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  1. Khalid Aucho

    Heard he wants the number 72 on his shirt as he grew up idolising the European CWC team
  2. Never seen anybody ever block a police van from moving. Anywhere at all apart from NI? Some of those quotes were ridiculous. I went past 3 vans sitting on cathcart road and yes, they were getting abuse but they weren't moving and couldnt move because it was a good 10/15 minutes after the whistle and the crowd was massive on the streets. If they put their sirens on and attempted to move maybe, just maybe they might have got through. The damage was already done by that point which was what most people were shouting at them.
  3. People sharing Barton's tweet

    It just goes to show how far we have come and the pull we have under Warburton that even celtic 'fans' want to join us!
  4. Nicky Clark Released.

    Scored less than 30 seconds into his debut and I thought here we go, this is going to be a cracking signing but unfortunately it wasn't really to be. Scored some good important goals though in the cup and play offs and gave his best. Unfortunately not good enough going forward and wish the lad good luck.
  5. Foderingham assault video

    Tbf the ginger cunt shat it when Wes turned round after the other boy hit him. Looks like he was going straight for him.
  6. So proud of the bears who confronted them.

    Aye, they were all rolling their windows up
  7. From the Hibs forums a month ago

    I certainly didnt but if any of the bastards got one of our players on the ground and started laying into one, you can bet that people would have seen that and more would have been right out on the pitch. Im glad the majority of our fans showed restraint under severe provocation once again.
  8. Rangers medal presentation

    That would have been as good and worthy a punishment as a fine. Bit harsh on the supporters that stayed in the stand? Yes but fuck them. They caused the bother. I would have told them to go home, no presentation. Fuck if it was us we would have been stripped of the trophy right at the very start of it
  9. West stand display A4 - B4 Saturday.

    Im B2!
  10. Rangers - The Masters Of Helicopter Sundays

    I was bricking it when Killie pulled a goal back
  11. When Saturday Comes

    Pub through here for 9 then bus through to pub in Glasgow, then off to Hampden, back to boozer in glasgow for a hour or 2 I reckon then back to boozer through here. Gonna be a good day!
  12. Niko kranjcar

    Jeez, I thought he was older than 31. Niko would be brilliant. Great player who I like a lot!
  13. Joey Barton.

    Tell you what, ive never been a big fan of the guy but he has been sublime for Burnley this season. I'd be surprised if he signed, he must be on a fair amount. Id take him though, a quality player but id imagine there will be a fair few clubs in for him!
  14. Our Midfield and Forwards Next Year

    Halliday went from having game of his life V celtic to 3 very poor performances after it. But he gets away with it.