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  1. Fuck the bells
  2. What we all on today then?
  3. Im selling this sofa cover, for Ikea Klippan sofa because I live with a bitter bigoted hibs fan who doesn't want it on show
  4. Got tickets through my supporters club. Getting picked up half 9
  5. Seen a thing doing the rounds that they are going to do an applause on the 12th minute as a dig at us. Seen the reply that we should sing God Save The Queen on the 11th minute so when it finishes the Aberdeen fans are applauding it
  6. Such is this league. Win 5 games on the trot and we will probably be in second place. But I just don't see that happening right now.
  7. My dad got Forres mechanics and I never. It does happen but I assumed my case was one of the most extreme.
  8. I quite fancy using my redundancy money to go to this
  9. I thought for the first 30 minutes or so our defending was quite good. We were getting stuck in and getting blocks on passes and shots around the area and dealing with an on form Forrest quite well. Unfortunately losing from the corner hit us but we did well to get the goal back and as has been said, if the Mckay shot was a couple of inches the other way it was in off the post and possibly could have been a different game. However at the end of the day we seem to be making the same mistakes every week and it needs sorted. I also dont know what O Halloran has to do to get in the team.
  10. Im in the corner. Been a shit week at work after pretty much being forced into redundancy so looking to get smashed either way tomorrow...
  11. Add to the fact he tore them a new one at parkhead last season then he has to be in warbs thoughts now. That said, Kenny scoring 4 goals will definitely keep him in.
  12. Garner! 7-0
  13. Kenny again
  14. Its 5-0