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  1. ***Rumours thread***

    This is a suggestion... Not a rumour;)
  2. Bernardo Espinosa

  3. Bernardo Espinosa

    He is fucking us about.. Sign already!!!
  4. Joey Barton.

    They are just shitting themselves.
  5. Joey Barton.

    Reality > game
  6. Bio-Banding being trialled for young Rangers players

    Interesting times. We should be at the very forefront in all such matters.. We need to be!!
  7. Joey Barton.

    I was a bit surprised myself!! Looks promising!
  8. Joey Barton.

    This is exactly what we need for next year. He seems to be taking a few rough tackles as well and not reacting..
  9. ***Rumours thread***

    PM a source?
  10. ***Rumours thread***

    Rumour or suggestion?
  11. Joey Barton.

    The Clarets Turf are saying he is a Rangers player.. Dont know how reliable or genuine the Clarets Turf site is..
  12. Joey Barton.

  13. Joey Barton.

    Is this genuine?
  14. Joey Barton.

    You are the one who is convinced that he is fucking us about and that he hasnt signed. You dont know any of that. Fact.