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  1. Needed to make a change in the middle of the park, as we were nackered and they were flying past us. Brings on 3 forwards, when we couldn't get the ball in the middle of the park.
  2. We are light years behind them at present
  3. I appreciate the points you've made, but there are some areas we're now stronger in. I would argue that Tav is a slightly better/similar standard fullback than Whittaker, who flattered to deceive for years for us. Edu was an absolute bombscare at times, I would argue Rossiter or Halliday have far more footballing ability than he ever had Weir that season wasn't a liability, but he certainly wasn't the player he was. We had to defend deep to cover his crippling lack of pace, and we lost that double header of Old Firm games because his legs had gone. Clint Hill is probably about the standard Weir was at that season, however the problem being he doesn't have Bougherra to cover him. I'd argue that Lee Wallace is a much better fullback than Papac, and that a McKay or Forrester is better than Gregg "half a yard" Wylde. Obviously we're not the side we were then, but we're not as far away as people would let you believe. Spending £20million pounds to win the SPL one year isn't feasible, so we are heading in the right direction, albeit slower than many would like.
  4. Jorg Albertz was phenomenal. Being left footed he was my idol, despite the fact he had the likes of Gazza playing alongside him. Every game against the dhims, the hammer would score!
  5. I remember going into the Stuttgart game, who were champions of Germany, thinking that we had to win. Nowadays such expectations would seem ridiculous 😂! Great times, that game against Sporting was incredible
  6. Mark has completely underestimated the gulf on class to the SPFL. I believe he should be given time, because we don't have a Walter ready to step in like we did in the PLG days. People need to remember, it took us a penalty shoot out, to beat one of the worst Celtic teams in memory. Arguably our best performance last season, and we still only just nicked the game, regardless of how much possession or domination of the football we had. They've recruited really well, Dembele was an absolute steal. You can get bargains in England in the free transfer market, but sadly we havnt used it wisely this year. However, Windass and Rossiter will prove to be fantastic signings given time, just a shame we didn't try and pick up a good defender!
  7. We don't actually create many chances, most of our possession is in our own half. this attacking football myth is a joke, Tony Mowbray said the same thing
  8. He needs to forget the signings hes made this summer, and go back to playing the boys who last year made it happen for him. Kranjcar over Halliday away from home at their place, how on earth was that going to help us defensively?
  9. we need to press with the same intensity we did last season, as we've failed to do it once this year. Waldo and Tav have to get forward, take risks, the overlap from them is what creates the space for the strikers and midfielders to lose their men in and around the box
  10. Sorry to be controversial but that is utter nonsense 😂! I'm no Pep lover, but he took over a Barca side who were in disarray, moved on the likes of Ronaldinho, Deco and a bunch of established stars, and played youth who were far from being established. Yes Xavi was a great player, but Iniesta had done hardly anything of note in his career, likewise with Messi, Busquets, Pedro etc. In fact under Rijkaard the likes of Iniesta and Messi were almost forced out of the club.
  11. The champions league has been shite recently, a lot of people I know have barely watched it the last few years. Too many ties between the same clubs, and what does UEFA do, give us more 😂!
  12. Wallace was really poor today, offered nothing going forward and offered even less defensively
  13. Barton has been anonymous. Forrester showing why hes our best player, has to start every week! Miller despite his goal has offered next to nothing, hes never even in the box!
  14. Kenny miller was dreadful last week, surprised hes starting today. Pleased rossiter is starting, but what does MOH have to do to get a game?
  15. Tav

    hes an international player who has won the top flight. So he will be worth more... Problem is, if they had tav and we had Tierney, they would still get the higher transfer fee