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  2. The board must shoulder the blame here

    It should've mate and I said so at the time. I feel though due to his spend then they had to.see if it could turn round. I totally agree though
  3. Questions for the AGM

    Fifa ratings and pies will be asked important matters eh
  4. The sheep double header

    Dreading these 2 games
  5. Neil McCann

    Assistant to an experienced manager....maybe.
  6. Protests?

    Aye I've read the stories about him "discovering" Jamie Vardy and Cuellar as well. IMHO it's utter bullshit. Brown is a tumour, part of the larger cancer that riddles the club. He shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Ibrox or be involved with the club in any capacity.
  7. Protests?

    My issue with it is is the DOF is just in the door, doesn’t know John Brown from Adam but the first thing he’s tasked with and he appoints him that raises some serious questions who’s in his ear behind the scenes or even worse who’s told the DOF to give Brown a job?
  8. 100% They facilitated getting these latest scam Artists in and were rewarded accordingly.
  9. The sheep double header

    We are fuckin awful and will lose both games.
  10. Protests?

    I’m fine with brown being involved with it because he has a decent track record from what I heard, I think the scouting network is good and will help us improve but it should have happened years ago. The lack of Forward planning in terms of a manager is the real failure by the DoF
  11. those #hiredhands are absolutely central to where we find ourselves, they are also still on the gravy
  12. not bothered anymore

    I was feckin furious last night. Only pick me up was when Tim bouncer asked odds for Us winning OF game I said 7/1 That apart still p!ssed off this morning How often do I need to wake up thinking where do we go from here.
  13. Protests?

    More like there’s nothing in it for the shameless bastards this time round
  14. Ryan Jacks Reaction

    Ross Jack just got a call up to Scotland squad. He probably feels grown up enough to do the interview. Nothing wrong with that. He is a water carrier who could do a job with some good players around him possibly.
  15. Michel Preud'homme

    IMO he is the best candidate by a mile. We need some movement on this soon as we are now in a rapid decline. A new manager coming in now would get an overview and hopefully clear house in january and bring in a few players that can turn us around.
  16. not bothered anymore

    The thing that strikes me is the fact I don't actually like anyone inside the club, not one player, coach or suit. There are some I don't dislike, like McCrorie and Morelos but I genuinely can't stand most of them, from the board to the coaching staff to the weak players, If everyone resigned from Rangers today, every single employee, I wouldn't bat an eyelid
  17. Protests?

    Sons of Struth on Twitter were saying they wouldn’t take part in any protests And that they didn’t think there’s any need because the current board aren’t nearly as bad as the last.
  18. Protests?

    The moment it was announced that his "scouting network" includes John "used English notes" Brown, was the moment I lost all faith in the DoF. He can fuck off along with the rest of them.
  19. Protests?

    I’d love to see protests and this shower of inept con men dragged out Ibrox but I’m not going to be a hypocrite and demand it or expect it because it’s not something I’d participate in personally however it makes the bloggers, the protestors, the cunts in the fans groups, the FollowFollow’ites look pretty suspect as they are quiet this time round - remember they all promised to hold every future custodian to account in future? lying pieces of shit
  20. Alan Pardew

    Away and shite in yer hands and clap.
  21. Would we accept a 3 year turnaround plan?

    Thats all well and good looking at it that way but what happens in the 3rd year if the sheep are still as strong against the rest or the tims are even stronger. The only plan we need is one to be vastly better than we are today and then build on it
  22. Alan Pardew

    You should have just said that then.
  23. Alan Pardew

    We could do far worse than Pardew.
  24. not bothered anymore

    I know mate. All of us just want the club and team to thrive and to be fair, we have had a pretty rough ride recently!. If we were moving forward then you can take the odd slip up here and there. Problem is we are going back the way with no info from board on manager, strategy etc on how we get out the hole.
  25. The sheep double header

    Whoosh I thought he was being optimistic
  26. Alan Pardew

    Disagree entirely. I’m simply pointing out that having a manager with years of experience is better than not having a manager.
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