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  1. Different season, same shite; a .500 record has always been the Fisher way. This team never ceases to amaze.
  2. Unfortunately, the Rams find yet another way to pull defeat out of victory. I fucking hate Jeff Fisher.
  3. Ooft. Have to score that, Jason.
  4. Lovely finish by King Kenny.
  5. Fair point about DC; I do remember full well the calibre of players we used to have available, which is why I guess I'm un-awed by what Fletcher offers. But, as the saying goes - that was then, this is now. I know I'm also guilty of seeing the past through rose-coloured specs at times, because in truth those players we used to be able to draw from were also guilty of not rising to the occasion more times than I care to remember..
  6. Aye, no worries m8; agree that Coop suffered badly from those surrounding him at the time, but his talent was still there for all to see even if many of the blinkered inside Scotland turned a blind eye to it. Fletcher, though...I don't know, I just never climbed aboard his bandwagon. Solid enough, don't get me wrong, but when this is the cream of the crop for us then (to me) it just shows how far we've fallen over the decades.
  7. Fucking shameful.
  8. Well aware of his record w/ ManU, but frankly I look at the amount of caps he's received v. (for instance) the amount Davie Cooper earned in his time on earth and find it completely baffling.
  9. Will no doubt get crucified by some out there, but for me it says all you need to know about the sorry state of Scottish Football when Fletcher has 75 caps for the Nat team.
  10. Not exactly earth shattering, but 3 pts. in the bag is something we can't take lightly so far. Well done boys.
  11. Keep on yer toes and see this out cleanly lads.
  12. Niko may well be the most placid player I've ever laid eyes on (and I mean that in a good way).
  13. How ridiculous was that?
  14. Almost there again.
  15. Andy taking a beating today.