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  1. Best Keeper Ever

    Agreed if you don't answer Goram then you are wrong
  2. Liar Liar

    Better still if he didn't wake up tomorrow.
  3. 'glasgow' Rangers

    We need no place name in front of our name as we are the first and original Rangers Football Club, pale imitations need place names or some such in front of the word Rangers, Berwick and Queens Park, .come to mind
  4. Hearts for selling us Jason Holt Or Hibs for not selling us Scot Allan😃
  5. £5M Loan To Be Repaid.

    After all we have been through I think we should scrutinise anyone in control of Rangers, whether they be "Rangers men" or not.
  6. Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

    That tree is staunch
  7. The Rfff

    These people appointed to administer the fund are only that administrators. They are not the RFFF in itself. But I agree they sure act like it. If in the event we do have to fight the RFFF cannot be the vehicle for it, it is tainted in too many peoples eyes.
  8. Tax Expert Says Ruling Was Wrong.

    I don't think any cash will come out of this on the contrary it is costing the Government money.
  9. Green Legal Fee Bid Update

    So to summarise, it could be good or it could be bad.
  10. Greatest Ever Ranger

    Found a dvd of this on amazon for 48p so I've bought that and will be donating my old Rangers videos to Erskine.
  11. Greatest Ever Ranger

    I don't have a video recorder but found a few old tapes in the attic, follow follow was one but found that on you tube, cant find this one though.
  12. Greatest Ever Ranger

    Please ignore the stench from some and can someone point me in the directrion of thos online
  13. Greatest Ever Ranger

    Got this on tape but would love to see it online, anyone got a link?
  14. Is my memory playing tricks or do I remember correctly that Gazza spent the last couple of minutes in the 8 in a row game just going round the pitch celebrating. And by the way Richard Gough ius 9 in a row personified.