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  1. Rangers First Election

    Can we forget about folk who are not standing in this election,  AH has been an nightmare on every board he's been on, I've no time for the busters or the RST mob but on this occasion most of what they are saying is correct.  Anyway im off to see Rangers today on my supporters club bus, something if AH got his way wouldn't have been allowed to happen.  
  2. Hibs Away - CCCS

    I got a ticket for this but not using it, my mate will take it . 
  3. Houston Dynamo summer friendly

    Your right, I went over for that game , players came into the boozers and watched the champions league final. Think Milan beat Liverpool that day. 
  4. Rangers First Election

    Is there a list of the 23/4 people?  Surely folk who have been there, seen it and disgraced the t shirt should just fuck off and allow the new breed a chance. 
  5. Kilmarnock away

    I cancelled my ticket for this from ticket office .  Won't go to their ground. 
  6. Merger Talks

    Are you thinking of standing again? 
  7. Kilmarnock away

    Southdown 1916 will be able to help you with both tickets and bus. 
  8. That's not what he said ???? 
  9. Warbs: Our business in this window is now done

    Missed out in a few but happy with what we have. 
  10. The Subway Loyal

    Folk who leave early know the risks. If I'm down at Manchester leaving just before the end and getting a tram quicker to get the train home can save me an hour plus in time. So I've done it on occasion. I'm lucky enough at Ibrox to live 10 min walk away, not everyone has that. 
  11. What's up with the site?

    I knew nothing about it lol.  Im sure it will be sorted soon. 
  12. What's up with the site?

    It's called progress.  
  13. You're Favourite Away Day?

    I've only spoke to mutley , gonna drop him a wee message
  14. You're Favourite Away Day?

    Will do mate, Andy is out Saturday as I'm down London , should be a quiet affair.
  15. You're Favourite Away Day?

    He is mental, was hoping to meet him for a beer this Saturday but he can't make it out, thank feck it will cost me a fortune trying to send him home