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  1. saves me work, I'm not going to complain.
  2. the poll seems fine, and the thread isn't locked.
  3. what do you want me to do?
  4. is anyone really surprised?
  5. Yup, that's the one, must have been tired and let him slip through the net.
  6. He gone. Did the moron put his email in his profile?
  7. Greg and I disagree a ton, the same with his father and I when he was on here. They own a Rangers pub though, so I see no problems with a thread being made occasionally, promoting something like this. If anyone else opens up a Rangers themed business, I am sure we would be happy to accomodate you and you could make threads on hee about it too.
  8. thanks for adding where aleppo was, just in case I didn't know
  9. No, he isn't.
  10. WIndass looks really good IMO, I've heard crooks is better ( different positions I know) Barton was the championship player of the season, that had to count for something IMO. Garner will come good for us I think, give him some more game time, and he will score us a good amount of goals IMO. A fit Kranjar would be brillaint, I doubt he will get fit though, if we can get a solid half of football each game from him,then he could be a great asset. I think Senderos and Hill might have been almost panic buys, I don't think they were anywhere near our first choice ( think tht was marriapa IIRC) Ill be honest, I thought he has a hand in tav, fod, and waghorn, those three were kind of important in my "key man" speech What about Rossiter and Dodoo? I'd have thought he had something to do with finding them too. I think he can and will continue to find us gems like rossiter,who IMO looks the real deal. ( jury is still out on Dodoo)
  11. while my love for Warburton has shaded a little, I still think he could be the man to take us forward, I think we need to do something in the management team, maybe bring in a director of footbal, or anther coach. We should at least give him till January before calling for his head I think. If we are still in trouble in January, bring in someone new on the first, give him some money to spend, see if he can salvage the season, then give him a decent budget for next year. the league wont be won on a shoesting, my major issue with getting rid of warburton, is he will take mcparland with him, and I think he is one of the key men at the club right now.
  12. so when did you win the lottery bettertogether Seen decor in the title, and me getting mentioned, had set myself up for a bad kitchen joke
  13. Yet I have no new reports to look at. Strange that.