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  2. Like who? Every fan I know who holds Ally in high regard can still recognise his faults.
  3. He’s an absolute rocket, best left ignored.
  4. Not sure how long you have been on the site mate but clearly not long enough to realise you couldn't mark that throbbers neck with a blowtorch.
  5. *requests seat transfer*
  6. He has a cf5 UVF tattoo
  7. Saw him in TGIs in silverburn yesteday so its no him 😂
  8. The guy is known as a gentleman throughout the game. Hope the filthy coward scum who did it are caught and dealt with.
  9. L'pool, just say Liverpool ya freak
  10. Del

    Greg Stewart

    Kent and Morelos wont be here but we could go for Brophy if you want? Have the entire Killie attack?!
  11. I think it’s more to do with him apparently being one of us and treating us the way he did. Also the fact many fans still hold him in very high regard and refuse to see the bad in him. Ask any Rangers fan if they like Murray, Green or Whyte and you’re less likely to get any kind of positive answer. We pretty much agree they’re wanks so discussion is pretty much over.
  12. Del

    Greg Stewart

    I don't want to be too "doom and gloom" but I don't see how next season will be anything but a fight for second and maybe a cup! I certainly haven't seen anything to suggest that one transfer window will transform our team to the extent we will challenge for the league, especially when it looks like Tav and Morelos are leaving.
  13. Mctominay over Ferguson 😂
  14. Not as embarrassing as reading this drivel. I can’t imagine my life being so empty that I get angry about a Shoot interview from 40 years ago or type genuinely chilling rants about a guy who seems pretty inoffensive, especially one who score 300+ goals for us.
  15. I know mate, it's that @Rfc52 most of the time.
  16. That is correct.... he knocked us back more than once, him being a L’pool fan would add reason to the knockbacks👍🇬🇧
  17. Lol this is pathetic - he hadn’t even joined Rangers by then and Dalgliesh was probably Scotland’s best every forward, was at his peak and any aspiring footballer at that time would have him near the top of a list
  18. “Pre match meal: Steak”
  19. My head hurts after reading that!
  20. Remarkable that as taigs get to skate free for any offence against Rangers supporters the ever professional and non tainted police Scotland can produce a picture of a guy in a Rangers scarf for alleged offences v The Sheep. I'm not prepared to share the picture from ssn website on here. Truly the best move I ever made was to leave the country of my birth behind. The place is reekin in taigness.
  21. ... if we turned on every player who has issues in there personal life we would have few idols left. If we only idolised those that played and managed for zero we would have no idiots left - in my opinion folk wanted to direct their anger towards someone and chose McCoist - not Murray, not white , not Green - pathetic!
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