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  1. I would but honestly betting that amount with your mate will only result in trouble. Make it for a meal and a bevy , you will still win it. Friendship is far more important than money.
  2. Seen him loads at city, he will be great up here if he brings his game from that stage. He done ok at west brom and to be honest at villa most players downed tools.
  3. Go to Aurora it's a good wee place and your amongst your own. Been in it a few times. , you can walk it from Pitt Street.
  4. Glasgow , Renfrew is full of roasters.
  5. Disnae count if it's less than 10 times.
  6. I will take this for my bus if nobody else does.
  7. It's not, each side should be able to put their case forward. I don't wear or buy official or unofficial merchandise so it doesn't affect me. I do however send a top over to Aystralia every year for my mates son, however since this fiasco started with the fat oxygen thief I've decided to wait. I explained the reason to my mate and he's fine with it. What bothers me is we had it in accounts that Club got 1.1m from RR but others telling us that's not the case. Whole bloody thing is confusing and wish we could end it but think it's going to drag on and on.
  8. Remember flying home for start of season from Nice and thinking , we've no chance this season, shows you how much I knew then....... Still the same just now.
  9. We were 2 up against united I think.
  10. Not from what I was told.
  11. Under 20s games are all at Forthbank , but Stirling were playing last night so our fixture was postponed.
  12. I do know him mate just was asking the other guy. Text sent.
  13. Do you know him ?
  14. That statement alone should see many cancel their DD with c1872, and no wonder. This must have been written by one of the new age twats that crave power, though it will be interesting to hear from the old guard guys who are still involved. @eskbankloyal does this get passed to all on board to read and agree on or has one person issued this ?
  15. Can you PM me the guys name please.