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  1. I know mate. Our work used to have access to it but had to leave before 12 on a Saturday or 4-30 midweek. Like you say I've seen folk going into it looking fitter than me.
  2. Mate there was too many folk using this that shouldn't have been, it's a shame your being charged but maybe this will help them regulate it.
  3. Actually I would like to add something more . im assuming it's QSTB bus the op was talking about. Here is a wee story for you . Rangers were drawn away to Forres in the Scottish cup, the guys who run that bus had the foresight to book over 50 hospitality packages for Rangers fans. Not only did this help their own members but it helped other RSCs as some were offered seats on the bus , I myself benefitted from it and it was appreciated as it meant a terrace ticket set aside for me by my bus went to another member.
  4. I'm locking this thread , OP you seem to have started this as mischief making , not good enough. Guys from all buses try their best to help members of this forum so when they see this they are rightly aggrieved. will be watching your posts
  5. I don't know of many buses if any who run 2 to every game. , many years ago our RSC used to get accused of this kind of lies. Our club and members work their arses off getting tickets i remember one Friday night travelling from Glasgow to Barrhead to collect 4 tickets then heading to Motherwell to collect another 3 . No ideal when you want a gargle but it was done because we wanted to make sure our members and regular non members got to see the match.
  6. Hoi monkey nuts he sits behind me and to my knowledge I've never been called posh yet
  7. Fuck don't do that , that's how you caused all this trouble
  8. You should never assume anything mate lol. It's the crazy world of rangers fans that we all love.
  9. Ross is there any point in this whole fiasco where you think " how did we get here "
  10. So let me get this right someone who claims not to have received emails from you and did not have your phone number called you and left no message. The reply to this from C1872 will need to be a belter
  11. He goes to games , I be had the misfortune of him going on our bus.
  12. I will be up front on a white charger
  13. Stop crawling he's no taking you. great that it's someone we know won it but I would rather it was a draw for all season book holders and not folk paying a fiver or whatever extra it costs.
  14. Might walk them along since I'm going that way anyhow. the level of criticism on here baffles me, fair enough if it's no your thing but to slag them is pretty poor show.
  15. Fuck Linfield , they get enough help from the FA in their own country. cant tell I prefer Glentoran can you