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  1. Ok
  2. Based on what ?
  3. ... but are these same players pushing for a game doing it in training? Have those players done much when called upon ?
  4. Yes but the manager has to be in charge - I have no issues with anyone discussing things with the manager but somehow thinking you're better then someone else and should be given a shot just because you ( the player) think so is not on!
  5. Yep players should be telling the manager what to do - that's what we are missing - FFS! listening to players who have yet to prove any worth - no chance - our players get better ( in folks minds) the less they play!
  6. Apart from the sun and the record releasing it last night - it being on the BBC web site and being discussed on Radio Scotland news - your right it's not anywhere on the media!
  7. PB9 - fucking hate him n aw!
  8. I hate suttton! but BT have stated that they are trying something different with Sutton and expect him just to give his view and not to try to be fair! They are looking for that controversy to see if they can 'add' something to it - I think having butcher at the OF game was meant to be like that but butcher didn't get the memo! Anyway sutton is a wank stain. / thread!
  9. It's no where near as bad as folks make out and even if it is shite there are teams ahead of us that we need to overcome ( shite or not) but it will take some time.
  10. Yep also if ( that great catch all) - if we had scored with either of our two chances we might have settled - the pressure of the games against them seems to have got to this group and football is iften a game of confidence
  11. Lol - no -I need you to ack the cash so I'll do another donation to make sure I won't be black balled from the fund!
  12. Ok before wed I will sent some cash via PayPal - not sure I can be arsed looking back - I'll pm when done!
  13. Or it's a bad patch - some of our current players won't make it long term - some are off the form that we have seen them play and know they are capable off - but we need to stop this navel gazing shite - folk love to have an opinion ( and we all enjoy our own opinions ) but we also need to be realistic - yes our ambition and goals must be set high but we also need to recognise the journey it might take to get there - this expectation of immediate domanance of Scottish football is a pipe dream - we will get there but it's a process, a journey, not a binary happening.
  14. Pm me with your location Wednesday and I'll bring a small amount of cash in case you can't find my donation
  15. Fuck the auld cunt with an opinion loyal - I'm in the 'auld cunt's opinions loyal' we fucking hate the ' auld cunt with an opinion loyal'!