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  1. am working mate. got a link on the go, but only when i am near wifi lol. it's not a great stream.
  2. radio seems to have it a wee bit in their favour, but not by much.... that about right?
  3. ffs, just when he was coming into a game.
  4. Laudrup, Mols ( for the short time he was here) - Goram if i am not allowed to pick mols lol. and Gazza, Think durrant deserves an honerable mention. I am 35
  5. smart as fuck businessmen tbh. they will shift fucking thousands of those. Lots of morons paying a fiver to have a dvd of them beating a "new club" isn't that the sort of thing they do when they beat barca
  6. I know I have banned him before. someone used to call me grogsy, i forget who it was, but he was very similar to him. I was too tired last night to even notice he called me that.
  7. we don't get involved in PM's We all get those type of pms lol, some more than others.
  8. That makes as much sense as the drivel bnb wrote.
  9. fuck it, you're done. 118 posts, most of them abusing other members, gtf.
  10. disability hate crime includes name calling fuck sake. Bunch of special snowflakes on here. also it is not a bloody fact that 97% of "disability hate crimes" go unreported. you can't accurately get a number from things that are unreported. that sounds like the moronic "90% of rapes go unreported" line. how the fuck would anyone know how many things go UNREPORTED.
  11. right, if you fuckers can't play nice, you cant have a thread to play in, take your shit to PM, or just cut it out. This thread is a clusterfuck and is now being locked.
  12. it almost always is. families should be kept out of it though.
  13. no one brought that post to my attention, report it and i'll delete it, and speak to the person involved. I've barely read 100 posts on here this week, i don't keep up with all the petty slapfights and bitching you cunts do.
  14. Sorry but that isn't the same thing, you being upset at a word he used is not his problem, it's yours. it's no reason to bring his family into it. also don't tell me how to be an admin, I'll do what I feel I should do, if you feel i have unfailry treated you then report me and it will be looked at by the other staff, if i have overstepped then they will tell me so. You think you are the first person I have "digged at publicly" I'll tell you, for someone who likes to throw insults about, you seem to have an awfully thin skin.