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  1. Central midfield over committing

  2. Rangers To Play EPL Runners Up? (Evening Times)

  3. Rangers To Play EPL Runners Up? (Evening Times)

    Good times. A very good test!
  4. New Home Kit Apparently Leaked

    Looks great
  5. Signing of the season

    Holt. He unlocks the defence... finds that bit of space and just runs all day. Amazing player. 65k as well??? What were Hearts playing at?!
  6. Defence needs sorted.

  7. Defence needs sorted.

    Still valid.
  8. Defence needs sorted.

    As a musician I know what its like to be mentally drained.. doesnt matter how big the gig... you SHOULD be buzzing, but there is just nothing left!! Such is the mind. Real bummer at times. Calling me old as well...fuck sakes
  9. Defence needs sorted.

    Easier said than done. If you are mentally drained then there is fuck all you can do about it. There simply aint any more juice! Thats exactly what we looked like.
  10. Defence needs sorted.

    Mental fitness is just as important. We looked mentally fatigued... not as sharp. This is when you make silly mistakes.
  11. Defence needs sorted.

    On sunday, of course. Tonight we played a club that will still be a Championship club next season.
  12. Defence needs sorted.

    You dont think that is worth anything? We played our biggest rivals.. a game that was played at an incredible pace and we gave it our all. We looked like a team that was fatigued mentally, more than anything. We are very fit.. probably the fittest team in the UK, but when you are mentally drained, there is very little you can do. Lapses of concentration will happen. I feel that that is exactly what happened.
  13. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    We played quite well in patches. Looked like a team that played 120 mins at 150% just over a couple of days ago.. We are fit as fuck, but these games are mentally draining and it showed. We were still a much better team than Hibs. Let them get the false sense of security... we will fuck them pretty hard in the final. That is my prediction. What a fucking goal from wee Barrie as well... Some player!!
  14. Josh Windass

    He will most definitely get coached in that department with us. Its very clear that all the players are.
  15. Madjid Bougherra

    Just doesnt sit right with me.. Im sure the management team will do the right thing.