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  2. I've heard him say "now" 3 times in one short sentence.
  3. At least the Titans are playing well. Last week the Texans had it handed to them and decided to give it back.
  4. You do understand Kilmarnock are going to Pittodrie 3 days before they play us?
  5. Pretty sure we borrowed it once for our AGM.
  6. Aye, we are pretty much guaranteed one too.
  7. Hamilton will do nicely. Shite pitch but a shite team to match. Comfortable win. Wish they would give us all of the two proper stands and put their own fans in the bike shed on the side.
  8. Been pretty much guaranteed a ticket the last couple of times, hope to fuck the cccs patches me again or al be pissed off 😂
  9. Barry was a fucking tremendous player. Remember at the game in the second half there was a rendition of “You're sno very good” 😂😂😂
  10. The other will be us that's how they get the subscriptions sheep shaggers vs killie will be on bbc
  11. Tarriers game will be premier sports sat 5pm... They are showing 2 games, other game will be Aberdeen v killie I reckon
  12. We've only played them at the new ground in the cup once - 3-3 draw in 2010.
  13. Same. Worst away day by a mile. Pathetic wee ground.
  14. Could’ve ended up with one of the lower league teams, and if we had one of them away from home there would be a good chance of us having bad weather and the game being called off and causing more fixture problems for us
  15. Hamilton away! Like playing a football match on karndean flooring while wearing high heels covered in butter.
  16. I never mentioned dislike, but tickets for Hamilton are often hard to get
  17. As opposed to clubs who chop and choose how many tickets we get on a game by game basis. Really don’t understand the dislike towards Hamilton.
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