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  1. goram v.hooijdonk or mcgregor v bremen

    Fuck knows. We started with Boyd up front ffs
  2. goram v.hooijdonk or mcgregor v bremen

    Was at that game, they pumelled us that day. Saw a video back someone took of the goal and the following and that save was in it. Didnt remember how close it was after Jigs goal, they pretty much went right up the park and Mcgregor came out with that save. Top class!
  3. fixture changes

    Cant see Hibs getting past Hearts but we should get past Killie so looks like a midweek in April fixture for the Hibs game. Pretty shit as i'd be working after it and was planning on getting a good bevvy. Why is this Hibs game being moved from its original date, is this a scottish cup weekend I assume? From a personal point of view im gutted as Im off the week leading up to the Hibs game so would be nice and fresh for it, no nightshifts before it!
  4. Gedi the good guy

    Dont you mean Tomoral?
  5. Nicky Law potentially leaving

    We've been doing a hell of a lot better since his return from injury. I'll be a bit gutted if he left. Dean Shiels proved yesterday for me he isn't a starter. 
  6. Should we try and sign Dominic Ball?

    Id take him. Made no more mistakes than Wilson and Kiernan have in games and if anything, has saved their bacon a few times with his pace. You look at the lad down south, Stones, for Everton, now im not saying he is as good as him but he benefits from getting first team football. If Ball gets that here he could go on to be a great player worth a lot of money for us in the future. Id do everything possible to get him signed up.
  7. Man of the Match

    Wes myself
  8. Jean-Claude Darcheville

    Prso and Darcheville
  9. Jean-Claude Darcheville

    Im sure there was a really strong rumour that he had signed for Sheffield Wednesday or someone like that round about the time we played them in a friendly! Ended up being a lot of pish. I liked the guy, was another case of one of those players we wished we had got earlier in his career. I mind thinking he was a complete nut case though after his first couple of games. Did he not get sent off in a friendly? Or try to start a fight?
  10. Morton in the Moonlight

    Our youtube page has been outstanding this season. Long may it continue. This video might be the best of the lot.
  11. Hallidays sending off

    Meanwhile whilst the team were warming up, one or two folk were giving David Weir dogs abuse for absolute fuck all. Nothing done about it as expected
  12. *** Championship Rivals Scores Thread ***

    I mind that time celtic loaned an Irish striker from a better league who thought it would win them the league. How'd that end up...
  13. Mohsni released without kicking a ball in Angers.

    He's got angers issues...
  14. Nicky Law: I’D Love To Stay

    No coincidence we've played better since his return.
  15. Guys Absolutely Pished At The Game...

    The 2 mad dafties in the east enclosure with their tops off