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  1. I gor one - so I thought I'd try to repeat the 'I don't do anything for the fund so it's ok to donate ' campaign.
  2. Journey over

    This is shite! We were well treated in the lower leagues and no blame is attached to them for why we were playing them - in the main they were respectful and welcoming - no need for this.
  3. PFA Scotland Manager of the Year goes to Mr Warburton

    Another award well deserved!
  4. Gasparotto

    That's a decent and mature exit - good luck to the lad .
  5. Lee Wallace voted PFA Scotland PoY

    Well done - well deserved
  6. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    Nae I don't read it win or lose - I just comment on the ensuing threads. Are there really folk wanting MW out? Weird!
  7. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    Ah - with that I agree - but not ( I hope) after a SC defeat! ( even tho it would be a sore one)
  8. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    But no one has 'called for his head' and none will even if we lose ( imho(
  9. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    I doubt there will be even one person will call for his head even if we lose the SC - there will be disappointment, perhaps even a 'virtual' marking of his card but we all want to see where we are going next year under this regime!
  10. Boss Dismisses Everton Link

    The more successful he is the more he will be linked to other clubs - I hope he is here to build a Struth type destiny but he is an ambitious man and can his ambitions be satisfied in Scotland. I hope so, but I expect not.
  11. Warburtons style of play

    Probably the one point where I disagree with MW - to challenge on all fronts - and ( hopefully ) European football - plus allowing for some long term injuries we won't cope with a small squad and need some decent cover and depth to cope. MW might need a season to learn that tho'
  12. Warburtons style of play

    There are many ways to play the game - but if we are to play the possession game we also need to learn penetration - there have been times when the speed we move at and the ball retention along a line just outside the 18 yard box has been frustrating because it lets other teams filter back defensively. But, this is only the end of season 1 - we will have a larger squad and increased quality but I suspect there will be games were we get frustrated at lack of penetration - and games where we destroy teams - it's also quite pleasing on the eye.
  13. Rangers’ crisis club reputation hampers bids to sign players

    @govanblue could sell tickets. Might attract some of the more reluctant fund contributors!