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  1. That is a really amazing thing to do for a fellow fan. Really fantastic. It's good to see someone looking out for the fans when the club hung you out to dry.
  2. Totally agree. I thought with Frank Mcparland coming in we could have got some gems but King has bullshitted everyone. Today was a fucking joke.
  3. actually bumping your own thread
  4. Passing could have been better at times, although he was spraying the ball around well. But I absolutley loved him getting stuck in. Needs some help right enough.
  5. I have done.
  6. Heading down to my dads for breakfast then getting over to Ibrox. Going to be some day.
  7. 100% understand your point. I agree somewhat, regarding our treatment, but from a purely sporting viewpoint I can't wait to boot their baws. I have also be going through some personal stuff but I am focusing on Ibrox as my happy place and trying to have 90 minutes free of everything else. Hopefully it can be the same for you mate.
  8. Everyone has an opinion. Opinions vary. Hope that helps.
  9. The same buzz as an Old Firm game. We are fucking back. This "journey" has been both unreal and unbearable at times, but I can't wait to see the mighty Gers step out onto Ibrox park today and slap the gauntlet down to these cunts. It isn't just Hamilton we are against today, it is every single one of them. I have hardly slept a wink thinking about it. Rangers are what I live for. Let's get stuck right in.
  10. He is a very elegant players, makes everything look simple. Not afraid to get stuck in as well
  11. Id have windass, barton and hill in from the start anyway. The rest can fall into place
  12. 4-0 28/1 on Skybet.
  13. Funnily enough I never like us being called that, I think it is daft. Not that I don't appreciate the culture and our connection to it, I just didn't ever go along with that. The Rangers always sounds good.
  14. Auctioneers or The Raven for me.