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  1. Bring It On

    Good read. It annoys me to say it, but I think the emotion of the semi final has knocked the players back a little, however, for every big game we have played this season the team have stepped up in spectacular fashion. St Johnstone aside of course. I have confidence we will beat Hibs on the 21st.
  2. Rangers are the golden goose ! Wembley bound?

    If it did go ahead and we got an invite, I'd hope our board refused the offer. Fuck Celtic, this fixture is not a friendly.
  3. Danny Boyle

    Was he sitting in the Bill Struth Stand?
  4. Papers.

    I was thinking the same thing last night. It looked like it was all celtic when it couldnt have been further from the truth.
  5. Papers.

    same, I watched the game back when I got home and sportscene at night as well. My missus was cracking up.
  6. Papers.

    One of the things I genuinely look forward to the day after a massive win like this.
  7. Derry's walls starting for the last few penalties is one of the best feelings I have ever had. What a day.
  8. Player ratings according to the BBC website

    Halliday should have had a 9 as well. As should Tav, wallace, ball, miller, kiernan, wilson, holt etc
  9. Our fans

    No voice left, legs are gubbed. What a fucking day.
  10. The Gallowgate

    I would pay money to see their faces this morning
  11. Gies it

    Right fucking now. I have been calm all week, but just got the buzz right there. Cannot wait to rag doll they horrible smelly cunts tomorrow
  12. Never Forget...

    I get all the biterness and anger, I really do. I just can't be bothered carrying it around all the time, it isn't worth it. I am only interested in seeing Rangers win, I don't really care about who is in front of us on any given day.
  13. Hampdump

    They have to be the biggest shower of mongos out there. It is constantly one fuck up after another.
  14. Semi Final Roll Call

    West Stand b6 for me. 4-0 again, I have a good feeling about it
  15. Cccs semi final payment

    That's my money come off just there. Looks like its the west stand for me