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  1. Cup final ballot it's official

    I think it would be very unfair if some didn't get a ticket for either game ... if you are looking for somebody to blame then blame the sfa for giving a team with an 8k average attendance half of Hampden
  2. Cup final ballot it's official

    Probably fair ... TBH a semi-final win against septic is at least as good as winning the cup against hibs
  3. A Tour of Ibrox with Andy Gray

    Very special
  4. I wonder about easter road as well ... as a player how would you feel about 10 months hard effort not being acknowledged by your fellow pro's? Even if I wasn't a bear I would still want to rub their noses in it for that and yet the team didn't seem to bother ... don't ever underestimate the importance of the killer instinct in being a winner
  5. That's the problem you can't just turn it on again when it suits ... there was a caller on that Clyderock open line last night who also mentioned the 94 cup final when we were going for a treble and yet threw it all away when dundee utd beat us because we had put the tools away too early
  6. Police Scotland tonight

  7. We are in the middle of a month long car crash right now ... the only hope is that Warbs can make the team aware of that before it's too late
  8. We hate them but respect must be shown to Hibs

    So funny if they spent another season down with the stiffs
  9. Brian Laudrup

    Loved the start of his first season when the opposition realised he was so quick they couldn't even kick him
  10. We hate them but respect must be shown to Hibs

    If it's possible to be even more bitter and twisted than septic then hibs manage it ... tims without a bus fair just about sums them up lol
  11. Brian Laudrup

    Just a perfect performance ... solid gold
  12. Brian Laudrup

    The Hearts final was just a bit special
  13. From Legendary Captain to Legendary Captain

    Do you mind I'm at my dinner
  14. We hate them but respect must be shown to Hibs

    Their record against premiership opposition this season shows they are dangerous as underdogs and that's exactly what they will be on the 21st ... we have to get that edge back or risk disappointment