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  1. I honestly think MOH needs a run of games as well - strong player with lots of desire whose pace can give fits to opposing defences. Well worth a shot imo.
  2. Spot on. How many times do we see McKay bombing down the wing only to have to stop short and pass sideways because there's no one coming in to support the run. We are bloody terrible at getting bodies into the box, and even when we do, I've come to have zero confidence in our ability to score off it - with how poor we are at hitting the target, you'd sometimes swear the goal was only an inch wide. Couple that with this bombscare defence and it's no wonder many supporters are getting fed up. I dont like being a negative Nellie, but that's the truth of it as it stands now and somehow it's simply got to get sorted if we're to have any chance at the title.
  3. Wish I had more confidence as well; this defence and our apparent allergy to the goal gives me nightmares. That said, we all know anything can happen in these games. I just hope we storm intae them and dont play like frightened wee lassies; nothing does my nut in more than to see all this indecisive dilly-dallying on the ball before eventually being dispossessed.
  4. Fuck off back to Hell, Clancy. Poor, poor performance by us, but it was golden compared to the laughably biased rubbish he served up.
  5. Simply not good enough.
  6. Will be shambolic if we can't snatch all the points here.
  7. Criminal MOH can't get time; poses far more of a threat than Barrie does on current form.
  8. Bunch of hammer throwers.
  9. Should've buried that!
  10. Horrible defending again - lucky not to have paid the price.
  11. Exocet from 'arry there. Shame it was too high.
  12. OOFT. Almost. Beautiful play there.