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  1. A welcome return of the vids from Julescotia
  2. This is why we couldn't withdraw anything from RangersFirst when they got into bed with the RST
  3. RF WAS a viable fan ownership model.
  4. "particular, replica kits. I have deliberately left this topic to the end as I want to be in a position to give the very latest update on what has been a rapidly changing landscape. I will do this by the weekend at the latest." Did I miss King's answer re kits?
  5. I cancelled my direct debit and membership to RF back in May when 1872 was formed. But RangersFirst kindly to this day keep asking me to vote on any resolutions they have and keep sending me the information they send to members, such as it is.
  6. Pity they didn't get the name of our club right.
  7. Is that the only pic we've got? Can't somebody take a pic of the finished work?
  8. Good luck with this VB, I am too far away to attend unfortunately
  9. He should have fucking hit stokes and they cunts might not have been celebrating.
  10. Julescotia, you sir are a genius.
  11. A Rangers legend as a player but its no reason to employ him as a coach.
  12. I love that man. He is everything a Ranger should be , honest, dignified, intelligent but most of all a WINNER.
  13. Don't know if its still there but My favourite was in Londonderry with Iron Maiden's Eddie on it.
  14. We could join in with all the London team supporters in showing the scum what we think of them. In a non violent way, of course