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  1. Club 1872 Going forward

    Anyone caught putting personal details out on here that are already not in the public domain will be dealt with. Most folk know you are RM and your son is Greg and likewise when CG was on here. However if anyone posted any of your details, like where you lived, they would be banned.
  2. Is the Scottish Cup Final live on BBC?

    Yes it will be.
  3. Cancun - Rangers games live?

    Tell the tadger not to get married during the football season, though free bar at his wedding will mean I might turn up for 16 hours
  4. Scottish Cup Final Ticket Prices

    50/50 is correct , if a team can't sell that then the other team gets offered them. National final so no team should be deemed having an advantage.
  5. Like the way he goes about this, get everyone signed so they can attend the Glasgow Boyne celebrations in early July
  6. The Last Red Lion home game

    Will be a great shame. Been drinking in pub for far too many years to remember. Shug and Eileen have been great hosts of the pub and been very good to our RSC. I wish them well in their retirement.
  7. Was a nice wee day that
  8. Think I'm about to this Sunday. In Krabi Thailand and looking like Irish boozers is only places showing. I'm ok till I see the green and grey then if honest I'm as well walking.
  9. Semi final tickets

    I was at a concert gold and seat was in top tier of main stand.
  10. Club 1872 Going forward

    I just hope the position goes to someone with no dodgy history.
  11. Easter Road Guard of Honour

    Who really cares, if they do great, if not it won't take away the great feeling of us running out as champions.
  12. John Ballantyne.

    Was this in the swallow hotel this happened? Sad news.
  13. an interesting take (RF)

    We already have two ???? John Gilligan is as big a Rangers fan as you could meet, and for all his wrings Paul Murray is also a Rangers fan. We have two , I would rather other additions are guys who will help set up or give financial investment because from where I'm sitting King doesn't seem to be throwing in what he promised. Hopefully when we get up that changes.
  14. Hibs away

    I will be watching it with the Dubai loyal. 10-45pm kick off. Won't see the second half lol
  15. Rabid Megan McFadden

    Ok cheers for clarifying that. Still a bigoted little bitch