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  1. *****The Official Rangers v Kilmarnock Match Thread*****

    waghorn was awful today, can tell he's low on confidence having not scored in a couple of weeks. I imagine o'halleron will get a start over him soon  
  2. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    in fairness, if we'd signed any other hearts player on loan we'd all be raging....   but the lad has the best name I've seen 😂
  3. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    as bad a decision that was, Halliday wasn't going to last the game without being sent off. Not justifying the red, but he really needs to calm down, picks up too many yellows because he gets overly wound up
  4. Martyn Waghorn

    He's going to be a top top player. Hopefully we can get him tied down to a longer contract also.
  5. *** The Official Rangers V Cowdenbeath Match Thread ***

    Waldo is having a stormer
  6. Rangers Confirm Pre-Contract Signings Of Crooks & Windass.

    Windass especially is one who will be a good squad player in the top flight. He's probably at a similar standard to Naismith when we first signed him, the difference being we havnt paid almost 3 million pounds for him. Time will tell, but I think he'll develop into a very good player for us
  7. A Year From Now

    We should be aiming to be top. We'll need to bring in experience though, your not gonna win the spfl with as young a side as we have. Couple of older heads, preferably with a bit of premier league experience (think weir and dailey when Walter came back), and we should be up there
  8. Danny Wilson

    Alongside a better defender he'll be fine. Problem is when both your centre half's are young and inexperienced, they can both make each other jittery and your confidence soon plummets afterwards
  9. Kane Hemmings

    He's clearly not shite, he was playing in a god awful side under our worst manager in the clubs history. And people were shocked when he didn't look like messi. Its an example of if we had someone like Warburton after admin, we would never have had to spend the money we did to climb the leagues. For anyone who says he wouldn't currently improve our squad in terms of the forward we have, he's scoring in a higher standard right now
  10. 14 Team Spfl

    The spfl needs to be as large a division as possible. We should be looking for a top league of 16-18 teams. Does that mean more shit games to begin with...absolutely. But the strength of a large league is that allows your middle sized clubs to build a side without fear of relegation. If the EPL was a 12 team league, would the likes of Everton, spurs, Swansea, ever be able to build a side without that fear? The short term mentality of Scottish football is deeply rooted in our league structure
  11. Nicky Clark Lifted

    I think nickys for the chop, if he has any blame in it warbuton won't stand for that
  12. Celtic Statement

    Why don't you go home bhoys? 54 titles, still going strong
  13. Spfl To Hold Crisis Talks On Friday.

    They will come after us with all they've got, mark my words. There's too many t@igs in the spfl for them to resist the chance
  14. Templeton

    Forgot he even played for us. Utter mince footballer
  15. Plymouth Rsc

    They meet at raffles bar off mutley plain. Great bunch of lads, unfortunately im in exeter these days so can't get across much. Think their doing up the clubhut atm?