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  1. Ballot For Final

    Am on CCCS but that is a load of pish. Bears being punished because they were lucky in a ballot.
  2. John fleck

    What is somesfascination with signing ex players
  3. Semi Final Roll Call

    I will be there
  4. Ally included in celebrations?

    Absolute nonsense. If he wants to be there he should buy a ticket like the rest of us. This is Warburton and Weirs team and trophy
  5. keeper required

    geuinley laughed for about 5 minutes there when a seen that. Superb mate
  6. The "lets all laugh at the Hibs" thread

    Is that you Alan?
  7. What are the numbers on CCCS and semi and final lists?

    I am 99% certain they won't mate
  8. What are the numbers on CCCS and semi and final lists?

    Wouldn't be so sure of that. Have had 6 boys ask me already this morning for tickets. Was there not a lot of folk on that daft boycott the last game?
  9. Wallace

    Great player and captain.
  10. Petrofac final tickets

    Just the one mate? Got someone looking for an adult and a kids
  11. Petrofac final tickets

    I am on CCCS for this, can I phone up and get another ticket with my season ticket number aswell?
  12. Thompson joins Airdrie on loan

    Is he not only contracted here untill the end of the season?
  13. Bother from the police Saturday (QoS)?

    Wasn't just the police that was asking them to put it away was blocking a lot of folks view of the game so there was a few bears wanting it down aswell. Should have kept it to before the game and half time maybe?
  14. All charges against D&P 2 dropped

    Singing like a canary
  15. An audience with gazza

    10 of us from Maybole going up tonight. Looking forward to it. The Goalie is there aswell