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  2. If he scored the they had won by the same 5 goal margin we had but they were away from home....but we were to believe we were shite and Dunfermline lay down whilst the beasts hammered killie who were clearly at the top of their game🤣🤣 What they forget to mention is, that was the 2nd time that season Dunfermline lay down to us as we stuck 6 by them at East End park earlier in the season
  3. You are joking eh? Honking player that can tuck penalties away, that's it
  4. Absolutely... not many Clubs would touch him at that point. He will have been on decent money.
  5. Yesterday
  6. All the very best Scott, you can beat this.
  7. Wish him all the very best against this bastard disease.
  8. I forgot all about the injuries actually, it's easy to look back with the benefit of hindsight for sure.
  9. Seen many a slick in control European team arse collapse when ibrox is at full tilt , been to a good few famous atmospheric stadiums following us , it’s maybe continuous from one end behind the goal but doesn’t get close to the volume of ibrox, European nights are always special occasions that leads to still lying awake at 4am in the morning 😂 Parma at home 2v0 probably the best European atmosphere I’ve been in at ibrox , every victory is different class though Barca 0v0 was unreal to , can only imagine what it must be like on the pitch and trying to stay concentrated when theres absolutely deafening noise all around you
  10. I'll throw in a swatch at lorraine kelly's muff
  11. Well played m8....if only there were more like you out there
  12. There probablty was a tiny chance.. but he was injury ridden and was a huge risk on huge (relative) money. No way should we have gone near that. That was also a few years ago.
  13. County golf, trust me they blow everyone out when it comes to price Their are always deals on, 30%-50% off list price
  14. On the basis of Finders Keepers
  15. Cracking only one problem as a parent the grass stains will be a pain in the arse.
  16. Was there ever any chance it was anything more than rumours though? Just couldn't see us ever getting him. Class player though.
  17. I knocked my da’s glasses off at the buffs goal he didn’t know till the celebrations calmed down and he looked at the pitch again 😂, we were all hunting about under the seats for them , once found I was described as an arsehole 😂
  18. Aberdeen accept £2.7m bid for Sam Cosgrove from french club Guingamp, player rejects. i would take him at that price.
  19. Here’s hoping Rangers TV is part of the digital evolution and Tom Miller morphs into a football commentator 🤣
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