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  1. Spl EBT -conflict of interests

    I don't think that is strictly true, if the FTT goes against us it depends why it goes against it if it is even relevant to the SPL investigation. Remember we listed our EBT payments on our books which were signed off by both organisations.
  2. Spl EBT -conflict of interests who is the boss of that around here... and normally with good reason. I disagree it's minor point but anyway i'll leave this here, didn't realise this was a praise only thread.
  3. Spl EBT -conflict of interests

    What he said about the reasons for the investigation in the second paragraph is incorrect.... I better not point that out though
  4. Do you feel a connection with Liverpool at times like this?

    Glad they got the truth, it's the every least they deserved, but i feel no connection to them in the slightest
  5. Roger Mitchell Has A Go At Green

  6. Without EBTs, Murray would just have built a larger debt.

    Timmy and a few of our own i'm afraid.....
  7. Scots law expert says titles can be removed

    Why would you need to remain anonymous unless the source was clearly tainted...ridiculous story in a ridiculous newspaper..
  8. Alistair Johnston speaks on the SPL charges

    I'm very surprosed people within Ibrox are objecting to a coordinated approach of releasing statements to the media from all parties that were involved that they know about and agreed to.... It's a strange old world right enough
  9. Roger Mitchell Has A Go At Green

    Mitchell was a disaster on an unprecedented scale....another in the long line of bowling club committee members entrusted with a multi million pound business.
  10. Roger Mitchell Has A Go At Green

    I thought the neg rep might have been because the OP agreed with roger mitchell that rangers died.....
  11. Roger Mitchell Has A Go At Green

    One of the people responsible for governance if the Spl when this whole thing happened try's to cover his own arse...quelle surprise .....
  12. Alistair Johnston speaks on the SPL charges

    It's the first time the ftt have given a time frame publicly though....
  13. Alistair Johnston speaks on the SPL charges

    Some scrubbing his back
  14. Spew Keevins phone in

    Are you lot pouring over my old posts now to see what you can drag up.... Have fun..