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  1. Real amount of wages down the drain between Barton and Kranjcar then
  2. Bit last minute
  3. What good is showing them radiation going to do?
  4. Do any of our CBs ever keep fit?
  5. Easy to say they've learnt from the last game will need to prove that they have
  6. Strongest 11 is a bit of an easy phrase to use but ideally you should be able to trust your squad enough where there isn't a particular strongest 11, we've changed the team about all season thanks to injuries and the Barton fiasco If Gilks is as good a keeper as seems to be thought then him coming in shouldn't really weaken us, Walter did the same with Alexander and McGregor. Your last point is true though there's a big risk of making the headlines if he has a howler but Warburton's obviously willing to take that risk
  7. That was probably more because of the set up of the league cup group stage with four games so close together, Warburton was rotating pretty much using the games like pre-season
  8. Walter did it with Neil Alexander in 2011, played him in the league cup and stuck with him for the final vs them I don't have a problem with the concept only thing is it's difficult to judge Gilks on the games he has played since he had so little to do in all of them, Gilks has a good track record but we all know what the hype will be about if he happens to make a mistake on Sunday
  9. No point being rash especially with the lack of alternative. Certainly don't think he's done enough to get 'as long as he wants' like said in the OP though, if we finish lower than 2nd this season I don't see how he can possibly continue
  10. If true is the important phrase there
  11. If I remember right Sutton did get a one match ban for the following season I think? Should have been far more though
  12. Cheers mate
  13. Either this guys at the wind up or some of our fans expectations have been dumbed down incredibly
  14. Wages and player for player we should be better than them, our squad obviously has deficiencies related to where we thrive to be but who barring one or two from Aberdeen's squad would genuinely improve us? I accept the need for some realism hence why i wrote off much of a title challenge very early on, but saying its a result to finish 5th or 6th seems like criminally low expectations, just how slow is our progression supposed to be if that's the case? The standard of Scottish football has been rotten for years and everything I've seen suggests it's only got worse in our time away, 2nd doesn't seem like an unreasonable expectation at all
  15. The mob rule over this when he tried to resume his career before was embarrassing, and as far as we can see those responsible aren't apologising despite him going back through the court process to clear his name