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  1. Scrap that. Got one.
  2. No email. Thought folk that only had one ticket had a good chance
  3. Wouldn't put it past them sending out emails and taking the money on the same day. No chance to cancel. £100 straight out of my bank for me and the old man if we get them. Would have thought today or tomorrow would be more likely.
  4. Ticket now no longer available.
  5. Next to your truly , in the chadwick stand. Will meet before the game.
  6. Killie was my first allocated game this season.
  7. Gutted
  8. If villa have paid up the last year of his contract then it's up to Warburton to convince him to come up here on a smallish (compared to what he normally gets) wage supplemented by his payment from villa. He is however likely to get a similar wage to what he already was getting at a club like Sunderland which would rule us out
  9. Bet Warbs whips out the Penny Arcade at Ibrox video on youtube on his phone to show Lescott
  10. Boab
  11. Did he no say Garner was gonna play for preston tonight??
  12. Better than anything we've got. It's a yes from me.
  13. I'd be inclined to take Halliday off or drop him deeper. Not been good enough.
  14. Disappointing to see miller and Halliday back in but hope we go out and prove me wrong
  15. Agreed terms and away for his medical at Birmingham