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  1. A lot of players have looked incredible at a Euro/world cup finals and then been shite. He might well come good, but he has been shite so far and there is no guarantee that he will come good. Also.. there have been a lot of mistakes which havent resulted in goals.. parading the ball straight back out a lot - never do that. He just doesnt look confident to me at all!
  2. Yea, but fuck me.. some amateur mistakes that have fuck all to do with communication.
  3. Sorry, I wasnt referring to him as big, as in size He is quite a tricky player isnt he?
  4. Looking forward to seeing big Serge blasting down the wing. Have you seen him play, El?
  5. In my opinion, that is probably exactly how MW wants his team to set up and play.. unfortunately, you need a higher quality of player than we currently have. Given time, however...
  6. I have Danish commentators and they have been slagging the tims all game and especially Brown. Has been brilliant. Basically ended by saying... "Famous atmosphere? What famous atmosphere - all I can hear are the Germans"
  7. Kolo has played a fucking blinder tonight.. that second one was a belter
  8. The longer it stays 1-0 the dhims will chase it 100%... better for us
  9. Open up, Timmy.. open up
  10. There's that famous atmosphere again......never realised they spoke German
  11. Ask and you shall receive
  12. Dhims pressing higher.. should leave some space.