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  1. Case closed .. welcome to the club joe its just a matter of when not if now .. the fact he played 90 last week tells me even if he signs on friday he'll be ready to start n score a hatrick on sat 😀
  2. Take him on barry ffs man
  3. After tonights performance albeit against lesser opposition, id give him a start on sat. Dundee will swing high balls into the box & they also use plenty long throw ins .. think Wes' hesitance to come for a cross ball could cost us whereas big Gilks voming would take the pressure off the back 4 . That corner he took clean tonight would have been dropping at the back post for a tap in had wes been in. Great to have 2 keepers who have a genuine arguement to start tho.
  4. My wee bro told me Moh is a machine .. never eats anything fried such as chips etc .. eats dry rice and never ever drinks .. a thought he was at it, until now
  5. Bartons passing but !!!!
  6. When we signed him my dad told me he would be a cert to start on our right wing after watching him for 2 seasons at st johnstone .. on his early seasons form i guess he was right !!
  7. Big thumbs up to Waggy going above & beyond to improve .. great goal yesterday & by that video you ca see its been something hes been working on !!
  8. Moh is fucking amazing !!
  9. Come & take that fod ffs man
  10. Waghorn needs to lay off the protein shakes .. looks too muscle bound to move 😂
  11. Wee forrester is a toidy toidy 'pler
  12. This wee guy was class .. defo get him on a free if availible !!
  13. Where abouts in sports devil is castaway troops
  14. That coupled with his goal against hibs have shown he can do it on the big occasion when we need it .. id give him a run if waggys injured !