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  1. I would definatley wait to see how he get's on this season before rewarding him with a new contract. The boy tries his hardest and seems a nice enough guy but that's not enough for me for an improved contract...don't see the rush to tie him down as i doubt he'd command much of a fee anyway?
  2. To be fair you used to get a better view standing in the East Enclosure than you do now seated....or did you?.....Or did you just not care because it was the only place to be back in the day for a fucking good time?
  3. Went to it in Blackpool Cricket Club last May bank holiday....brilliant wee event!
  4. I'm down in London that weekend for a festival....dunno what the prices are now but i got a flight to Stanstead from Edinburgh for £40 return. Be worth the checking out with EasyJet!
  5. The ball's now in your court'll never get a better chance in life!
  6. I know how it work's
  7. That big key's getting out of control haha!
  8. That hammer is getting a bit big don't you think?
  9. The man is a complete dickhead and worse.........take a bow EHD!
  10. for each baffie!
  11. Haha cheers mate....aye im fairaway with them haha.....same to yerself!
  12. Haha cheers mate....aye im fairaway with them haha.....same to yerself!
  13. 9 stone my arse.....
  14. Coming from Glasgow the Kincardine Bridge is just as quick.