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  1. Ballot for season holders

    Aye I did, just with people asking me to get extra if I can but never thought there was much chance!
  2. Ballot for season holders

    Are CCCS people definitely not in the ballot?
  3. What are the numbers on CCCS and semi and final lists?

    Wouldn't think so, my mate says he was on the phone to ibrox earlier and they said they will but I'm thinking he probably misunderstood Times like this I'm glad I tick that box anyway!
  4. What are the numbers on CCCS and semi and final lists?

    Anyone know if CCCS folk will be able to order any extra?
  5. Email Ticket Allocation For The Rest Of The Season

    Morton, Falkirk, Raith, Livi Absolutely horrendous
  6. Morton Emails Are Out Today

    Got it
  7. Julescotia - A Request

    You going tae put it on Twitter?
  8. Queen Of The South

    Red Lion for number 3
  9. New League Cup Format

    Think they start in July
  10. Morton V Rangers 25/01/16 (For Sale)

    Are the emails out for this yet?
  11. My Biggest Fear Today Is Us, The Fans.....

    There may just be a bit of mind games in that you know...
  12. Have The Players That Left Been Vindicated In Any Way?

    Anyone who thinks the players did what they did because they thought Green was going to run away with the transfer money is seriously deluded
  13. Simply The Best

    Was expecting a tribute to a much loved and respected poster.
  14. Simply The Best

    Some of us are busy while you're always away on holidays