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  1. Don Cowie

    Signing for hearts thankfully. Close thread.
  2. A deadline day DM?

    Defo midfielder but don't think a holding mid 
  3. A deadline day DM?

    In terms of what's required this season. MOH for me would fill back up striker, with a DM allowing some balance to our midfield get these two positions and we are sorted
  4. A deadline day DM?

    I still see MOH coming in. Have a sneaking that Clark will be out possibly on loan given he's been out of squad past couple. i hold hope of a DM as I see that as final piece of puzzle 
  5. A deadline day DM?

    Does anyone think that warbs will go after a deadline day DM? hes previously stated he wants one or two, but will King coming in, I assume warbs priority now turns to DM? given our targets have generally been under radar until last minute( King, forrester, goalie) could there be a real surprise up his sleeve?
  6. Burt in the bench- 16 yo I think
  7. Harrison Reed.

    Excellent player, but again another stop gap? Why? At this rate, we will have to add 6-7 players next season just to replace the loans and players out of contract. Not ideal imo
  8. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Not disagreeing the boy is talented, just find it wholly disappointing that the soundbites from the club has been about "over investing" "quality for next season" yet we've seemingly missed out on main targets and opted for short term signings. Had this been a loan- permanent deal, then it has huge merit, but it appears not the case 
  9. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Oh fuck off and stop being a dick. You really think we shouldn't be concerned when we've been promised the earth, yet miss out on our major targets and sign stop gaps while our rivals strengthen? Make no mistake, we need out of this league and cannot take it for granted, we need 1 or 2 quality additions and at the moment, it's looking increasingly unlikely  
  10. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Having said all that, if we can buy him at end of loan, then that's certainly a win
  11. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    I'm sorry but my first reaction is WTF? if this truly is a loan deal with no option, why would we loan out our own promising players like Walsh simply to further develop a player for a rival? More importantly, what is our transfer policy here? For so long the board and warbs have spoken of quality, experience, players to take us to next level and beyond. How does a 6 month loan do that? in the past I've always been fairly optimistic, but this whole transfer window worries me with the lack of funds being stumped up. and I don't wanna hear this " don't play overs" bullshit, getting quality costs money 
  12. Mekhi Leacock-Mcleod

    Record saying loan for development squad. Bizarre if true
  13. Mekhi Leacock-Mcleod

    Short term loan? For the under 20s? What the fuck kind of signing is this?
  14. Mekhi Leacock-Mcleod

    Surely he's for the 1st team given oduwa gone and Walsh on loan?
  15. Diagouraga

    600k according to sun. If true and were not prepared to pay that level of fee for a good player in a league far better than spfl, then I'm seriously concerned