hour and they score an injury time winner after conceding an injury time equaliser at home to Hamilton.
  7. I've had a look on Google. A lot of these articles seem older. There is nothing that I can find that is up to date. The guy is from , or says he's from bearsden and has never mentioned the Cayman Islands. He did mention the isle of man where he negotiated the David Templeton deal.
  8. IMO the turning point ( where it all went wrong) last season was the cup final. The way we were shafted out of that cup I think demoralised us. The league cup is a springboard for the rest of the season, had we won that I think our season would have panned out differently. I don't want Gerrard to go just yet. I still think he will lead us to success again. He has us going in the right direction. IMO we played them off the park pretty much every game last season. I can't remember the last time that happened.
  9. The thing is Davis always played more right sided for Smith than he ever did in the middle.
  10. I believe our first 11 will look a lot different come Sept 1. We just need to get through August's games with more or less last year's squad.
  11. ForeverAndEver


    Likely to change from 5 years to 3 years next year
  12. Aberdeen would not have the money for him even if they get a decent fee for Cosgrove.
  13. Yep league's still ongoing makes things a lot more difficult for us. I think our major moves will come but likely after we've already started the season. It's not ideal but how we'll have to play it.
  14. The only game I remember Turnbull doing anything he gave away two or three goals and was pish.
  15. The celtic "Invincibles" falling apart? First Griffiths. Then Brown next. It'll slowly crumble player by player. And it'll be glorious.
  16. Dykes is a Sam cosgrove replacement
  17. Probably quite hard just now to shop around with a lot of leagues still ongoing, hopefully we start seeing some movement these next few weeks.
  18. Lewis, Logan, McKenna, Taylor, Considine, Ojo, Ferguson, McLennan, McGinn, Cosgrove and Hayes If we can't beat that 11 behind closed doors, we should just give up.
  19. Many always wonder why he never got a knighthood, maybe the establishment (a phrase coined by a Scot btw) knew of what had gone on.
  20. I like Turnbull but if we were interested in him, we would have gone after him last summer. Hastie on loan + Motherwell TV friendly = Turnbull to Ibrox. Easy rumour to make.
  21. Provided he's fit and get's his form back pre-injury then wouldn't be against it. The games I watched Motherwell when I heard we wanted Hastie, there was one player that stood out and it wasn't Hastie. Don't know about 3-million for him, though.
  22. They said they will email me with news on the 22nd of July so well have to wait and see but I sadly think you are correct, would hope the 5 year thing actually works but then a lot of tickets I have had haven't been down in my name just European ones mostly so I'm probably fucked there as well.
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