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  1. 2 wins 2 losses I think Last year's semi and the jelavic were the wins. I'd almost completely blocked the Kenny mcd's from my memory but that and the extra time penalty I think it was the mcgeady one folk are talking about, that was my other loss.
  2. I have the worst luck with these My plan was to deviate away from my usual pick a goalscorer in play and go btts first half. Now that I've said that, I will have to do it.
  3. This game is horrible to watch
  4. Is there any way of still getting money to the guys? Our club is looking to do a collection on our bus next sunday
  5. He's done well but if celtic are smart they will close him down instantly and cut him off. I'd be tempted to go with Holt Halliday and Windass
  6. Nowhere near the ground. Got police car with lights on pulled us out. Not sure if pulling us or trying to get us to ground
  7. Im after one too if anyones got any, never managed to get last years either!
  8. West stand B4. Roughly where I was for the Cup Final IIRC.
  9. Stopped reading at that point and just skimmed over it
  10. See Alloa are beating bala. Livi beat crusaders last night too!
  11. Got ours
  12. Ive got Aguero 2 or more goals at 3/1. Hows the cunt no got a goal yet
  13. 3 of the shittest goal youve ever seen
  14. nice defending Tierney...