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  1. My family are in Geelong , cracking wee town, been a few times visiting them.
  2. I'm no longer a member of bus mate. I said as soon as we went up to top tier I was finished won't give a coin to our haters so there was no point in me rejoining the bus
  3. It's been moved to 12-30 same day. Will see it before going to Ibrox.
  4. No mate. Rangers game for me. Also missing city v Chelsea game as we play Aberdeen same day.
  5. City are at bin dippers at 5-30 on New Year's Eve
  6. rab I'm looking for one mate.
  7. Do you have 2 ? If so I would swap for two in west or north stand.
  8. Wonder if this is how some of them are declaring themselves bankrupt , thus avoiding paying anything back we've known about this for years, media were contacted, they ignored it , but now the English media are all over it with Southgate and Rooney it seems to have caught on.
  9. That's cause youre a wee poofy shitebag
  10. Was at the game, never missed a game that season, cost a fucking fortune but wouldn't have changed it for anything.
  11. Last medal today , finished 2 under but frustrated as I played well till putting.
  12. It never closed due to lack of business though. The licence was revoked because the owners or staff refused to give police CCTV of pub after a serious assault in the pub.
  13. Has the press decided that the attack on Orangemen and women didn't matter. All we hear us about an effigy with Rangers scarf. What about attacking someone's religious beliefs.
  14. Having read this @SuperAli , how else would you have done the draw. Looking at it I think this is the fairest way. as others have alluded to if you used years of history then how do our young fans ever get to a semi or a final.
  15. My mate lives in Footscray , he was at final. was giving me dogs abuse as his lot beat Hawthorn ( my families team) in the play offs. Will be over next year to visit them before the ashes start.