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  2. Them celebrating

    I didn't mention Pedro, or his tactics because the players performed so poor that it didn't matter what tactics were deployed, we'd still have fucked it up. I don't see any point in sacking the manager as there's no one out there, that I believe, would do much better. We are, sadly, too far behind Them just now. It'll take a while for us to catch up. The best we can do this season, I'm sorry to say, is stay ahead of the rest, and even that might be a struggle. Maybe we need to give the players more time? Some players take longer than others to settle in a new place. Surely Pena is not as bad as he looks just now? I'm pissed off with them all just now, they better put on a better show on Friday against Hamilton, because, I think, the international break is the week after that, and I don't want to be moody for two weeks.😕
  3. Pass Marks

    I was going to give him a 6 but he gave the ball away too much. There is a good player in him. He just needs to show it a bit more often😁
  4. Ban them from ibrox

    As a punter who went regularly to the piggery in the jungle days, I know how important it is for you to be their midden to support our team. In those jungle times, the Rangers end was bursting - rocking their fucking their dump with TBB, and easy easy chants. It was still as intimidating as fuck for players there but with the whole end terracing bursting like fuck with a blue army - our players got more courage to deal with the animals. That sense of army and power doesn't exist today. I know because I have experienced both. It's not because the away bears today are not giving it laldy, it's because of the reduced percentage of the stadium, and the location they put us in. Look what a Broomloan filled with fenians does to our goalie, and a wee cowardly mongloid cunt like griffiths - who ties fucking fenian scarfs on our posts, and on Saturday, puts his finger up his nose, draws out his green snot and wipes it on our badge. I know it's magic being there for you, Goat, but nobody knows your there. Why not fight as hard for equal percentage and equal location as you're doing for the status quo if it'd get more of us in there with you in a location we can damage them? And if we don't get it, then give our team the same advantage at ibrox as they get at their dump. Regrettably, to a world wide audience, our support at the paedodome nowadays, are the three wee monkeys, who they - no hear, no see, no speak.
  5. Today
  6. Costa to Athletico

    Listen to that prick of a commentator ,sorry Chelsea fan He should try watching some of the beggar matches and Legos tackles Seen a lot worse every other week
  7. Costa to Athletico

    The man that has replaced him at Chelsea is a class apart Costa is a scumbag of a player ..Maybe a winner but his attitude is disgraceful
  8. Peter Houston sacked

    Fucking excellent news Falkirk fc are best served with a bear as their Manager Not a beggar loving bastard Hope he never gets another job but theirs always the mickey clubs that will snap him up Maybe Accies next
  9. Ban them from ibrox

    Said it for ages .It's the fuckpigs bullying our club that will keep it the way it is Fuckigs will maintain it's easier to manage the present way They only treat us like scumbags when we go to piggery next time I swear .I would love our club to give them no tickets and take none for their dump
  10. Ban them from ibrox

    Building bridges King and Murray will never allow it
  11. What Need To Change/Remain?

    Getting rid of Pedro and all his coaches wont be cheap. Not to mention, McInnes is contract to Aberdeen until 2020 and they wont let him go without a fight. Replacing our manager with McInnes would cost millions. Also, we're struggling to get rid of Warburton's duds (MOH, Halliday, Hodson, Windass, Holt, Kranjcar) so how will we pay off Pedro's players? We would then need to buy new player for McInnes to work with. You say, with regards to finances, that the club shouldn't "over-invest until the ship is steadied" but the course of action you described regarding the manager and squad would cost about £10m+.
  12. Ban them from ibrox

    For god's sake, Copland, get with the program!! What you doing mentioning systematic mass killings of Smyllum, similar to the abuse of thousands of children by ireland's Castlepollards, and Bon Secours - where the nuns piled the bodies of 800 children into a massive septic tank, to be forgotten with neither gravestones nor coffins Now I know what your saying, Copland, that it should be the catholic cult that is put in a massive septic tank but, son, that's not the way you should be thinking. The rape of wee boys, and killing of wains is horrific and against the law, unless, of course, it's committed by priests and nuns then it's ok. Sure there will be a wee mention of it in the news for a couple of days - as with Torbett and the Savco coverup, but then, as usual, the story will be buried and forgotten in an unmarked grave. So get with the program - no banning or putting them in a corner, embrace the call clearly ringing out of every corner of this country: Scotland is dead, long live the New Scotland.
  13. What Need To Change/Remain?

    Manager - bring in Mcinnes and task him with the short terms minimum goal of securing second place while the board sorts out other issues. Players - get rid of players who clearly won't work in Scotland and were bought to suit Pedro's style i.e. Portuguese/South American style footballers Youngsters - give them more game time experience Finances - don't over-invest until the ship is steadied - aim to break even as soon as possible Fans - accept that we won't compete with celtic for the league this year and encourage sound longer term decisions from the board that will start to show next season Europe - the right decisions today will maximise our chance of getting into the Europa group proper next year but we shouldn't gamble financially on achieving this Shares - go through the process to convert debt to equity as intended - there is now no longer a dissenting share holder block that can block this.
  14. Rangers hugging beggars

    Saw fuckin windass actually having a laugh n giggle with the tiny bastard .Sickening , It's no even Gentlemanly conduct , It's one loada "new age player " (for want of a better saying) nonsense at the Club , that DON'T understand what it means to lose n let some of they bastards disrespect our Ibrox . Get it tae fuck n banned
  15. News on Alves

    This thread is unbelievable. We lost on Saturday and although the finger can be pointed at a fair number of our players who actually played in the game here we have people criticising injured players who couldn't play on the day. You really couldn't make this up.
  16. News on Alves

    Are you serious?? Moaning about a player getting treatment for an injury??? How can you lose respect for an injured player? Alves has a tear in a muscle and you are criticising him for getting treatment. I despair at your attitude and anyone who agrees with your post on this.
  17. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    One of the best out there, both statistically and as a person. I remember listening to Stuart Pearce talk about him saying that when he was England's under 21s manager, he called Kane up just because he was at a big club. He was a young player at Spurs that was sent out on loan and he said he was destined for the lower English leagues eventually, but called him up purely because of the club he was at. He's then went on and worked hard and improved on every part of his game. His finishing is top class and work-rate for a forward is immense too, but he always seems like a humble guy. He's worked his way to the top.
  18. Pedro: Time to go?

    I find it hard to believe that if we turn up and play to our potential that we can't beat Hamilton st Johnstone Kilmarnock hearts c'mon tae fuck I understand the support expectations is low but I believe we are better than what's been shown..
  19. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    On topic : Harry Kane is excellent and could go on to any “big” club in the world and do a fine job. Reminds me of Higuain. Doesn’t get given the credit he deserves because they aren’t flamboyant. Just good old fashioned goalscorers.
  20. How Good Is Harry Kane?

    ...but Juan Roman Riquelme played until 2014
  21. Tom English on the bbc website.

    The journos would have to be honest in the first place , and in the second, brave as fuck. Because no sooner than they started to reveal this thuggery than the bricks would be flying towards them, literally. This is why what English said amazed me. He could have ignored it, or mentioned it in the middle of his long article, but he put it right at the front of it. If it is a case of the refs being scared to death of these fuckers, then that is intolerable.
  22. Pedro: Time to go?

    Rangers teams of many years ago would come out fighting. Now is when Pedro will be judged lets face it in the league we should be well capable of going on a run of wins. The next league OF is 30th December we should be capable of going unbeaten till then I hope we prove everyone wrong by going and doing it.
  23. Cardoso and Candias

    Hodson would fit right into a McCoist team from a few seasons ago, one of the worst players ever to wear the jersey.
  24. Tom English on the bbc website.

    Amazed. Even their biggest fans can see how much of a cunt they are making of themselves. Let the bastards keep digging, deeper and deeper.....one day the hole will collapse around them.
  25. Tom English on the bbc website.

    Just because of his surname BD
  26. Spare a thought for those bears in the workplace tomorrow

    Be proud to be a bear. Paedophiles can never scrub themselves clean of that tag.
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