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  1. Keep up, we changed our name to the Fran Stella loyal last season 😝
  2. Aurora hotel, across road from central station so can't miss it. Check with the true blues, but last time I went in to watch the old firm they streamed the game so quality was poor. Cracking atmosphere though, met Craig Moore in the crowdπŸ‘ Otherwise, sign up to Foxtel, they show all away games, old firm games and a lot of cup games πŸ‘ Btw, welcome to oz πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
  3. Thanks mate, where was billy gilmour? He stepped up?
  4. For me, he's suited to back end of game. Come on with 30mins to go, opposition tired,use his brain and technique to drive home our advantage or unlock a defence if we need a goal. Not a starter for me, too slow in his tracking and movement, we need to be pressing, chasing and attacking in the first 60mins
  5. Why is everyone so against this guy? He's played for some of biggest clubs in the world and Is only 31. i get he's played minimal games, but he's played every game of his 6 month stint in a league as strong as the spfl. whilst he's not blessed with pace, he adds the height and aerial threat that we've been constantly caught out with at set pieces.
  6. Should it though? We paid Β£500k in Jan window and King has always stated that investment would be ramped up when we moved up to spfl. whilst our signings thus far have been free, doesn't mean he won't spend a few mill on a couple of players, particularly with the investment from fans in ST's
  7. The market is only fucked in England. Plenty of quality in other leagues for decent prices
  8. Is there any mention of assaults on individual players??? It's 3am here and can't read the feckin thing
  9. Think he would be good for us. Gives us most of what we don't have- height, physicality, aerial presence and no nonsense defending. Sceptical on his pace, injury issues and bombscare moments
  10. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I meant the team mate! Parramatta itself is a shit hole!
  11. I assume your taking the piss but if not he's clearly the bottom left
  12. He just tweeted about scoring for Rangers. It appears he is with 20s in SA- did he sign with us?
  13. Agree, money is the common denominator. Obviously success is integral for the players, but success, and the financial reward that comes with it is what drives the boards/owners etc and if not run well, clubs can go to the wall so easily. Sad indeed, but as with Rangers, I see light at end of tunnel
  14. Mate, huge eels fans. What's more disappointing is am from Campbelltown and always seen Hayne as a home town hero. To see him turn his back on the team for money is a kick in the guts. Thankfully, things can't get any worse, can they? πŸ˜‚