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  2. Do you honestly think any of the English leagues would open their doors and welcome in this bunch of terrorist loving, kiddy fiddling filth?
  3. Ultimately we will need to move players on, the reality is only those players we have offers for will leave.
  4. Aye it's a strange one, I can't imagine they'll get away with that for much longer. A part time club paying wages like that is a joke.
  5. Playing terrible the now totally struggling last couple of holes last night I tried narrowing my stance and trying to hit through the ball was hitting it a lot better so will try the same tomorrow to give me more confidence, as usual the weather looks pish for tomorrow.
  6. Nah don't agree Miller and Nico give us more than Rossiter don't know how anyone can say otherwise even taking into account Nicos injury he's still done more
  7. Live on RangersTV if anybody is interested.
  8. Mind were having a coordinated sandwich eating event at the turnstyles to make the caterers put pressure on the club to strip the titties dont forget. Mines is going a hovis granary loaf with bernie matthews turkey breast with lashings of slightly salted lurpak. See you there .
  9. Ridiculous that he's going to be on 3 grand a week at a non league club
  10. we should treat every game like it is fucking Real Madrid we are playing...
  12. I actually checked this with a lad connected to our youth set up. Didn't explicitly say it but wouldn't deny it and kept suggesting a few players have offers...hence why I think there is something in it
  13. That's exactly my thoughts on him,people writing him off just now are fucking idiots.imo
  14. They are convinced TR deliberately arranged to be in Sunderland at the same time as them You are not that important you daft cunts.
  15. Lol It is my prediction of the team that our much revered manager will pick for the opening fixture of the 2017/18 SPL season versus Motherwell FC. This post was constructed without prejudice to my own thoughts on what our best XI might be. I remain your obedient servant.
  16. Given the amount of times we're in court, we should have him on a retainer....see if he has any mates that practice commercial law or libel...
  17. 1, 'Weekday', terrible patter. 2, Cardoso 3, Please tell me that is meant for Sunday's game and not Motherwell.
  18. The very bottom line is: Company tax arrangements have no relation to sporting performance and therefore, dealing with one should not be impacting the other. Celtic have benefited from favourable dealings with GCC (Company performance) Kilmarnock and others have favourable CVAs arranged with banks and HMRC Some Scottish clubs have favourable investors that take very little return for their investment All of that is business, and shouldn't impact the sporting achievements on the park.
  19. Morelos while looking like a potentially exciting prospect looks to be making a big step up so I don't expect him to be running a mock. If we play as we have been under Warburton/Pedro then he'll be devoid of service, marked tightly in a packed box, up against teams that hate us so much they play better than they will V Partick the following week, and making a step up - that's a tall order. I'd expect him to be the bench forward for now baring a change in formation/players being unavailable for whatever reason. Pena, a talented individual who is so off the rails off the pitch that it's bled into his game and seen him fall from grace in Mexico to the point he's willing to join our circus. IF he can clean himself up and puts in the effort he should boss it here, we may even get lucky as in he's still got issues but is so good that he still gets pass marks here, time will tell. Probably just not ready yet. If we play to the strengths of our players we should do better than last season with ease (2nd and closer to them).
  20. Don't disagree with any of that.
  21. Viva Tommy Robinson.
  22. Warming up down the touchline 😂😂
  23. Nearly Got thrown out of a game at halftime for smoking in the toilets just after the ban came in. Luckily managed to talk My Way out of it. Apart from that kept my nose clean.
  24. have a quick Google,he's having a go at them for supporting Islam, Timmy is saying that they highlight oppressed immigrants Robinson saying why don't they highlight oppressed Christians then maybe because Hamas is a terror organisation me thinks
  25. Andraz Struna.
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