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  1. Wallace assault

    I think the fact none of the players are tweeting about it etc, means that they'll have given statements to the police... think this will be taken very very seriously
  2. Rangers statement

    very good statement, puts pressure on the sfa to make a big big statement
  3. Perspective

    Europa league can derail a league season, we've all seen it in England. it would have been fantastic, but allows us to focus completely on the league. We'll need to, as Celtic will be a different team next season
  4. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    our subs lost us the game, sadly changed the momentum to their favour. Although we should never have been in front in the first place, we were really really poor today.
  5. Tavernier.

    thats as bad a game as he'll have. Didn't look fit, but Warburton refused to pick any defensive subs so had no way to resolve it
  6. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    thats as bad as we've played all season, atrocious
  7. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    a few of the boys need to change their studs, tav has been on his arse about 4 or 5 times already
  8. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    Tav and Waldo are having fucking shockers
  9. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    You could argue he's been the best midfielder in the championship last year... a lot of Burnley fans seem to think so...
  10. O'Halloran

    players saying they love training, how refreshing our previous manager fucking hated training, so Christ knows what the players thought of it 😂
  11. Zelalem v Alloa

    its widely accepted by our own manager, as well as many top others including Wenger etc... that reserve football is a lower standard than lower league. The intensity, pace and pressure cannot compare with that of a competitive match
  12. Windass and Crooks goal stats

    I live in Exeter currently, so a lot of guys I work with have seen them and/or follow league 2 very keenly. all I've heard regarding these two is positive words. Both are very raw talents, but everyone I've spoke to is amazed we were able to pick them up on frees. certainly looks like great business, windass may be more of a squad player to begin with. Think crooks will get a very good shot at holding a starting role
  13. New Home Kit Apparently Leaked

    I imagine it wont be that. 32 red have changed their logo this year, so I doubt they'll be using their old one 😂
  14. John fleck

    he's been very good for Coventry, and can play 7,8,10,11 in our system. if he sorted out his attitude, its the kind of signing we could make. He's a much better player than when he left no
  15. Player Ratings

    very harsh on zelalem. He did really well when he came on, good retention and moved the ball out of the danger areas. did much more than Nicky law