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  1. John Kennedy
  2. Rangers On Verge Of Signing Arsenal Superkid Gedion Zelalem

    The disrespect from our team this season is going to be immense.
  3. Is This A Fan?

    Right Danny, now that you're back, can we discuss my warn level?
  4. CaptainofIndustry

    But that was just about his kitchen.
  5. Willie Henderson's saddest day

    McLean was afraid of being tackled. He used to jump over defenders to avoid a tackle, much to the derision of the fans. Then, according to an article in the papers, he began car sharing with Tam Forsyth. Tam gave him a few lessons in how to dish it out as much as take it and Wee Tommy became an evil wee bastard almost overnight.
  6. SteVen Smith

    If only... McCulloch and Mohsni would only be on for corners as well.
  7. John Greig Rangers through and through.

    John Greig managed the team in the top league though. Ally's team is facing sparks and plumbers every week. Greig also took us to the quarter finals of the European Cup in his first season after hanging up his boots. Plus he knew how to win domestic cup competitions, two Scottish Cups and two League Cups. Definitely not the worst manager we've had.
  8. uof the statement.

    That would be the "Fans against fans groups... erm... group"
  9. Are you sure?

    I thought asset stripping meant breaking a company up into little parts and selling them at a profit. Under Green we bought the Albion and Edmiston House. Surely that makes him an asset acquirer?
  11. Dave King about to speak to PA about AGM

    One has real cash to invest, the other has a £20 million sofa that he can't seem to open.
  12. WTF Rangers? Stockbridges maths skills at work?

    Had to load up Google Chrome to see the image. For some reason it isn't showing up on Firefox.
  13. WTF Rangers? Stockbridges maths skills at work? Don't see the problem.
  14. Non-biased Rangers News

    ...and that was STILL GAME 55 reporting for RM News from the Western Infirmary in Glasgow. other news......