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  2. “I’ve came...”
  3. That cannae be a real comment? 😂
  4. Aye and anybody who called him out as a shit talking Fenian bastard was called a kingaling 🤣
  5. Was it the Cali or Medellin Cartel who tried to bump JJ off?
  6. Bang goes my theory of him signing the papers for adoption by Stevie G.
  7. In the name of fuck , you would think they were scared of him or something. 🤔
  8. Mr Morelos. Who was already playing in Finland which is part of the EEA, and even the EU (not EEU which is Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic and the Russian Federation.) And who would have been allowed freedom of movement under EU laws.
  9. Good post . You make some good points about his family. Which I last heard were still in Cheshire that will be hard to juggle, But the positives here are unreal support euro footie and really making a fist of it in the league & cups etc.
  10. Keevins ? Is that demented auld cockpiece still employed?
  11. It puts us in the qualifiers of the CL where we will more than likely be unseeded every round.
  12. Nothing would please me more than to see him play in the CL with us next season.......... but if I'm honest , I think his heart is set on a big move down south to the EPL - sooner, rather than later - so I can't see it happening mate.
  13. Blatantly obvious he's money laundering for the cartels
  14. Lad speaks a great game. Good luck Ross full interview on rtv now
  15. Today
  16. Been sent out on his own to learn some masonic handshakes.
  17. I expected Docherty to be a good squad player at the very least this season and potentially challenge for a first team spot. Unfortunately its not working out for him, maybe doesn't have the ability or maybe just needs a run of games, either way i think he needs to move on for the sake of his career.
  18. King played a total of 170 minutes first team football last season on loan so,for me, a pointless signing
  19. Most of the best ones arent currently at the club
  20. Can't wait for the Home Office raid van coming down Copland Road on a Saturday during a match and officials running onto the pitch to take Morelos only for 50k Bears to deport them outta Ibrox
  21. Won't be long until one of them comes up with the Cadete precedent.
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