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  1. Get Them All To Fuck

    It's not their lack of ability that's the main problem. It's their absolute lack of fighting spirit. To a man spineless. Feel sorry for the young players having to play with them.
  2. My Stand Out Player Of The Night

    It's astounding just how well players play when they are played in the correct position. Shiels problem under McCoist was that they kept throwing him up front as a striker. It's almost as if they had never seen him or several others they signed play before.
  3. Nicky Clark

    Seen a few say he is worse than Foster who was excellent last night. To be fair to Clark, he was never given much of a chance under the previous management, much like other young players and some not so young players. It had to have a major impact on the lad's confidence, which I assume with him being a striker, would fuck, in a rather major way, with his mojo. McCall shows faith in Shiels, Murdoch, Zaliukus, McGregor, Clark amongst other youngsters being introduced and we suddenly start playing well. Whilst McCall's tactics and experience have had some impact you cannot help but wonder what on earth the previous muppets running the team were thinking.
  4. So Will They All Return?

    From a footballing perspective I'd take Davis and Naismith back in a heartbeat. Won't happen though for so many reasons, main one being we couldn't afford them.
  5. Players Who Turned It On In The Big Games

    Amoruso, Lovenkrands, Novo, Gascoigne All indifferent against the lesser teams, but when the games really mattered they usually would turn it on.
  6. Simonsen And Our Defence

    Simonsen cannot dive right. Once you realise this you will never unsee it. He is a horrendous Goalkeeper. May as well throw Jig in goal. Cannot be any worse than he is as a centre back.
  7. David Templeton

    Should have started with Daly up front but hindsight is a marvellous thing.
  8. Jig Cuddling Commons

    I thought, considering us playing one defender at the back, McGregor did ok. To be quite fair, Ricky 'and the move breaks down' Foster and Lee 'Dining out on past success' McCulloch were rank. Oh and don't get me started on Steve 'Zoolander' Simonsen, until now I'd never actually seen a keeper who can't dive to his right. We have so many problems but until we sort out our defence the rest is sticking plasters. Our bench highlighted our main problem quite well. 5 strikers and one defender.
  9. The only worry have about the 3 bears.

    Probably still a better Striker than the ones we currently have. Stick a number 9 shirt on him
  10. Rangers Fans Voting

    If you feel that Yes is the way forward then vote Yes. If you feel that No is the way forward then vote No. There has been a deluge of bollocks and counter bollocks from both sides and a pretty well behaved debate has been reduced to the usual bollocks over the last couple of weeks, largely down to the political parties spouting even more fearmongering bollocks. It is with great pride that I have seen my nation in the whole rise above this and continue to debate where they can. So good luck to both sides and for those who wish to drag it down to an angry, shouty, fighty mess. Go fuck yourself
  11. Fraser Aird - Vote No

    Well it is certainly a 'simple' view. Why are you putting issues in quotes?
  12. Fraser Aird - Vote No

    Nice to know that you based probably the most important political decision Scotland is ever likely to face on the Football team you support. I thankfully won't be voting due to being an ex-pat, however I'm so glad that people are voting based on such refined political and social analysis.
  13. Our biggest problem is central midfield

    We have no width, no midfield to speak of and a Right Back who's name normally is mentioned before 'and the move breaks down'. We have Boyd who needs crosses which we don't deliver and Miller who creates space for a non existent Midfield to get into the box to score goals that nobody is there to set up. The blame lies squarely with McCoist, who signed them and seems to lack the vision to see that none of the current players can gel as a team.
  14. Alistair....." We slit our own throats "

    We play against part-timers, week in, week out. If you play at a particular level all the time, it is incredibly difficult to suddenly play above that level and it doesn't matter what players or what manager you have. The most difficult thing is to keep your motivation and we seemed to have that in spades yesterday but the fact that we have been playing at a far lower level for 2 seasons showed where it mattered. I don't envy McCoist one bit in the job that he is being asked to do.
  15. 3 of the best against the Tims…..but in which order!

    Ferguson's free kick in the 2002 Cup Final. Followed by Lovenkrands winner. GIRFUY