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  1. Cunt? For sure! Shit footballer? Again, no doubt. That said, he scored some crucial goals in his time, title winning ones. That can't be denied!
  2. Kaka was sublime in that Milan friendly in 2009
  3. Far too much in fighting going on here! I personally couldn't give a shit about this image. There are, simply in my opinion, bigger problems than a bunch of sad people taking joy in trying to have a dig at the country's best and most successful club, whose advert has little to no effect on the club anyway. I do however totally understand people's grievances with it, though the legal action chat and ripping them for all they have is just absolutely cringe! At least we all agree paddypower are a shower of cunts!
  4. The Edinburgh University music team was called PSV Beethoven
  5. accent aside, which by the way is fucking brutal, he is a terrible pundit
  6. Swansea. Have a soft spot for Chelsea though
  7. Would score goals for fun up here
  8. Unsurprised....
  9. He was a "diehard" Leeds fan, went to play for Man Utd. What a cunt
  10. RVP