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  1. Kodi: How Do I Get The Game?

    No matter, im sorted.
  2. Kodi: How Do I Get The Game?

    Can you send me a link? Not coming up on Vipbox for me.
  3. Recently moved house so unsure if been posted to old address.
  4. What Happened To Ibrox Refurb?

    It's not the top priority no, but close season is a valuable opportunity for all those who had volunteered their services to get in and get some work done. The fans aren't rebuilding the team, but they could be rebuilding the stadium.
  5. Can't see nothing about it in Bears Den, the Facebook page has vanished & Google & twitter also has nothing past end of March. Has it been shelved or what??
  6. Should've Had A Beamback At Ibrox Tonight.

    Obviously wouldnt have to fill the place.
  7. We could have raised a good bit of cash to offset the cut price tickets for next week with a beamback tonight. Half 5 kick off wouldve been perfect. Especially when we'll only get about 1000 tickets for it. Missed opportunity.
  8. they said they were going to fight against paying the 500k anyway.
  9. aye thats what i mean. surely this is the only sensible way to resolve this?
  10. 500k due to Newcastle for 4 duds & a decent striker if we get promotion. Should the club be pushing to pay 100k for Vuckic?
  11. While we're getting all transparent why not let us all know who blue pitch and margharita holdings are then? Because if they are will to speak to 8 percent Make Ashley then sure as shit they'll be speaking to them...
  12. There were strong rumours we were after a 6th "unconnected" player in the january transfer window, did it ever come out who this was? If so, did they have a pair of legs and two arms? http://www.<No links to this website>/sport/football/football-transfer-news/rangers-target-sixth-new-signing-5102108
  13. Best Old Firm Goal?

    What was the best old firm goal we've scored? Can anyone beat this belter from Cooper???
  14. *****the Official Alloa V Rangers Thread*****

    Lookin for a link if anyone can help.