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  1. Their keeper picked the ball out of the net more often than ours that's good enough for me
  2. Suppose it was always going to be hard for us to do a hearts and come up and finish near the top because unlike them we get a really tough game every week but it would be a mistake to begin to accept second best and I hope he has been kicking a few arses in the dressing room because this just isn't good enough
  3. That's internet hardmen for you ... the more abusive they are on here the more like little mice they are in real life
  4. Don't forget though they didn't miss us
  5. I suspect rodgers signing up wasn't in the plan ... perhaps another deila would have allowed us to continue to build on a shoe string but BR getting the champions league cash to spend means a change of direction is required
  6. Goals?
  7. Was just thinking the same thing actually. What's really annoying is we beat Killie last season before we strengthened and it does make you wonder just how much we improved the squad during the summer. Of course it's still early days but the new players who have came in from small clubs have to realise that every time we play the opposition will give everything they have and then some to beat us and being a Rangers player means they have to do the same
  8. Perhaps they will headhunt the editor from Falkirk
  9. He's over there officer *points*
  10. Scandalous that we are forced to pay for it because of the licence fee
  11. The good thing is the papers have never been so weak because the net has destroyed their circulation and if the advertisers thought no Bears were buying them they would soon find somewhere else to spend their money
  12. As has been said I can't believe that any Bear still buys it but winning this case would be a perfect opportunity to start getting tough
  13. The fact that they continue to denigrate and tell lies about us while bolstering septic ... there must be something we can do
  14. What do you suggest?
  15. They even let him put his caravan in the car park