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  1. Some folk on this site are fucking cavemen honestly its embarassing .. thers been plenty tims played for us n done well ... just cos the boy just concentrates on his job n doesnt go around thumping the badge .. hes probably no been to a celtic game since he was 10 ffs
  2. Im not slagging him at all mate im saying wev bought the penalty box poacher wev all been crying out for to score us 30 goals a season n wer not gonna play to suit gettin crosses etc into the box for him .. i already stated id play him every game possible
  3. Waghorn scored a hattrick fair doos miller scored 4 against linfield aswell.. still miss plenty more than he scores id say .. my point is if we use waggy as our cf n we think hes clinical enough why do we have 1m+ on the bench n wilson and hill at ch .. its no a waggy bashing thread its a surely the money coulda been better spemt if wer not gonna set up to suit the guys game
  4. Surely having played games before he came hes match sharp ? .. from the bits iv seen of him we'd need to play 2 actual wingers rather than interchanging inside forwards to supply him with chances.
  5. Major questions should be asked as to why we've spunked 1.8million on a substitute striker whos sitting on the bench for our second toughest away game of the season. Surely the gaffer should have been spending that on at least 1 if not 2 chs .. only posting as seeing lots of the threads on here showing folk would rather waghorn and in some cases even miller in before him. Personally i'd have him start every game possible as he seems to be a more clinical finisher than them & chances could well be at a premium.
  6. He set up 2 goals tonight on a plate .. as a winger what more do u want
  7. Hes set up 7 goals in 2 games
  8. Exactly what i said .. hes what the wide players in the 3 should be .. hit the by line & hit a target man .. waggy n forrester out wide cutting inside at 25 yards out looking to get a shot away isnt .. if the wide 2 stay out it leaves 2chs marking the cf (garner id have) and means any late runners are coming in unmarked ala the wee man holt tonight
  9. Saw a lot of moh watchin my wee bro at st johnstone mate hel stay wide n leave the central space for the likes of holt to break into .. hes totally dedicated to hittin the byline n laying balls back tho .. his assists rate is very good a make that 7 in his last 2 games for us, albeit teams in lower division than us. I wouldnt say qos on current form are much worse than say motherwell, hamilton killie etc tho
  10. Rather have someone no involved n create 2 tap ins as a guy whos always involved in greedy shots over the bar from 30 yards n shocking challenges
  11. The same championship team forrester was playing .. ?
  12. Many goals did forrester create ??
  13. Waghorn come in ur times up .. garner on n c what he can do .. at least hel b in the fucking bix .. so frustrating to watch .. glad wee moh got his assist as usual
  14. Hope wee del batters suttons horrible cunt in after this