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  1. bump! c'mon guys, help a teddy bear out!
  2. lol did i see 9-0 :chopometer:
  3. Walter got it right today guess we'll never know if he wanted to change it or had to change it.(probably the latter) But it's goodbye to the treble for them and one down and one to go for us. Well done to the Rangers
  4. think he'll play can't see walter dropping him even if we did have a suitable replacement
  5. good performance, best player tonight.
  6. terms, conditions and salary for next year.
  7. This is why drugs are bad for you. bet messi is shitin himself barca come in for McCourt
  8. A good read and spot on, maybe someone will post it to SDM
  9. i'm working all weekend.
  10. get well soon
  11. Have not bought this joke of a rag for years now, not just because of it's crap reporting in football or anti rangers bias, boycot the daily rhebel.
  12. Never argue with a tim/idiot they will only pull you down to their level and beat you with experience. As PG says lets wait until a cold winters night a caley an see if they can mix it
  13. i like it
  14. i remember that game i went on to work with gerry evans the ref 4 years later, he took a bit of a ribbing over that.
  15. carlsberg dont do teams but if they did mols for me tho