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  1. Open letters are cringeworthy as fuck
  2. I know the OP goes on about this a lot but the board surely can't escape some responsibility for what's going on?
  3. So even if we continue to look like we're heading for a bottom half finish he needs the season? I don't think he should go now but we need to pick up form soon or it can't continue
  4. He was the right man at the right time for where we were, whether he's the right man going forward now is another question
  5. Exactly, only a win can be acceptable however we play
  6. The shambles McCoist left is irrelevant now, Warburton has to be judged on how we're progressing under him and we're now going backwards
  7. No, anything less than second players, management and board need chased
  8. Much as i approve of the philosophy it's clearly not being implemented correctly when we can't score goals
  9. Next games always the most important but if we can't end this dismal run at home against the joint bottom team we'd be as well packing it in for the season
  10. It's a horrendous run and no amount of excuses can justify it
  11. Jesus Waghorn This games proof if it was even needed that you can't look into cup ties against lower league teams
  12. Was pretty much like that every season when we were in the top flight
  13. There's nothing wrong having competition and good cover, we all know Waghorn seems a bit injury prone and we can't keep relying on Miller when he's coming up to 37 But our budget was obviously limited and a huge chunk of it was spent on Garner while we scraped around free transfers to strengthen the defence so it's understandable why questions could be asked
  14. He hasn't started the last couple of games anyway
  15. That's the sad thing it really wouldn't be a shock