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  1. Possibly, but I'm no avid follower of FF and when I see a guy claim will Grigg is going to sign, then doesn't, and follows this up with RVP "that's the name I've heard" it's hard to put any faith in his latest comments given I don't know his previous with other signings. if it was Wilson to sign, then I'd be more than happy as he is another young kid with huge potential.
  2. I also saw Jellybeans state we were after Grigg then said he heard we were after RVP. Thinking this chap does not have the sources he claims to have
  3. There is no way we are in for this guy, let's not give the tims a laugh and just get rid of the thread?
  4. Stephen Craigan on commentary today said he spoke to Thompson before game and he's likely going on loan down south
  5. What I don't understand is why we seem to be limited to English market? I fully agree the fees down south are ludicrous, but by in large, this has limited bearing on fees in holland, Scandinavia, Greece etc etc, surely we can still get value for money outwith UK?
  6. The bloke is taking this piss. It's his MO
  7. Legit or this a big windup?
  8. Who's this aimed it?
  9. Surely as a mod you must reveal all and not hide behind all these "sources" every 15yo keyboard King has? 👍😜
  10. This thread
  11. How you come to this? Some bloke on Twitter? Brentford won't be letting him go
  12. Not a hope in hell. He's on £250,000 a week with 2 years to run, he might take a pay cut but not to the £20,000 we might be able to offer!!! 😂😂😂😂 would kill to get him though!
  13. IF this has any truth, then what I can't fathom is why the fee would be a stumbling block. It is clear that rangers have a great relationship with Whelan and Wigan, as evidenced by his comments and last years dealings with tav and Waghorn. there is no chance we would be swooning over Grigg if we hadn't first discussed with Wigan and got an indication of fee. If that fee was to be an issue, I can't see any talks being sanctioned. secondly and more importantly, warbs said he expected a striker by end of week. Our warbs is a wily character and there is no way he would remotely utter this sort of statement unless he had full confidence that a deal was nearly over the line. For me IF its true, then I suspect a fee will have been agreed and I would commend the board for putting there money where their mouth is. having said that, it's probably James Vaughan 😂😂😂
  14. Firstly let me start by saying I thoroughly enjoyed tonight's game. We looked fresh, hungry and importantly, had an abundance of depth. In terms of attack, we were excellent. With Miller, Waggy, forrester, McKay, MOH and windass, we have exceptional quality across the front 3 and competition will be fierce. Add in a good performance from Walsh and we have a plethora of choice. That said, we could have been more clinical and whilst it's our first hit out, we all agree that we missed a clinical finisher last season and Warbs I'm sure is going all out to fill that berth. With all this in mind, I firmly believe that Hardie needs another year on loan to develop physically, as I can't see where he fits in that front 3 given the depth. midfield is obviously hard to judge given 3 possible starters were unavailable. What we can say is that the likes of Halliday and holt are ever reliable and no matter their role for the season, they won't let us down. As for young Thompson,I echo my thoughts on Hardie, in that he needs to be playing and should go on loan because he certainly looks like a player who could be important in the coming seasons. Fullback wise, happy with the performance, and with hodson still to come in, and McRories admirable performance on the flank, I think we have enough quality to see out the season. Which leads me to defence. Boy oh boy does warbs need to get some real quality there. Whilst the us lad offered a physical and aerial presence, he looked like a bloke who hadn't played in 2 years and I'm not sure he's worth the risk. Hill got turned once or twice which is concerning and given our attacking style this doesn't fill me with confidence as he is likely to be left stranded on occasion. He did however give us an aerial presence and a no nonsense approach which will give us something different. It's clear we need a solid CB because as it stands, I don't think we have necessarily improved in defence, merely added cover of a similar standard. All in all, our first glimpse tonight was overwhelmingly positive. It's clear we are going to be a potent attacking force and with an addition in defence and at striker, I'm filled with confidence that not only can we challenge, we can actually get 55.
  15. Good call, glad it's in the morning!