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  1. Liam Kelly and a Tiger

    I wanted to do that when I was over but my schedule wouldn't allow me. I will do it next time I head over and might pick your brain for some tips.
  2. League Cup group section

    Who told you that ? Not seen it anywhere.
  3. Club 1872Launch

    What prizes
  4. Club 1872Launch

    Just a rehash of mostly what club said but in fairness there wasn't much left unsaid.
  5. Barton £20,000 a week

    Cause it's on here
  6. Barton £20,000 a week

    Burnley have a wage cap of less than what we are being quoted as paying him.
  7. Club 1872Launch

    Ok mate cheers
  8. Club 1872Launch

    Greg do we have a list of guys in the running?
  9. Robert he was the same way with RF till he seen how well it was going. How many threads got chopped when folk were trying to promote it.
  10. Niko kranjcar

    Thomas Graveson??? Lots of very good players have come here and not been successful
  11. I did warn you. There we have it the busiest Rangers forum won't allow a link up to help our fans from Saturday. why ? Hatred of other sites I would imagine.
  12. This forum past few days (MKII)

    Fuck up ya wee gimp
  13. Thread has been deleted.
  14. Mate I can't find the thread on FF , you got a link to it.
  15. Away Games Next Seaon

    There was at least 200 bears in Leeds mate , trust me I know