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  2. Buy from Raith Rovers you get Jim Baxter. Buy from Clydebank you get Davy Cooper.
  3. Try reading the beginning of the thread. Prick , wanker, idiot are not personal . Usual posters with the usual nonsense.
  4. Correct Seen nothing personal myself . The big fans of Tav can be a bit precious at times And every player gets criticism. It has to be expected when its consitantly poor form
  5. Supply and demand. A business charges whatever maximises its income. Ibrox sells out for every home game so our board can argue that prices are right. As for the diddy teams would reducing the cost lead to higher attendances. I doubt it.
  6. All the criticism has been about his footballing and leadership qualities. Haven’t seen any personal abuse at all.
  7. Fair post mate. Agree with all of this. Just like to add that I reckon we would have won if we had Kent on from the start and a fully fit Ryan Jack in the side.
  8. Every manager in the game has his favourite players, SG is no different .
  9. I really want Stevie to succeed B A, but I am starting to wonder if he will get it right if he continues to play his favourite players no matter how shite they perform, it is a real concern.
  10. He is the captain and should shoulder the responsibility for the mistakes he is making. However I just don't get the personal abuse aimed at Rangers players, from our own so called " supporters" . Being bitter towards our own, does us no favours.
  11. My favourite one in the lower leagues was going to Airdrie, above the turnstile it said adult £15, looked down at my ticket and it was something like £24 if iirc. Mental but aye a cap of £25 is acceptable I think. £34 for yesterday is just ripping it
  12. We played badly and dropped 2 points. Both Gerrard and Aribo are pissed off like the rest of us. A game like that will happen again this season but I am more interested in how we react against Porto and Motherwell. A decent result in Portugal and a convincing win on Sunday will help us forget that disappointment.
  13. Poor yesterday yes , honking all season, no
  14. He’s the captain of Rangers. There’s always going to be more pressure and spotlight on him than there is on other players.
  15. I think he could easily play in that league tbh. There are full backs who are a lot worse than him that get a game every week. If Kenny McLean is good enough to play in the Premier League then Tav, despite his deficiencies, is too.
  16. None would, given his age and what a semi decent scout would spot he'd get a championship team at best,
  17. No ,but the criticism is over the top.
  18. its all about supply and demand. They want to come and see us, we want to go and see us play at their shit holes. They should reduce the costs but they wont as we outstrip the supply therefore easily allowing them to raise the price. Man city as already stated can't fill their ground if at full price therefore need to reduce it to get more people through the door and would take the same amount if it cost £20 a ticket as they would if they charged £40 and only half filled the ground but the atmosphere would only be half as good. We sell out most games therefore getting charged £40 for the europa is the going rate that the club can charge.
  19. I think it isnt as in depth than that, tav has always been fucking howling defensively, i remember kiernan screaming at him for losing his man at ibrox and costing us a goal against the tarriers under Warburton, he's been pish at the back his whole Rangers career and probably beforehand given his career to date What will be affecting him is the lack of someone proper on the right hand side he can work off, last season candieas used to cover when tav went overlapping, hence the number of assists and goals, now he doesn't have that cover his attacking threat is neutralised and he's is forced into playing more defensively, which he is shit at
  20. Would any Premiership team realistically go for him? Apart from Newcastle I’ve never known any other clubs to be linked with him.
  21. One shot on target for the whole game, that should be enough to worry any Rangers fan.
  22. Do you even watch us play? To say our midfield is utter pish is laughable
  23. Helander contested a ball in the air, ohalloran ran off tav as per usual tav was fucking sleeping
  24. Tav has been very poor this season so far
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