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  1. I won't be voting for him.
  2. Think Templeton is a cracking wee player. Would be in my starting line up every single week
  3. I'd keep Boyd. Different manager with different tactics and he would bang them in no bother.
  4. Bell Foster (needs replaced) McGregor Zaliukas Wallace Aird Black Macleod Templeton Clark Boyd
  5. Would have Templeton in the side every single week. Think he's a fantastic player
  6. Not got mine yet either.
  7. Anyone else still waiting?
  8. Not got anything yet either
  9. Looks absolutely pissed off with his team mates and I don't blame him.
  10. Far too upset about this result and performance to be angry. That will kick in later
  11. To start with. Get Nicky Law tae fuck and get Lewis playing in the middle.
  12. Should be able to attend this one now. Great
  13. From where I was sitting it was a shocker of a challenge and deserved the red card.
  14. Zander Sutherland? If it was him then yeah he's a good player. Brora are a decent standard, head and shoulders above anyone in the Highland League and probably most league 1 & 2 sides as well. In saying that though we should still have won fairly easily today. Poor
  15. 1 year deal great idea Welcome to Rangers Darren