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  1. Read your pm's Thermo!

  2. The Bears Den is becoming embarrassing.

    I do agree with the OP that they need our support more than ever now but we have just been kept in the dark so long by Murray that there is a big undercurrent of negativity and even hostility now
  3. I think as well you do get more out of someone if they believe in what they are doing. I'm not saying that scott brown would have been a success with us but I think he shows that you just can't hide your feelings however much you are getting paid
  4. It has to be remembered that sometimes a move can make a player ... for example Rod Wallace was much better with us than he was with Leeds
  5. Healy

    Yes but we're all the best of friends now ... even having the piece of filth that is mcguinness in government
  6. David Healy signs for The Rangers

    Everyone needs a lift and this signing may just be what's needed ... probably needs to get off to a good start though with all the doubters
  7. Coop's Ibrox Tributes

    It was your avatar that remined me of them
  8. Derek Riordan

    Very much doubt this will happen but if it did at least he would have a point to prove against septic
  9. Coop's Ibrox Tributes

    Found these old pictures ...
  10. Healy

    The bit when he went cap in hand to the IMF was particulary memorable
  11. Anyone heard abot these fenian hibs casuals?.

    The one I remember from Easter Road was this crazy woman driving a green metro right up the middle of the road after the game and knocking Bears up into the air ... I always walked on the pavement in a crowd after that one
  12. What will Murray Park be called in 10 years time?

    Where we lead septic follow ... always the way