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  1. Kenny McLean - Suggestion.

      Hayes is a good player. Tore them a new one the other day. 
  2. Chairman's Update

    A good read. 
  3. Waghorn

    Im sure that tiredness plays a big part as well, but I definitely stand by the point of the pitch being poor and being a factor.
  4. Waghorn

      I would say that the pitch plays a big part in him not being able to control a ball. McKay had the same problem.. both have excellent technique.
  5. Waghorn

    Exactly. Its frustrating even watching it..god knows how it must feel playing on it!
  6. Waghorn

    I would say that it is definitely a factor. 
  7. Waghorn

    Absolutely. Running with the ball seemed very difficult as well. Difficult game in difficult circumstances. 
  8. Waghorn

    By going off the boil, i take it you mean he hasnt scored.. He brings so many other things to the game that Im not really that concerned. Some of his passing and vision is just first class.  Another thing..Pitches have been dreadful and dont help a team like ours that wants to pass it on the ground. 
  9. What is the point in Rangers tv

    Great for us Bears living abroad. I pay almost £20 pr month. Worth it, though.
  10. Strong enough to win the league?

      We dont have to beat them 6-2... 1-0 will suffice.

    This today?
  12. 15’s Hit Thistle For Seven

    Brilliant result! 
  13. Harry forrester

    He had a couple of great touches and needs to be given a bit of time.. people claiming there is no ability....laughable.
  14. Harry forrester

      I agree.