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  1. Clumbsy, non footballer.
  2. We have DEFINITELY been looking at plenty of options. Unfortunately it doesn't always happen for a number of reasons.
  3. I know what you mean, but I believe that being encouraged to work hard from an early age will stand these boys in good stead on the park/training as well. Talent is only a small part of making it. You get a work ethic drilled in to you as well as learning a few things.. this can only be a good thing.
  4. This is great. This is all part of the bigger picture, in my opinion. Hard work will make a player, as well as talent, and it starts early on....with something like your homework. We will be producing good players very soon.
  5. It takes a long time to set up. Doesn't always pay off either... These scouting networks consist of thousands of people.
  6. Proper scouting networks cost millions. Napoli spend about 4-5 million pr year on scouting Im sure. Obviously, the goal is to have that, and it pays for itself.
  7. What press conference?
  8. Hopefully MW will have sold him the idea of playing for us. Financially we will be blown out of the water, but romantically WE will blow most out of the water.
  9. Then said he likes salmon.. but has an italian on a friday
  10. Not on the team sheet. Interesting.
  11. He doesn't look that slow to me, to be honest.
  12. So....looking at defenders isn't addressing the defensive area.....? Riiiiight......
  13. Maybe that was a bad picture, but it doesn't look like a tablet at all and the keyboard is amazing.... just an extremely thin laptop. It looks amazing in real life and works very well.. If you do a lot of heavy video editing/music production or something that requires great graphics, then this isn't your laptop, but for your average user its great.
  14. Anyone who thinks that a PC can look as nice as the new MacBook 12" needs their head checked. .
  15. iPhone 6, MacBook (the new thin as fuck!!!) and iPad. 'ave it!