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  1. Nothing again.
  2. What a birthday! Hoping for similar result tonight
  3. Cousin to Beasley Vs Lyon away
  4. He will sign and we will get all this I knocked back Rangers pish
  5. Debut goal for Dodoo, Windass first goal, no injuries and another 3 points. Good enough for me.
  6. Normally the types of finishes he excels at, when he doesn't have time to dally on the ball and just get it in the back of the net
  7. Definitely mate, not disagreeing with you. I think he has flattered to deceive so far albeit he has been hampered by a stop start start to his time here. I've been impressed with him so far this season. He set up the goal against Battery by hitting the byline the way he has in this game and could have had a couple more if not for poor finishing. I want to see him do well. He tore the taigs to shreds in a game at the piggery last season so the ability is definitely there somewhere!
  8. Im a little bit inclined to disagree here. There has almost been nobody in any good position for him to cross to. His passes have been begging for someone to get on the end of them. The further out someone is from the 6 yard box the harder they are to pick out. We need someone taking a chance and getting into that 6 yard box. We saw with the Kenny chance that that came after a good bit of passing play and Kenny had the space. O Halloran can make that space out of nothing all by himself and thats where he is at the disadvantage when it comes to him hoping someone else has taken that chance on him beating players and getting into the box.
  9. Should see what I was writing about it at the time on my 'Facebook Memories' thing Lee
  10. Saw someone with it on in the Louden last night. My mate was buckled at the state of it! Its bad enough ordering it and it turning up not knowing that was what you were gonna get but to then wear it out
  11. Saw someone get a picture with him at auchenhowie during the week so may still be trying to get fit at the club?
  12. Millwall