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  2. Really quite excited for this window, hope its not misplaced excitement
  3. You must be a rare laugh on a night out btw.
  4. Henderson is/was pals with a number of the 'Lisbon Lions' - that's partly why he'll be there.
  5. here tomorrow is a week to go before pre season training starts brother Pedro says he is wanting his new core of squad together for then or at least most of it. its gonna be a good week to be a bear troops
  6. But but but it wasnt on the boy wonder who is worth 40million
  7. Regretting not going to this big time now! Ended up going to New York instead in February, fanny!
  8. That's when most of them found out he wasn't a taig, and grew up a Rangers fan, so a few of them even suggested they'd have stopped 9IAR with a different keeper.
  9. "Legend" Fuck me sideways
  10. Fabio Cardoso, Dalcio (loan) and Daniel Candeias all supposed to be signing within the next week or 2 from Benfica.
  11. He grew up a St mirren fan, an average player who got to play for the mighty would of thought that would mean something in this day and age but who are we a previous poster said his arse licking of the tims was sickening.....proving again what working for the BBC does to you or in fact he is just another cunt.
  12. From Portugal: Rangers and Caixinha set to sign three Benfica players, two within a week By Sport Witness Team - 28th May 2017 SHARE Pedro Caixinha must be one of the busiest managers so far this summer. Rangers are being repeatedly linked to signings, and seriously so, and it’s all being pushed by Caixinha. Portuguese newspaper O Jogo has a small article in their Sunday edition packed with information about Rangers signings. Caixinha is looking to sign three players from Benfica, and O Jogo believe it’s now just a case of sorting out the details, and then the players being announced at Ibrox. Fábio Cardoso, a 23 year old central defender, spent last season loan at Vitoria Setubal, and is now lined up for Rangers. Dalcio, a 21 year old Benfica B forward, is put forward as the next player to be joining Cardoso, and his move to Rangers is pencilled in as a season long loan. Caixinha isn’t stopping there. Daniel Candeias, a 29 year old winger, spent last season on loan at Turkish club Alanyaspor, and he’s also being lined up for Rangers, although it’s not sure if he’ll move on a loan or permanent basis. The first two can be completed this week, with Candeias being sorted out afterwards. O Jogo explain that Caixinha is determined to do all he can to bridge the gap between Rangers and Celtic, and the early summer attempts at recruitment are part of that. Candeias looks like a pacey right winger
  13. The guy gave us 10 years service. No reason to be upset that he's now taken a position with another club. Weve got new people in place now. Good luck to him
  14. Sure and he can get that cunt Blair as Secretary. Sole rights to the bank account and veto over all member's decisions! It will all gonswimmingly well. The snake will keep him right and point him to the blue bar for some pre match drinks and trousering of the blue pound.
  15. Ferguson, I'm not surprised at all Henderson does surprise me but, why's he pandering to them? If he needed the money that bad I'm sure Rangers could help him out, fuck the fans would probably raise the same amount he got paid within about an hour. It really doesn't surprise me that the tarriers wanted a couple Rangers men there though, they can't go a whole night without something Rangers-related going down
  16. Great work. Get a bit choked reading it. Sad.
  17. Wee man in the boat loyal.
  18. At least someone in the public eye has the balls to say what he sees and not jump on the tarrier-bandwagon. The Sky Sports pundit said: “Before Celtic fans get upset, I recall a similar thing happening with Scott Brown and Kenny Miller earlier in the season. And nothing happened there."
  19. You're certainly not wrong. Ferguson is a cunt in any case, but surprised at Henderson as he is defo a supporter of us. I had to think about this one. I hate those cunts more than anything. I don't want them winning anything and in fact, I just want them dead. I hate all that they stand for and it's obviously mutual. Strip it all back and it is stil a sport, it's all that surrounds us that isn't. Does that say my thinking is wrong? In my mind I say no, but many would say yes. Privately and grudgingly I could agree that it was an achievement in a sporting sense, but I just couldn't publicly mix with them. I can't even share the same pavement as them. I see a hoop top sharing the same pavement, hatred is automatically triggered. Now that probably says more about my upbringing than it does them, but it doesn't make me wrong in what I think of them. Henderson on the other hand, is a legend and a player of quite some talent. Of course he knows what we are about and I would say he is a defender of us. Does him publicly acknowledging their achievement make him a traitor to our very existence? I just don't think so and it is what it is. I'd say Ferguson is not a traitor, because he never was one of us and he is just a cunt. He would revel being there, whilst Henderson would get the old feeling welling up inside him and be quite uncomfortable. Maybe I am in denial about a hero of ours, I don't really know and I don't know his reasoning for doing it, or the circumstances surrounding his being there. I wouldn't have, but not everyone is as hate filled as me and I was never a famous footballer.
  20. Foderingham came to the club commanding his box and coming for crosses. Now he doesn't. Think better off we moved on with goalkeeper coaching...
  21. I emailed TO as a general enquiry as to ensure I was on the list. Thankfully it was a positive reply just need to make sure I keep checking email and don't dingy unknown numbers on my phone.
  22. He's one of them is he not
  23. I was pointing out my opinion is based on basically what we all have to go on, fuck knows how he can arrive at that conclusion based on what we've seen.
  24. Breath of fresh air not being linked with injury-prone league one players
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