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  1. Danny Graham

    He would be an excellent addition, a completely different option, could hold up, header and poach. We have plenty of pace up front so not too concerned about that
  2. Jordan Rossiter

    Perhaps at 19 he sees us as an opportunity to get 2 years of 1st football and European competition then move on. not out of the realms of possibility, particularly with warbs and mcparland selling the club
  3. Ben Pringle

    For all the talk of us going after lge 1/2 talent, I always thought we should be aiming higher. Given we signed tav, rob and Waggy from championship sides, I felt we needed to be getting a quality of player found in the championship at least. Guys like Pringle and Dorian's would be brilliant additions and show we mean business
  4. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    Love if true, but surely he'd command a decent fee and big wages...for this alone I'm calling it a non starter
  5. Elf, we expecting a significant overall at youth level, I.e will warbs make his mark by bringing in a number of youth?
  6. Who's been released?

    A youth team player said something on Twitter wishing all the players released good luck. someone else on Twitter mentioned a clean out too. Be interesting to see if any others on loan are released like Ramsey, aird etc
  7. Who's been released?

    It's been suggested a fair few players have been released, presumably youth. Anyone have an update on who? Obv Luca is gone, any ideas on who else?
  8. Bradden inman

    Scored again today. Hope this is true, would love to see a fellow aussie in the team since our last two(McKay and Stella) were shite. always considered an excellent prospect and seems to be now making his mark
  9. Alan Hutton

    IF this was on a reasonable wage, then i say it's a great signing. Arguably a better player than tav, his signing would at least give us great competition in fullback and add valuable experience in a very youthful side. By all accounts he was one of villas better players and still an international, he would be good for us providing we don't break a wage structure
  10. Suggestions.

    It would be a big shame if our scouting only goes so far as England. We need to be scouting the best talent in our price range and Europe has plenty of talent on the cheap.
  11. Bradden inman

  12. Matthew Knox

    Not according to stepps boy
  13. ***Rumours thread***

    Where you hear this?
  14. Bradden inman

    As a side, appears to be very good mates with tav
  15. Bradden inman

    Always been touted as very talented in oz, but didn't work out for him at Newcastle. A warb esqe signing for sure