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  1. Hopefully see Dodoo start as well.
  2. A fourth choice just means a fourth player to choose from... not a player thats fourth in line.
  3. We took the foot of the gas in the second half, but a professional performance without ever being troubled.
  4. Valued at 800k by whom? Us or other clubs? In my opinion he is very important to us and the way we play....going by that alone he is worth a lot more than 800k in my opinion.
  5. Colin
  6. I know that.. we ARE in the top flight and he will run rings around them again. He will get more international experience. His stock will skyrocket in my opinion.
  7. He played against a team not that long ago that was full of players with top league/Euro/international experience... still ran rings around them and put a screamer past on of the most experienced keepers in the British game The financial climate regarding English football has changed dramatically in the last couple of years and paying 10 million isn't actually that much for most of them.. they will pay that for potential. Experience costs a lot more than that.
  8. We have been embarrassed in negotiations in the past due to total incompetence!
  9. And WHEN an EPL comes calling we need to play by our rules.. MW has said that a couple of times.
  10. Perhaps not the most experienced player in the world, but clubs down south are prepared to pay that kind of money for potential stars. (Not talking specifically about barrie.
  11. this.
  12. Exactly. Difference between a good player and a great player is often arrogance.