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  2. He's shit
  3. Even warburton knew this cunt was a dud.
  4. We could have a manager with £30M to spend coming up to this match and it wouldn't have made fuck all difference because there's no fucking transfer window (I know that's stating the obvious but it gives perspective on the manager's position prior to the game) and we have a squad of players that could be playing in Ireland in 1-0 H/T, 1-1 89th minute, 4-5 F/T. This is to say the OP is correct you can't make honey out of dug shit. The transfer window will tell us what we need to know; If Pedro talks about how we have a talented squad extra prepared for the season ahead, that he's happy with investment and backing received and he then signs 2 crocks, 3 released players, a guy at 37, 2 loans and hands 3 or 4 in the team new deals then we'll know we're fucked and that Pedro is the next yes-man to take the fall for this clusterfuck. Until then we can't hold fuck all against him whether you agree with tactics, formation, selections etc. or not.
  5. Today
  6. Terrible performance
  7. He got the tactics so wrong first half and the cuddle with Brenda was pathetic
  8. If you don't understand how a person can watch a football team play and form an opinion on them then you're the stupid one.
  9. It was clearly a tactic to stand off then and let them play in their own half and then try to press them only as they came into ours. It looked to me that he was trying to play counter attacking football but we didn't have the players for it. Not enough pace and we stood off them in both halves of the pitch. No enough squeezing once the came into the danger area. If he was trying the Walter Smith tactic it failed dramatically. Irrespective. Tactics and formation were wrong. Manager takes just as much blame as the gutless players
  10. We are crying out for a Stuart McCall or an Ian Ferguson in the midfield. Pains me to say it but Legomuncher absolutely strolled that game yesterday. Looked totally at ease like he was playing with his mates against a bunch of kids. Anyone that thought he wouldn't be missed is deluded. Our midfield is absolutely powder puff and as others have said are complete bottle merchants. Hyndman included. None of them have the character to play for this club and that's a shame.
  11. He looked fucking clueless. He's every bit to blame as the players for me.
  12. Nothing I have seen suggests he will be a success
  13. Nail on the head mate. This squad don't know how lucky they are to be at Rangers, we would give our right arm to swap places with them, and put up a hell of a lot more fight.
  14. .
  15. He is now coming out with the players were too tense and he had to talk to them nicely before the game ffs, it's a old firm game, he said that they were not in the right frame of mind. This pedro is full of shite and the more he opens his gub makes us look like...well like the fools we are.
  16. Well lads, just woke up and can't sleep, off to work in just over 2 hrs and won't get home until almost 6pm, working in the cold with power tools and in a very dangerous environment earning in 1 year what these cunts earn in 3-4 weeks for 3-4hrs a day, 3 days a week playing our favourite game. I'm so glad I spend >£3K per year following them so they can have a good jolly up after the most abject and uninterested performance I've seen in an old firm game.
  17. We can't keep the ball for more than three passes now without losing it or just hoofing it forward. Whatever he's trying to teach them at training is not working. He also talks a lot of shite about stimulations, adaptations, football being all about moments, or about the transitions. But using the eyeball test all I'm seeing is junk football. We've been shit against Motherwell, Kilmarnock, much of the Aberdeen game, the first half against Thistle, and now this. There's no sign yet outwith being unable to keep possession and playing hoof ball that Pedro is coaching anything. Anyone know who even recommended him to the board? I read they gave him the job because he done well at the interview. That's the least important thing with a crucial job in football. I just hope we see signs of improvement in our play before handing him money to spend in the summer. Surely we should see some evidence of what he's working on with the squad on the pitch. Looks more like we are going backwards to me.
  18. Halliday is pish and he doesn't work in the midfield with Holt,Only reason he played today was because Toral was a late call off. I hope he's offloaded in the summer.
  19. Nothing offensive with this banner but I would prefer to see banners blatantly referring to the scum's current predicament. Make absolute statements accusing people by name, of being involved in paedophilia. Sign the statement, admit to making it and wait to see if you are taken to court over it. I cannot see any of them challenging such statements as it would bring all the evidence out in to the public domain. Then see if the press are willing to shove this out in their rhags. Call the cunts out.
  20. Stop drinking fs He had blame and so did all they fucking clowns in the team. No heart or passion. Tav was decent IMO rest just didn't care and it showed.
  21. Not sure SR comments hold much weight. I recall him blagging on about signing a DOF as priority...3 months ago...
  22. Fuck mm he was a rotten murdering rodent that turned to politics before he was lifted. He ordered the deaths of Protestants and killed so many Protestants and when he died it was fucking delicious . you think what's wrong with our club is us celebrating this. You're what's wrong with our club. One of they 'let's be friends' cunts. Fuck they rodents and everything they think they stand for. NS
  23. Must have been Disney dollars because I still can't see us actually paying that for anyone nevermind Garner. The guy was considered a hero at his previous club for his exploits in League 1 but it was accepted across the board that he was a League 1 player that couldn't cut the mustard in the Championship. 3 shots he had in the Championship and well his record is nothing to shout about. At his age, you have to say he's at his peak so you can't factor in potential. Most overinflated league setup in the world. During the Summer a League one goalscorer of a similar bracket to Garner (description as I cannae mind his name off hand, maybe Billy Sharp) was being whoored for about £750k and no takers. Watching Garner's goals he tended to score poachers efforts where the defence gave him more space than NASA could, bearing in mind that when we play teams it's a packed defence and backs to the wall stuff you'd be lucky to find hof a dozen goals you could see him replicating for us. Best attribute on paper (surprisingly for his height) was headers being second only to Stockley at Aberdeen in the lower divisions of England, even then it was hardly heather lighting and Stockley was free. Who pays £1.8M for such a player within England for all the money they have? No one is the answer there. Where the fuck did we pull £1.8M from? Why lump it on this guy with everything that we know? You know, with us trying to walk the ball into the net with the opposition playing 10 behind the ball, a defence who's signature move is to run backwards off the pace before falling on their arse conceding, a player with a record that's nothing to shout about and who scores with bags of space who's star attribute is headers as a wee bloke against 6 foot 3" heid the baw Scottish CB's? Prize money is what in Scotland? Our Books have been whit? Our Investment is whit? and while basically indicating from the end of last season that having a go wasn't on the cards we're ploughing this kind of money into this guy? Some of the punters on here know stuff behind the scenes, have experience from within the game etc. etc. but Garner like our defence, our signings in general being subpar, our style, our manager, Barton, Niko Kranjcar, them walking to a treble etc. etc. were all staring us in the face at the start of the season and all of them were there in black and white before the January window when we opted to do fuck all to save face. If I can call so many things well in advance but our leaders and paid staff cannae then somethings off. Haven't posted much this year because saying "I fucking knew it" or "19th dig on this issue in 2 weeks" gets fucking old and nobody wants to hear it or even say it when it's negative. I tried to be optimistic but everything hinged on them being pro's that knew more than me and seemingly they knew less or aimed for this. What we've done since we won the division last season is produce enough material for Glen Michael to keep going for another few decades, fucking sickening.
  24. Scott Brown used to have a bunk bed
  25. Well done mate
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