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  1. Yea a could think of Windass and Wilson being injured in the warm up
  2. 2 wins 2 losses
  3. A serious question but who are all these players use are saying getting injured at auchenhowie? I can't genuinely think of any recently?
  4. Disaster of a season so far. If there not sorting out the Barton situation then bring him back and give him a chance. Two of our highest paid players will be no where near the pitch now
  5. Warburton putting a lot of pressure on himself and the Keeper if he changes it. Wes should start.
  6. Used to love Alan McGregor untill he turned rat.
  7. They are a strange breed of human
  8. Would probably say a hate Naismith more than most tarriers
  9. Never
  10. Brian laudrup Gazza Barry Ferguson
  11. Mad Phil claiming in the summer that warburton had phoned him and told him he was leaving was his finest hour
  12. Bit harsh on Holt IMO. Would drop waghorn and Mckay though.
  13. Was talking to the bomb last night, the boy never misses a game