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  2. Bluenose ll is the place to go.
  3. Hope you're not implying that I don't...
  4. Should we sing they songs no however it is directed at a support who call themselves it. Us as fans are battered every week by opposing fans called"hu*s so what's gonna be done about that.
  5. His brother plays in goal for hearts. Most likely why he was there.
  6. I believe the split on opinions is the huge love for Katic rather than how this guy actually played. We are blessed with four good CH's
  7. Only stat I care about is 0-1. ­čĹî
  8. CanÔÇÖt be,the guy your referring to actually attends Ibrox.
  9. I.m sure there is a liverpool bar there. We were welcome. More so now I would say with S.G. in charge. I watched an old firm game there a few years back. We won 0-1 the big coloured guy (cant spell his name) scored the winner. There is an irish/rattlers bar across the road where the taigs went.
  10. They are all using the same company for their stats! There's not a chance we had 40% possession today! As mentioned it doesn't matter a fuck as Rangers 1-0 St Mirren
  11. Flower of Scotland near The hotel helios (Last game I watched there was Scotland v Morocco 98) may no longer exist.
  12. The salou ibrox used to be class. Just off the main street
  13. The more I read that statement the better it gets......
  14. That's why I never mentioned his name.
  15. Aye but he's a mongo and acts more like one than the real thing!
  16. Somebody has fucked it up and others have used their figures. It's wrong but it's a mistake, no big deal.
  17. If so then so be it just bloody annoyed we are been targeted for nothing. Captain managers the lot we've had each accepted as one of our own.
  18. No wonder they're raging. They've handled it well and that's a very good statement.
  19. My big mate told me that they were 12/1 at the last wicket....I laughed.....10mins later it was 11/2....the rest is history
  20. Well said and no surrender. Every 1 is wanting to brand them wee boys. Apologist cunts... Was at the st Joe's game and don't remember it being a nasty racist sort of atmosphere.
  21. What song is next on the hitlist? Daddy's Uniform? Here Lies A Soldier?
  22. IÔÇÖm pretty sure Scott Brown isnÔÇÖt a catholic...
  23. Yep, based on what he's seen. From what I've seen, he's 4th choice. Great stats earlier, Borna's must be similar if not better, yet we all know he's struggled. Stats can be manipulated. Even today, this lad has split opinions on how he performed. It's no biggie, hopefully he comes good, time will tell.
  24. KK yer wrong there mate in regards to captain I think.
  25. On the first page of this topic,if your going to make statements at least try and remember what you say. People on here and even Rangers themselves say it is a minority this is just so much pish,I have sung these songs as have most of our support,I acknowledge that it has no w got to stop but all this holier than thou crap is nauseating.
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