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  1. My understanding is Its because Manchester United's stadium is located in Trafford. Manchester City has historically been situated in Moss Side (Maine Road) and now Sport City (City of Manchester Stadium) which are located in the city itself. It's all bull shit as Trafford is in Greater Manchester. I worked in Trafford a year ago and everyone called it Manchester. I dealt with the post and it was addressed to Manchester with a Manchester post code
  2. Totally agree JBL great heel champ great heel Entertaining legitimate hardman/bully great character amazing commentator and had some aawesome stories in the 2000's I so want him to write a wrestling auto-bio book. I know he wrote a financial book! But I would love more of an insight into JBL, I bet he and Ron Simmons for that matter have some great stories to tell!
  3. I hope that he is hilariously incompetent in the GM role as he is in his current role!! He makes me laugh so much!!
  4. the best streams are Spanish. Dunno whether I can be bothered
  5. Not read Jericho's books but a mate is gonna give me a lend of em both. He really buzzes off em both and has been a bit over the top in his recommendation ha ha
  6. As we are on books. I have nearly finished Mick Foley's Countdown to Lockdown. I must say I have been very impressed. Foley is both insightful and intelligent, who writes in a humorous yet personal way. I haven't read any of his other books, but I am deffo gonna after this. Read Bret Hart's a few months aga and thought it was a great read. Really gave me a new found respect for anyone who wears "the strap" (including John Cena). Ordered Flair's auto-bio on the net and its on the way - I am a big fan of Flair as both a wrestler and a character. Gonna try and get a lend off a mate of a few others. Are there anymore recommendations? - Saw a History of the WWE title which I am intrigued by!
  7. I buzzed off JBL as a commentator.... I just remember when Michael Cole was introducing the spanish commentators at the head of a ppv and he went mental, was hilarious
  8. Not posted in what seems like a lifetime on this forum, but read this section in particular quite alot. Went to see Fozzy in Manchester tonight/last night - was immense, not really heard much Fozzy but went along with mates to see Y2J. I wasn't disappointed. Jericho is the ultimate performer and the quicker he gets back to the WWE the better!
  9. Oh my, Did Harrison attempt one jab in 2 and a bit rounds? Bye Bye Audley!!!
  10. just got one mate tar
  11. when does it start? Has it started? Have I missed it?
  12. When we lost and he didnt score that's what we called him I think we should credit Walter again, he is the only manager that can get Boyd to move his fat arse and get the best out of him!
  13. I can't wait!!! All my mates are Utd fans (i live in Manchester) Id like to see a 4231 formation, keep it solid and try and make it as difficult as possible for them to break us down. Hit them on the break and GIRU United fans Just as long as we don't lie down and easily concede then i'll be happy - if they are gonna score lets make them work as hard as they can to do so! That's what I say, and I reck that's what Walter will be telling his players before the game! MON THE GERS!!!!