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  1. Hutton is suspended!! Fucking Little on the right with McKay on the bench, deary me.
  2. RIP Kriss Donald.
  3. Anybody else Rememer when you used to get pakora and pizza at Ibrox? Used to always get it when I started going to games 15 years ago. Much better than the stuff now, fucking hate when ye buy a steak pie and the arse falls right out of it and you have to scoop it up with your fingers.
  4. Who do you mean?
  5. All fair and valid points, but no matter what league we are surely we shouldn't be signing any 28+ year olds as a long term strategy? The odd 1 maybe 2 too add to Jig, Alexander and Wallace etc... If we can't set up a decent scouting network and figure out how to play a good standard of free flowing football with younger players now then we never ever will as a club, and that frightens me greatly.
  6. So, having been linked with Nicky Law and Jon Daly last night it seems we are going for the SPL market for the seasons ahead. This I have no problem with as there is no need for European players who are untested in the Scottish lower divisions e.g Cribari, as they will be commanding heavy wages with no guarantee if they can cut it. However this strategy hasn't exactly worked this season has it? Black has been horrible, Sandaza has been horrible, Shiels has been hit and miss and well the less said about Kyle the better. So is Ally right to go with this policy?... For me I am only happy about it if we go for under 25s players so that there is a potential sell on value, just look at Wallace and Templeton. So that we can have them for a few years and playing well and then we can sell them on for a heavy profit. This isn't going to happen with a Daly, Higdon, Stevenson or anybody of that ilk. Being realistic I know some of these forthcoming targets might be out of reach but it would at least show some ambition and show we are trying to go about setting up a new and exciting transfer policy. Id try for any of these: Kenny McLean, Gary Mackay Stevens, Andrew Shinnie, Billy McKay, Callum Paterson, Stuart Armstrong, Michael Ngoo etc... This, along with establishing a bigger better oversees scouting system to pick up players like Wanyama, Izzagairre, Kayal etc is the way forward for us now.
  7. Cuppies, keeper is the Ref, who remembered when somebody hand balled it and every team got a penalty haha. Carnage!!! 10-21ers was the berries. Tic tac to see who got to get the first pick. The buzz of getting to play with the older lads because you where better than most of them haha. Those where the days.
  8. I was moving my stuff out of my house I had with the ex. Will never forget they 2 days. Surreal. Where has this year went...
  9. Ye can stick yer Kenny Miller up yer arse!
  10. My first season ticket was up the club deck, Mols first season. My dad used to lift me up when we scored and I was terrified!!! Row Z of club deck andit was fuckin steep On a side note, sat in BF5 for the Caley game 2 weeks ago, and it was terrible, full of Junkies shouting alot of shite, like it was their first games. BF1 to BF3 is probably the furthest ad go along now. And Im a lad who loves a sing song and bigotry, but these roasters behind me where cringey.