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  1. People sharing Barton's tweet

    They are photoshops
  2. Rangers fans

    VB have set one up. Donated a tenner to it earlier maybe deserves a thread of its own?
  3. Joey Barton.

    Apparently Doc has a genuine source according to Vidmar and is usually always right mate
  4. Joey Barton.

    He's saying it's coming from Doc on FF.
  5. Rangers terminate retail deal

    Yep, grown men on both sides going on like wee weans. Total helmets. Also saddens me that there is "sides" to the Rangers support
  6. Rangers terminate retail deal explains it a bit better
  7. Paddy McNair

    That guy on Twitter is taken the piss
  8. Danny Ings

    not a chance
  9. Joey Barton.

  10. Welcome To Rangers Jordan Rossiter

    Brilliant. Welcome
  11. International Defender In The Championship

    Speirs planting the seed so he can have a "warburton not happy with board not spending money" story half way through the transfer window
  12. CCCS Cup Final

    A got a dear seat for the tims game on CCCS. Got west stand for the final though
  13. cup final ballot

    That because you got one for the tarriers game or because your on CCCS mate?
  14. cup final ballot

    My mate has done the same
  15. Ballot For Final

    Am on CCCS but that is a load of pish. Bears being punished because they were lucky in a ballot.