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    • 44 minutes ago, Tiger Shaw said:

      It’s Kent’s fault Bornas been shite? 

      Been a few excuses here, this ones the best 🤣 

      No saying it’s Kent’s fault as such but it’s quite clear there’s fuck all understanding between them, Kent never looks for an overlap he always takes his man on or passes inside 

      Also Kent has far too many on here wanting to shag him for one moment in the OF, boy is the definition of flattering to deceive 

    • 33 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

      Apparently they're shite.

      Got mine and it’s fine looks good  but I was 3 when I had the original so I couldn’t tell you if there’s any difference 

    • 2 hours ago, eejay the dj said:

      I'm convinced he won't be there much longer . He doesn't fit now . The next manager will be a scumbag from the bheast side of the City

      Think Eck went back through duty because I've heard he isn't a 100% fit, hope I'm wrong.

    • Those cheap knockoff shirts fall apart in the wash.

    • 39 minutes ago, Jeffrey said:


      Why it's OK for you to abuse but it's not OK for others to criticise? 

      "ISIS loving spastic" are your word.  You've fucked up. 

      Then it's despite your requests you're still waiting on an answer? You appear seriousy unhinged in your arrogance and abuse.

      You are basically just a spineless and horribe human being.

      Now do yourself a favour and jog on.

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