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  1. For me, he's suited to back end of game. Come on with 30mins to go, opposition tired,use his brain and technique to drive home our advantage or unlock a defence if we need a goal. Not a starter for me, too slow in his tracking and movement, we need to be pressing, chasing and attacking in the first 60mins
  2. Why is everyone so against this guy? He's played for some of biggest clubs in the world and Is only 31. i get he's played minimal games, but he's played every game of his 6 month stint in a league as strong as the spfl. whilst he's not blessed with pace, he adds the height and aerial threat that we've been constantly caught out with at set pieces.
  3. Should it though? We paid £500k in Jan window and King has always stated that investment would be ramped up when we moved up to spfl. whilst our signings thus far have been free, doesn't mean he won't spend a few mill on a couple of players, particularly with the investment from fans in ST's
  4. The market is only fucked in England. Plenty of quality in other leagues for decent prices
  5. Is there any mention of assaults on individual players??? It's 3am here and can't read the feckin thing
  6. Think he would be good for us. Gives us most of what we don't have- height, physicality, aerial presence and no nonsense defending. Sceptical on his pace, injury issues and bombscare moments
  7. 😂😂😂 I meant the team mate! Parramatta itself is a shit hole!
  8. I assume your taking the piss but if not he's clearly the bottom left
  9. He just tweeted about scoring for Rangers. It appears he is with 20s in SA- did he sign with us?
  10. Agree, money is the common denominator. Obviously success is integral for the players, but success, and the financial reward that comes with it is what drives the boards/owners etc and if not run well, clubs can go to the wall so easily. Sad indeed, but as with Rangers, I see light at end of tunnel
  11. Mate, huge eels fans. What's more disappointing is am from Campbelltown and always seen Hayne as a home town hero. To see him turn his back on the team for money is a kick in the guts. Thankfully, things can't get any worse, can they? 😂
  12. Storms rotting was on another level. As for the same, it's exactly the same, parra and gers were torn apart by an incompetent,potentially criminal board.
  13. You may be thinking about ozblue, he's a bit more prolific on here! But your right, the day is grim on here without all the transfer speculation and timposters! fyi, it's not rugby, it's league 👍😜, I fecking hate rugby
  14. As we all know, these past few years have been absolute hell for both the club and we, the long suffering fans. Looking back, it is still hard to comprehend all the turmoil we endured at the hands of evil businessmen, incompetent administrators and often poisonous opposition fans/bloggers and keyboard warriors. Now that we have emerged, stronger than ever, I wanted to also share the plight of my local Rugby League team, the Parramatta Eels to highlight that greed knows no bounds. Parramatta are a Sydney based rugby league club and one of, if one the biggest supported clubs in Australia. Unfortunately, success has been rare in the last decade, until the beginning of this season, when we signed some international recruits. The season started and the club were absolutely flying, and for the first time in years, fans started to believe that we could finally be champions. Then things turned to shit: - A few games into the season, media reports emerged that the governing body were investigating the club for "rorting" the salary cap - The governing body then came out and announced it was indeed investigating team for "backhanders" that weren't declared properly - The investigation took months, and everyday, the media had inside sources leaking and muckraking at every chance, dragging the club, players and fans through the mud - Investigation was finalised and club was fined $1 mill, docked all points won up until that stage (effectively ruling them out of finals) forced to shed players, and pulled licence of entire board, pending further review - Parra where then forced to offload two of their most exciting prospects, akin to Rangers having to lose McKay and Holt - Whilst the club was being dragged over coals for payment issues, all was not well in the playing group - Our biggest recruit in 10 years, think Joey Barton esqe, an international player and supposed "leader" was found to have a gambling problem - This led to said player taking 3 weeks away from game - Player came back, and got injured for rest of season - He has now reneged on his 5 year contract, citing personal issues and has now effectively left the sport (until he signs for another club next season no doubt) - Whilst this was happening, the sports best winger, a Fijian who Parramatta had scouted and nutured to become a superstar, decided that he wanted to chase $$ and leave for French rugby - The club was having none of this, and played hardball, leading to the player heading back to Fiji for two weeks. - When he returned, he committed to the club, but two weeks later, got injured for the season - Then our halfback, another young superstar, got embroiled in a drug and sex scandal. He has now been banned by governing body for remainder of season Now you think it couldn't have gotten worse. Until today. We had our own version of the Naisy et al TUPE fiasco. Our prodigal son, Jarryd Hayne, a player that was a Parramatta legend, had been allowed to leave the club two seasons ago to take up the opportunity of a lifetime to play in NRL for 49ers. Throughout the last two seasons, this guy has told media and fans, he signed a "lifetime" deal with Parramatta and if he ever came back to League, he would only ever play for Parramatta, the club he captained and brought him through since he was 16. Hayne recently quit NFL and it was destined that he would return to his beloved club and give the club and fans something to look forward to. Today, Hayne signed for a rival team. So there you have it, as you can see, there is a club on the other side of the world whose supporters are going through the same pain we all felt during these last few years. Being a supporter of both clubs, my only comfort is that like Rangers, I am sure Parramatta will come out of this bigger and stronger than ever before. Feel free to move into another forum.