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  1. The Seal's Return (Video)

    Would have been better if the seal popped out from the window behind. Still funny though
  2. Harry Winks

  3. Championship Medals

    I'll work it out in 12 months time
  4. Are the players mentally fucked

    Hoping a potential return of Waghorn will be just the boost we need.
  5. Zelalem v Alloa

    He done well but gets far too much stick. All season weve seen folk try fancy passes and flicks. He tried and nearly pulled off a first touch nutmeg of an Alloa player but ended up giving the ball away and the stadium let out one of the biggest groans ive heard for a while. Its fucking ridiculous sometimes.
  6. New Home Kit Apparently Leaked

    There is a distinct lack of neon glow on this shirt. Therefore, im out.
  7. Championship Medals

    Aww no really? haha. I guess I could go small, big, small, big, small
  8. Championship Medals

    Arrived today, thanks very much! I have the 3 league medals either side of the Barca medal and it looks uneven. Gonna need to get the Scottish Premiership one added so I can have 2 either side
  9. Congratulations To Our Josh & Matt

    Guess Warbs is a nugget seeing as he tried to bring in Diagouraga in January
  10. Gedion Zelalem

    Did excellent when he came on. Sub may have been forced but it was the right time for him to come on. They were almost a man down in midfield and a lot of attack went through him. Think we might have struggled if he started the game so he came on at the perfect time and his penalty was great too! Well done Gid
  11. Are they comparing a small banner brought in by one or two folk to a group organised pre match banner on a far massive scale?
  12. That feeling when you score against them

    Just remembered I took a sore one at the time as well during the first goal celebrations, got smacked in the jaw
  13. That feeling when you score against them

    I was grabbing every cunt. Absolutely unreal. Thought if we scored the first goal place would go even more bonkers, to take the lead twice, simplyunbelievable.
  14. The Other Semi

    Hope he's no in goals on Wednesday
  15. The Other Semi

    Mind Clyde had a keeper that was quite big too. He had a few good saves against us IIRC