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  2. The three I would like to see Leroy Fer - for all the skill we have in midfield, we need toughness and experience. At 30, this guy fits the bill. Mirko Maric - we need someone other that Morelos to score goals and this guy can. Aaron Hickey - best young prospect in Scotland and probably get him at a bargain. I already think he is better than Tav (an argument in the waiting) I would sell Katic, Kamara, Docherty & Jones. I don't see the need for four CH's when we have young Mayo ready to be the fourth. I can't see anyone coming in for Barker, Hastie or Middleton so they have to go out on loan. Personally, I would have kept Murphy last January but Gerrard doesn't rate him (I think) so he must go as well.
  3. If we're ok financially and we're bringing in another striker to help him - I hope he does stay. The only thing I would add though is he seems to want a move away to the EPL very badly. If that's going to turn into a negative thing rather than him trying to burst a gut for us to get the move then maybe it's better if he left. We only want people who want to be with us at our club. The media definitely hound him, but he has not been 100% innocent either. If he was squeaky clean he wouldn't have as big a problem, but if he was squeaky clean he wouldn't be Alfredo!
  4. Bar Falkirk and Thistle for Obvious reasons, every other Championship/League 1/League 2 team i’ve seen have slaughtered proposals.
  5. Hear hear 👏🏻 grasses like Campbell can do one. Fucking apologist rat.
  6. If this full episode got investigated am convinced some would be on some serious criminal charges. However reconstruction will happen and this will quickly go away
  7. I'm going to predict he is here next season. He has a point to prove. Why do you think he is hounded? He is a threat to them.
  8. Taking your time...I'm by the minute, mate.
  9. Nah mate, thinking about celtic doesn't stop me from scoring
  10. I love that stupid movie, this is my favourite part You might know about this, but it wasn't originally in the script. If you watch Jeff Daniels the whole time, he looks utterly perplexed as soon as Carrey asks about the most annoying noise in the world. Then he genuinely bursts a gut laughing because he never expected it. I love how they left it in.
  11. It seems to be more in your head than his.
  12. I think it will make it all the more likely he wont score against the taigs. His mental block or whatever it is, prevents him from taking his chances against him. If he didn't give a shit and saw the scum as any other side he would have put that to be long ago. I think the bigger a feat he makes it in his head, the more difficult it will be to achieve it.
  13. I think Alfredo stays for one more season. He has unfinished business at Ibrox. He doesn't want to end his time with a scoring drought and not scoring against the tarriers. I can see him coming back hungrier than ever to stop ten. His current market value has dropped so as long as we are not desperate for funds, it makes sense to keep him for one more season. Sell him when he is in his prime at 25.
  14. Hopefully it won't mate. The guy has got way to many issues.
  15. On a pissing wet winters day who’s going to be volunteering to leave the pub an hour before the game to be in line in the pissing rain
  16. We have some talent there now for sure, if we could just add a couple of real winners to the squad we wouldn't be too far off. A couple of players who opposition fans regard as real pricks cos they they put winning above everything. Its a cliché for sure but any team that wins anything needs a few like that.
  17. Hearts in charge of reconstruction talks. I mean seriously, how funny is that when you sit down and think about it? Fucking corrupt, amateur hour. If reconstruction does go through, (it will) they have basically null & voided the bottom half of all four leagues. The trouble they have caused in order to get a tainted title.
  18. Today
  19. Stop sitting on the fence bud and tell us what you really think of Stewart
  20. Stranraer had 274 people at mid december game against East fife so all it takes is some common sense rather than people trying to come up with problems and we can start getting normality back into parts of society The same weekend in that league 3 other games only have a few hundred at with the only big one being the falikirk v raith rovers. But with a capicity of 8k the majority of the 4k that went to that game could have been distanced. The likes of family members could remain together.
  21. You simply just say to the 900 odd people that go on average come a bit earlier and have most of the ground open including the terracing There is too much thinking of problems rather than coming up with solutions to this virus Assuming we have the green light for sport in a few months I see no reason why the majority of lower leagues/junior football cannot proceed as normal Only thing you might need to do is limit the crowd to a certain amount if the SPL is not back
  22. was listening to talk sport y/day in the car and the guy david tanner came on to talk about budges proposal when the 2 yrs is up the plan is to revert back to the same size leagues which would mean 6 clubs in championship out of 14 would get relagated no one in their right mind would vote for that also clubs in championship want hearts there for their big travelling support
  23. Not so much amateurs she is dealing with. More like experienced crooks. The area around some grounds (park) will be around 400 metres so people keeping 2 metres apart could be easily achieved - it's a government decision though. As for entry and leaving...would it be any worse than what people are used to at supermarkets ?
  24. Just a LGBTQ pooftah throwing a hissy fit.
  25. I was meaning naive to the amateur operations ,along the lines of ,surely tae fuck they ain’t that fucked up”kinda thing as for social distancing at lower league grounds ,would be difficult to control ,would need the queue social distance too on entry and leaving
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