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  1. Frank Mcparland - Chief Scout.

    http://www.just-football.com/2013/03/interview-just-football-liverpool-fc-academy-director-frank-mcparland/ Interesting read, on the surface, seems to have the experience, contacts and passion. Sounds like another positive appointment!
  2. John Soutar

    Highly rated last season, think he's off the boil due to utd playing shite. Still, young with immense potential in an area many consider is our weakness. Considering his age, he's got a lot of games under his belt and would be a great addition
  3. New Head Of Recruitment

    Surely it can't be him, he just joined burnley a few months ago
  4. New Head Of Recruitment

    Reading some articles on head of recruitment at other clubs, I assume the role will be to set up a scouting network then work closely with the 1st and youth set ups to identify players for every level. Promising development if true
  5. New Head Of Recruitment

    Head of recruitment? As in chief scout? Youth recruitment? 1st team? Any more info?
  6. Liverpool Manager

    To be fair, they've suspended betting on warbs for Sunderland.,. Along with a few others like allrdyce on sportsbet
  7. Matthew Shevlin

    16yo nth Ireland striker already making his mark over there His manager says we are wanting him on trial http://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2015/09/30/ballymena-united-manager-claims-celtic-and-rangers-want-matthew/
  8. Glasgow Cup Win At Lennoxtown

    Well played mate! Couldn't believe it when I heard it! Cheers bud, I've asked Tom for a shout out before but he hasn't obliged!
  9. Glasgow Cup Win At Lennoxtown

    Was that you?? Someone from Campbelltown getting a shout out!
  10. Glasgow Cup Win At Lennoxtown

    Bang on mate, I even come home steaming last weekend, 20mins into first half and still paid the $15 to watch the gers through rtv! I just don't wanna miss anything this season
  11. Glasgow Cup Win At Lennoxtown

    Haha when u I heard, knew it was you! Great shout out mate! Next time, sign off as the blue mountains/Campbelltown loyal!!
  12. Glasgow Cup Win At Lennoxtown

    On a side note, are you blue mountains loyal oz? Watched the gers a few weeks ago and Tom who was commentating gave a shout out to blue mountains loyal!
  13. Warbs Decides Against Another Loan

    Not sure we have a squad to cope with injuries particularly at fullback and striker. We certainly lost impotus in wide areas when we lost Wallace and Tavernier was replaced. Ball is a central defender and looks solid but he did not cross the ball once yesterday.
  14. This game is Wednesday yeah? Rangers keep tweeting the game is on rtv and tom the commentator keeps tweeting bout the game,making me think it's Tuesday Ko?
  15. We played extremely poorly and seemed to throw our "passing" style out the window, opting for more direct play. That said, despite our poor performance, we still managed twice as many shots at goal and enjoyed 60% possession This tells me we are still miles ahead of them despite how "poor" we played