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  1. Rangers First Election

    Damnit,  wish I had read thispost before I posted
  2. Rangers First Election

    Of course you are sure what his point is.   He is (IMO) clearly saying that if there are members up for election to RF that have conflicts of interests, or are recieving any renumeration, or hospitality from the club, then they need to either cut those conflicts out, or remove themselves from the election process.
  3. up and championship

    van bronkhurts      
  4. Merger Talks

    Uh Oh,  Buster is back.  Someone caled in the big guns.
  5. Keep Law ( if he is willing to sign a reasonable contract) and get rid of the other 2.
  6. Great SD share give away

    Better trying to make him an offer for his shares
  7. Scottish Cup Draw

    Rangers/Kilie  vs Dumbarton/Dundee     Happy enough with that tie tbh.    Must admit my heart started racing when the tarriers came out at home.
  8. Scottish Cup Draw

    Ross County vs Dundee utd
  9. Scottish Cup Draw

    Taigs vs Morton.  
  10. Scottish Cup Draw

    Hearts/Hibs vs ICT
  11. Scottish Cup Draw

    Sky Sports News producers must be repeating "tell them it happens,  tell them it happens"  into the mic.   That's three peple I've heard say it now,  and I can't ever remember it happening before.
  12. Scottish Cup Draw

    Gotta warm two of them up first mate.
  13. Scottish Cup Draw

    Seriously Fucking Amatuer.
  14. Scottish Cup Draw

    We are almost certainly getting the taigs now
  15. Scottish Cup Draw

    Yup,  fucking idiots