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  1. Club 1872Launch

    You don't help things. If you and TLT,greg were to just ignore eachoter, then these threads would be almost readable. Both have said they are not going ot stand for club1872 board. so they really aint the people you need to talk to to get answers to your questions.
  2. Club 1872Launch

  3. Club 1872Launch

    THanks siam69
  4. Club 1872Launch

    Can't get the statement to load. Anyone fancy copying it here?
  5. Club 1872Launch

    He loves it here
  6. Forum ban on Daily Record articles?

    We should be using the copy/paste feature instead of posting links to the rag. That being said, I think we should be putting these articles up. As opposed to guys like 3names. This is stuff coming from a national newspaper, we need to know what is being said. I will try to make sure that we delete any links to the site that is posted, but I doubt we will be deleting the articles themselves.
  7. Another statement required

    The ADHD crowdn in here dont read his posts because they are longer than a paragraph. Something shiny takes away their focus
  8. Warburton not in pictures

    Really, you read that club statement and felt rudderless? Fucking hell, it's the first time I have felt we have actually had people that give a fuck in charge for years. Why do they need to come on TV to tell us things? We have the club website to release things on.
  9. It's exactly why it was added. It has no place in the article.
  10. Aaron Holloway

    Signed for Fleetwoord Town.
  11. Whatever happend to the Easdales?

    Don't really care where they are now. I don't hold too much ill will towards them either. I think they hitched their wagon to the wrong horse, ( I know how that feels :lol) I don't believe they done anything illegal. I can't remember them ever being mentioned in anything to do with any of the court cases.... even the action the club has raised in court recently doesn't involve them. I hope they sold their shares, and have moved on.
  12. what a steaming pile of bllshit that is. Now first things first.... even if every word of what he says is true ( which I doubt. there would have been no fucking mob mentality outside if you had handled things the way you should have inside. People shaking the vans???? what in the actual fuck were you doing in your vans when there was a fucking riot going on in the park? Abuse directed at you guys, oh boo fucking hoo, you sat about having a bloody crisis meeting before sorting the clusterfuck happening in front of your eyes. You police officers were at fault at every single step of the way since the full time whistle blew. You reacted slowley, put lives in danger, and were generally shambolic....And you have the gall to moan about some abuse being directed at you... well fuck me, would you like a hug to sooth your poor feelings? shocking that you were allowed to spout that shite. Is there anywhere in that artice that it even mentions the riot inside caused by the opposing fans? This is going to end up 100% Rangers fans faults. I can see it coming.