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  1. Only one blue jersey that boy should be playing in!
  2. He won't forget that one......Congratulations!
  3. Been waiting all season for us to kick start it off with an impressive win...... Let's hope tonight's the night and we start to play how we all know we can. 3-0 Rangers and let's go from strength to strength. Wishful thinking i know but surely it's gotta happen at some point!
  4. Good stuff man....will do. Still gotta work monday and tuesday but the cash will come in handy...Cheers!
  5. Aye there's a few moaning bastards on here..... I'm brand new pal away to the South of France next wednesday for a week so all good..dunno about soft lad like no spoke to him in over a year. Still working at Bifab as far as i know...How's yerself?
  6. Well that put them in there place eh haha!
  7. The ironic thing about this for me is any taig that you have the misfortune to speak to still call it The Daily Ranger and seem to think it demonises their supporters. Well that being the case if they're not buying it and we're not buying it...who the fuck is?
  8. Can someone who was at the game confirm if they did that Poznan shite on 66 minutes or not? If this is true that is far worse than any shitey IRA banners or hanging rubber dolls IMO. That alone should be cart blanche on those vermin bastards ever darkening our doors for a long time to come.
  9. Imperitive we get on the front foot from the start...snarling into them and keeping the ball for the first 10 mins will get the mutants in the stands getting de ja vue.....Creating chances isn't big for me in that period...i think showing them who's boss will fuck them right up...ok i'll take 3-0 after 10 mins but we won't win this game if we let them boss it. Big game for Barton!
  10. I kinda expected a sleepless night so went and made sure of it....fuck it £100 loyal
  11. Been in the jungle once...not a tim in sight......must have been a bug going around because there was a hell of a lot of pish and shite getting deposited!
  12. The fact Kenny never even mentions MOH as one of the fastest at the club fills me with a bit of confidence....If Windass is ready to go i'd play him!
  13. The thing is when he comes out with we'll learn from it shite then never do.....he must realise this is really noising up the fans? Surely to fuck....we learn nothing!
  14. I hate to say it but i'm really struggling to see any positives from our performances this season..we look shite!
  15. At his best mate aye i'd agree...don't wanna get on his back but for a guy with his first touch and control he should be taking the piss out of the defender every time and it baffles me why he dosn't? Competition just may be the thing he needs!