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  1. I never believed it I'm saying he shouldn't have said it, Charles Green got pelters all the time for similar hyperbole, and no I'm not saying that makes them the same just in case you're thinking that We need to find the balance between sensible management and needed investment, I don't know if the board are managing that right now
  2. Not at all, I just don't believe King should have said that when it clearly wasn't possible
  3. Our form went after the semi-final the final was just a continuation, and like @K.A.I says we're in real trouble if that is the reason
  4. Doubt there's much chance of Warburton dropping him though
  5. I made similar arguments when people were getting slaughtered for not boycotting season tickets because the Easdales were in charge For what it's worth I agree we need to be realistic with the finances and not go down the chasing the dream route again, but King was hyperbolic about the amount of money we were going to spend in previous interviews and I think he's gotten off lightly for it compared to others like Green because he's seen as a Rangers man
  6. No but King set himself up for questions by going on about how we had to spend 20-30 million on transfers when he was trying to buy in
  7. The scum might be too far ahead but if we're trailing 2nd place we're in real trouble
  8. Sometimes you have to think realistically, I felt to have a chance this season we needed a strong start, assuming their game in hand being won we'll have a 7 point gap already if they win the Old Firm and I just can't see us managing to pull that back. Yes I know we've come back from worse positions before but you have to judge on this current team and their performances We can't always refer back to the events of the last few years to make things seem better and as for income I'm not going to stop going to the games whatever happens
  9. Would think so, I'm saying that while I agree with him getting time it shouldn't be unconditional. Winning the league first time round is clearly a challenge and to be honest if the game in two weeks doesn't go well I'll already be writing it off. But if we're struggling to finish above the likes of Aberdeen and Hearts as the season goes on with the squad we have then there really are big problems
  10. He's got plenty to sort out and the 'honeymoon period' is definitely over although that's always inevitable at a club like ours We shouldn't be letting our expectations get too low either, finishing 2nd should be the absolute minimum acceptable this season. But talk of sacking Warburton in August is ludicrous, McCoist had to go because he had no managerial ability at all, Warburton obviously does and we can't start going down the route of changing managers every few months
  11. Rossiter was probably signed with a thought to the future as well
  12. Got an email
  13. Posties selling a few tickets then