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  1. Couldn't help noticing that they have 21 winners and we have only 10 ... and since we as a club have won more than them does this huge disparity show what we are up against in Scottish football?'_Player_of_the_Year
  2. Hopefully City will give them another good kicking on Wednesday then we have to be prepared to beat Thistle because there's is every chance they will drop something at the weekend
  3. You can always say these things in the early part of the season when not many points have been played for yet
  4. I'm sure he's as bothered as the rest of us
  5. A bit harsh he kept picking up silverwear while cutting the wage bill in half. The thing that really worries me about Warbs is he doesn't seem to learn ... we lost the cup final because of a weak defence so that was clearly the number 1 priority during the summer and yet very little was done.
  6. I often wonder if Walter and him have had a chat? If so Wattie must have asked him about the defence and how more often than not we don't translate our possesion into goals
  7. It was a great strike but it should have been no more an a consolation
  8. Our inability to score while on top for long periods of the game cost us 3 points
  9. Yet again we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory after a sublime first half ... Warbs is one thing but I just don't know how Davie Weir can watch that piss poor defence every day in training
  10. I'm just saying he needs the money ... I assume that's why he's such a gobby piece of shite although perhaps that's just him
  11. DJ should have asked him would you have been this keen to chase the money if you hadn't been bankrupt recently
  12. I couldn't help feeling that if sutton had launched a similar attack on his timmy mate keevins McCulloch would have waded in but because it was DJ then it was allowed to continue. DJ told a little anecdote last week about Coop in the pittodrie dressing room after a defeat and the way McCulloch completely blanked it spoke volumes about him. Jock Wallace went round the whole team after the game and asked them all individually why they thought we had lost and the first 10 all basically said I thought I had a decent game. Now Coop being last said well if it's not them then it must have been me and according to DJ the whole mood lightened because of his dry humour. Now you just wouldn't believe how quickly McCulloch went onto the next caller rather than give anymore time to a positive story about Rangers he couldn't even acknowledge an insight into one of the legendary figures of our game
  13. I have to say I have been surprised at the amount of Bears I know who vote SNP ... in fact it's almost the same as the amount of Protestants I know who have allowed their kids to be brought up by the roman church in a mixed marriage so perhaps it's just a case of a lot of us not valuing what we have until it's gone. It may be that just we have a large Protestant majority on this side of the water so it makes us complacent but let there be no doubt they are chipping away at it so more of us have to wake up and be proud of who we are and what that gives us
  14. DJ should have shown him what a European winners medal looks like