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  1. I should stop posting after a certain level of wasted
  2. I no longer think he spelled his name wrong. I was getting two different people mixed up completely.
  3. tha's the one I am thinking about, but that isn't him either. I am sure that guy was on here, he might even still have an active account. I seem to remember him taking a power of his abuse for that article from a few years ag, that was posted earlier ITT. He might just have fucked off and not came back.
  4. That isn't him mate. it was something like jonothan51 but not.
  5. See I think I remember this guy being controversial a year or two back, and I think we banned him then....wasn't he the guy that spelled his name wrong?
  6. you find the poll options when you start a thread, top right hand corner IIRC. Failing that if you want to start a thread an PM me the poll options, i will add them in for you.
  7. hopefully for any other reason on earth than signing for us.
  8. ffs I hope those thread i locked are a pisstake, but it looks like a pic from this month.
  9. I don't care, post in the rumours thread about it.
  10. merged the moswhateverhisnameis thread into the rumours thread where it belongs.
  11. nah fuck this.
  12. not actuallly sure how to use the ignore feature, it used to be in your settings.
  13. Really? @CoplandStandBear is this you?
  14. Wasn't he a member here at one point?