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  1. Wallace was really poor today, offered nothing going forward and offered even less defensively
  2. Barton has been anonymous. Forrester showing why hes our best player, has to start every week! Miller despite his goal has offered next to nothing, hes never even in the box!
  3. Kenny miller was dreadful last week, surprised hes starting today. Pleased rossiter is starting, but what does MOH have to do to get a game?
  4. Tav

    hes an international player who has won the top flight. So he will be worth more... Problem is, if they had tav and we had Tierney, they would still get the higher transfer fee
  5. Tav

    problem is with the jump in EPL money in the last 12 months, you wont get a player like Tav for 200k anymore. Their now going for double that or higher... 2.5million doesn't even get you a decent championship fullback now
  6. Tav

    If Tierney is rated at 10million by the dhims, then tav has to be valued at least 7-8million. is he actually worth that, god no. But we cannot keep letting our stars go on the cheap! 2.5million is pennies in todays market, absolutely no chance!
  7. Were not going to bring anyone in until the end of the window. We'll wait and see what players fall out of favour down south, and move then. Hopefully with quite a lot of managerial changes over the summer in the EPL and championship, there will be a few players out of favour
  8. We can, however I'm still not convinced. Last season we managed without a real injury crisis, as our back four all remained fit. If we lose a centre half, or fullback to injury, we are down to the bare bones. I also cant see how were going to break teams down any better than last season. We cant expect the likes of Dodoo to score 15+ goals in his first season of proper football!
  9. I saw him last year against Exeter several times, and hes a beast. Hes never a natural centre half, but could be made into a good defender. like a poor mans javi Martinez if you will 😂
  10. once Barton and rossiter are on the park, teams will get far fewer chances against us. Thankfully, most teams in Scotland do not have the composure to take their chances, so were getting away with it currently. I agree we are shaky at the back, however the games where we had a proper DM (think dom ball vs the tims), we actually were pretty solid. Defending set pieces is a massive concern, but hopefully we'll be less open at the back once we have a proper anchor infront of the back 4
  11. pretty much every player is signed by ally in all these sides, what a godawful manager he was 😂
  12. hes absolutely fucking woeful. Think we'll get linked with every relegated washed up and out of contract epl player in the papers, and hopefully they'll be as wrong as they were all of last summer
  13. aluko was only on a 6 month contract, he had every right to leave us having paid to play for us 😂 some people are too thick to realise that people like him were in a completely different scenario to lafftery, paysmith etc
  14. tyneside true blues meet at the bluebell in Gateshead? I've just moved up to the north east myself, used to drink with them a couple of seasons back
  15. I think the fact none of the players are tweeting about it etc, means that they'll have given statements to the police... think this will be taken very very seriously