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  3. Gerrard looked proper scunnered with the questions. Must be soul destroying having to deal with the same shite day in day out. I would wager that pre-match press conferences are the worst part of a managers job.
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  5. we are scoring two tomorrow...simple as
  6. I will be pissed if we concede to a team that don't score many. 0-1 Gers or more and I will feel good for next week.
  7. Dale, who bought the club in December for £1, rejected an offer from former Port Vale owner Norman Smurthwaite this week but PA understands the Cheshire-based businessman is in talks with other potential buyers. Sound familiar -- surprised Charles Green hasn't made an appearance.
  8. Should be safe enough tomorrow night. It’s not like Aberdeen have a game on...........😂
  9. Who from legia are you most affraid of Stevie g we are not afraid of anyone lol get in there get this nightshift out the way then it's the day of the game can't fucking wait.
  10. Aye Dave King could honour the bloody contract he signed
  11. Truly thought that was an episode of Burnistoun for a moment. Kept waiting for Biscuity Boyle to show up!😂
  12. Been a shambles for far too long. Needs to improve asap.
  13. I have watched a few games against the tarriers in Aberdeen and also stonehaven and I was very surprised as the sheep that were present wanted us to do the scum lol I know I couldnt believe it either. But as I said earlier never had any bother over a number of years up there. And in the hotels or bars I was in they were more than happy to put the gers on for me.
  14. Why do so called journalists ask so many stupid questions
  15. Your advice should be followed, we need to nurture the Codex not bloody break it.
  16. Exactly mate. When the Codex world cup comes round, we have no chance of an invite if we keep breaking the fuckin thing. Be smart Bears, stick to the Codex. You know it makes sense. 👍
  17. I wouldn’t take 1-1 now, but I think it’ll be tight and that scoreline would not be a disaster. I agree with you anything can happen - we could take a 2 or 3 goal advantage back to Ibrox or we could lose 1 or 2 nil out there. It’s more likely to be low scoring but crucial we get a goal and don’t lose by more than 1. Hard to predict and the Poles seem to be confident as do we. Any win would be fucking superb. Let’s go!
  18. I'm the same mate fuck them lol I watched the maribor game in a packed lounge bar in Aberdeen and when shagger saved the penalty I was jumping about like a fucking Looney
  19. Big green bottles in front of them
  20. I had forgot all about the Codex Surely we won't do a codex break again, it is just not for thinking about so soon after the last time.
  21. Be warned the promise of a hangover munch of rolls n square sausage n irn bru are a fuckin let down in sinkys, pretty sure it's they farmfoods efforts
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