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  2. Pretty sure you wanted us to sign Alan Hutton a few months ago.
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  4. No wonder after the hounding this young man receives. All because he’s a good young foreign footballer, living in Scotland, playing for Rangers. Disgraceful.
  5. You're correct. It's not his fault his parents sent him to sectarian school where he couldn't get a proper education. Sorry, won't happen again 🙂
  6. CR3

    COD Modern Warfare

    just need @ForeverAndEver now and that’s us got a 3.
  7. I don't see why not. Alcoholics could die from withdrawal. Can have seizures and stuff like that. We couldn't have alcoholics taking up hospital beds when we need as many free beds as possible just now so I would put them in the essential workers category. There more alcoholics than all other drug addicts put together. Especially the ones who are in denial or simply don't know that they're alcoholics simply because they have such easy access to it.
  8. This is shocking behaviour,mocking someone just because of the school they attended.
  9. £30 for 4 delivered to Scotland belters
  10. Wrapped up is how you spell that word, unless you are trying to be a rapper? I, no matter where in a sentence is always a capital letter. I don't know exactly what you are wanting to be right or wrong about (congrats on the silent "w" in the word wrong) but going by your first two posts, I have a feeling you will be happy.
  11. Don't worry about not being taken seriously mate. You're clearly a fucking taig. You will be taken so seriously that we have a hammer for guys like you.
  12. President? Never knew they had a vote during the war. Every day is a school day.
  13. Hibs, celtic, Dundee hibs. All high ranking members on the SPFL board. Why? And why would you even pose that question? You know we are hated by every single team that was in the SPL in 2012 so you can add them in too. Why the fuvk are you not banned from here yet? You're nothing but a troll and an antagonist. You CONSTANTLY try an rile up "fellow" fans. If you spoke the way you do on here in front of real people I would pay money to see the outcome.
  14. Is that the lad that came on as a sub a Ibrox and played on the wing?
  15. Defoe wasn't on 100k a week, 65k which we were apparently taking on 50% which I also find a bit sceptical
  16. 0.1% difference between 1st & 2nd in league 2. 0.7% for the same in league 1. 0.35% for the same in the championship 3.8% for the same in Premiership. This was drawn up when it was known we wouldn't get first place in the Premiership for a long time. Giving Aberdeen the money they needed to finish 2nd in every season we were down plus 2 when we were up. 3rd place getting 1.35% less than second which is 10x more than the same for the leagues we were in when were in them and continues to be. Could this be why theres calls for league reconstruction AGAIN? Na, couldn't be. Anyone else smell a rhat? Bloody paranoid protestants again.
  17. Well end up selling him for like 5 million
  18. These are retrospective fines though. They cant say the guy who ran onto the pitch was a bigger danger than a flying glass bottle or a flare. Imagine young Coombs was playing and a flare clapped him on his barnet. The cunt would go up like London cladding!!💥
  19. Missed the rest of the game and a night in the cells with a pending court case is punishment enough for the guy who ran on the pitch. The other two though, I've stated my thoughts on them above.
  20. I honestly don't know how they couldn't? Obviously there would've been lots of folk not in their normal seats, but they could surely put pictures of who they were? I'm not one for grassing in most cases, only murder or wife beating or things like that am I ok with people grassing. And I definitely wouldn't tolerate grassing Rangers fans if it was for something like singing, but a prick throwing a bottle and another throwing a flare can't be tolerated. Especially as it could have seriously injured one of the players nevermind hurt our own club then I'm all for it. Get the pics out Rangers, they surely have them?
  21. Not like they are getting any tv money from the games so it's a bit obvious that they would come in for them now. Just surprised that the fines are so small.
  22. That prick who threw the bottle should be banned for life if he doesn't pay that fine. Surely our CCTV could pick up whoever it was who threw that bottle.
  23. It's cause they treat the invader as a bigger danger as he could easily be on to assault a player....mine that fanny that ran on at the piggery and patted the goalie on the heid....dida went down as if he had been shot.....I think the beasts only got about a 14k fine for that
  24. Not before my time, but definitely far too young to remember it. Hate to admit it, but that Davie Whyte for them stopped them getting a complete arse raping. Wish we could get that many into such a "small" area these days. Seems seating although making it much safer for all of us killed most of the atmosphere. 75,000 in there that day. Think what it must've been like when we had world record attendances in there!! Fuck knows how they could fit double the amount of people in there back in those days...
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  26. Remember not everyone on here can remember the 90's. Fuck, you can be 20yr old and not even have been born in this century.
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