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  1. Whatever else has happened we are still Rangers
  2. MOH

    Neil McCann?
  3. I can't help feeling most of the improvement was at the start of Warbs time and we have been on a plateau for a long time now
  4. I have to say losing the cup last season to the hiv's was a bit of a fly in the Warbs ointment for me ... and then him failing to address defensive frailties over the summer was another
  5. Well lets hope it continues then we need some good news
  6. Just can't believe anyone who's job is on the line would pay all that for a player and then not play him
  7. Obviously not doing it in the team where it counts
  8. Make it impossible for the manager not to pick him
  9. No I want to see him giving it all he's got to be a success at the biggest club he will ever have the chance to play for
  10. His heart just isn't in it which is unforgivable
  11. So what is his problem then?
  12. What player in football doesn't burst a gut in training to make sure he plays against his old team to show he's made the right move
  13. Why don't you show us how much the whole septic squad cost
  14. You have to be careful about the ones you sign. I know the PC won't like that but it's stating the obvious and perhaps it's something that Warbs should have been made aware of before he wasted a good chunk of what little money is available
  15. That empty plastic bottle took out 3 of them