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  1. Rangers First

    The rate the numbers are rising is phenomenal!
  2. What A Day Supporting The Gers

    Fucking loved that second half, proud to be a bear today after our singing performance. Outstanding to a man!
  3. Rangers First

    Signed up the other day for 18.72 a month, and i'm delighted to see something like this finally taking off. I see where some people are coming when they mention about being individual shareholders, but what we need right now is one voice from the fans collectively to say enough is enough. I really hope this keeps snowballing so that we can finally get our club back. Yes we have been divided, but I think this could be the start of something really positive. I think the Ricksen match will see a lot of people signing up also. For all the people that aren't interested in the schemes, at least go out and buy share individually then!
  4. If there is any money for transfers in January

    Guardian, would you agree admin was rigged from day one? If not, why are duff and phelps etc facing legal action? Everything is linked.
  5. If there is any money for transfers in January

    We are being robbed blind by people who don't care about our club, that is my point. I still dont understand why some people are backing this board, they don't even have the decency to make statements to us. MA has got a contract where we get 75p per 10 pounds spent, so that money that we are receiving as a "loan" from him is effectively ours anyway from money spent in the superstores. He is loaning us money raised by us. I honestly dont know what we as fans can do. Can anybody tell me one decision that has been made at boardroom level within the last 6 months, that hasnt involved paying off former boardmembers or taking loans off unsuitable candidates? My point about easdale is he came out of ibrox, said a few words to the press, then fucks off in a brand new range rover. These people have no care for our club, hence why they wont even put mccoist on gardening leave. These people are not even making decisions, and are still robbing us.
  6. If there is any money for transfers in January

    Easdale is too busy spending our money on brand new range rovers. We are truly fucked right now, and to be honest i dont think there is anything we could have done as a fanbase that would have made a blind bit of difference as the whole admin thing was rigged from day one.
  7. The worst feeling

    We will prevail, somehow. As Albear said there are too many of us that care too much for the club. From what has happened in the court rooms recently, the whole admin thing was rigged from day one, we never had that real chance of starting fresh and this is why we are where we are today. We are being run by criminals at the moment who care not one bit for the club. McCoist is to blame for the onfield disaster but we are riddled with parasites behind the scenes. I think we will hit admin again unfortunately but i believe we will come out stronger because of it. Sad times fellow bears. WATP
  8. 1690 POST

    Spot on. WATP
  9. 1690 POST

    Spot on. WATP
  10. Am I the only one ?

    Does nobody find it strange our income is exactly the same as our outgoings? I don't trust anybody on that board.
  11. Nail your colours to the mast.

    We are still competing in 3 competitions but half the team look like the season is done and dusted. Drop Black and Law as they have both been abysmal recently. We are effectively playing with no midfield. Same thing happened this time last season. No motivation or composure on the pitch. We couldn't beat a team yesterday half of which were cramping after 70 minutes. I don't post a lot but I'm a season ticket holder: problem is yesterday isn't even as bad as we get. I was at the Stranraer away game away and there was no composure from anyone on the pitch. I still think McCoist has too much to deal with off the pitch even though he is not talking about it, but these players are really taking the piss sometimes. He needs to drop players that have been consistently poor and play some youth.
  12. We are Rangers in name and history only

    Get rid of Ian Black for a start.
  13. Kenny Miller

    I saw him today, I was running late and missed the card display! He was getting his pic taken with some fans before heading into main stand, just at the turnstyles to the right of the main entrance. He did the job for us, and now goes to games when hes not playing so i would confidently say he is a teddy bear!!!
  14. Glody N’Tumba

    I was always a five alive kinda guy. And also a bit of kia ora to mix it up a bit.
  15. Next 3 Games

    For me the problem is all mentality; the players are of a good enough standard as they have shown at home to do the business. We have an away day hoodoo and are not producing the goods, coupled with what I think is complacency on the players side. Once we grind out our first away win in the league i do think it will start coming together, its just getting that first win! We are all behind the team, the most frustrating thing for me is the fact these players have shown us that they can do much better than this!