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  1. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    I want us to fight the right battles - protecting the club. There are no national or local political fights nor religious fights to be had that do that! ( they may need to take on the SFA and they need to make sure the police are kept 'honest' ) but that's the extent of it The club needs to ensure that our players and fans are protected by making sure that this commission is fit for purpose and reaches the right conclusion.
  2. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    Your allowing 'them' to define 'us' by harking back to why they were formed - different times!
  3. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    I just don't see how the religion of a Glasgow council leader is even relevant. In a deeper context the whole issue of trying to legislate how people think and feel is an issue all over society. As a simple man I think if we keep it to the football and the club then we will be stronger. Being distracted ( by things like the religion of the Glasgow council leaders ) I think weakens that.
  4. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    Not intentionally trying to interpret your opinion. Apologies. Glasgow politics was labour dominated for years - now SNP dominated. That's democracy not religion. One thing politicians get wrong is they feel the need to be 'religious' when over 50% of the population has no religious belief at all. But bringing the council leaders religion into it I believe is trying to hard to prove some conspiracy ie all Catholics hate Rangers which I don't believe to be true. Trying to make political or religious capital out of us weakens us. what we do agree on is that all that actually matters is supporting the club and that's IS our commonality and our collective strength - supporting the club.
  5. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    I sort of agree with that - I just disagree with folk that it is part of a coordinate demonisation of us.
  6. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    Lol sorry we just ( again) need to disagree about this institutional bias you see everywhere that I don't think exists.
  7. 7 Days Which Shook Our World. Part 1

    Sorry about the double quote! ill await your part 2 with interest!
  8. We have finally reached the twilight zone

    I agree there is a huge amount of shite and as long as people don't try to equate that to a cabal run conspiracy we probably agree.
  9. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    No - just some prolific supporters / posters that try to dominate RM with their views. Post count does not equal actuality
  10. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    I agree there should be no faith based schools at all nor any segregation based on any religion - in fact happy if there was no religion at all. The OBFA is hated by most gfootball fans - as previously said its a shite law and if it was aimed at only us it failed. I loved the commonwealth games being in Glasgow - it was a great event and park head sure needed cleaned up!
  11. We have finally reached the twilight zone

    No it was a gross insult - but it's no proof of this great conspiracy!
  12. We have finally reached the twilight zone

    More conspiracy theories ! Belief is not proof. But to (mis) quote winston Churchill - just because you are paranoid does not mean they are not out to get you. I just don't believe the conspiracy. Theory.
  13. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    I may be wrong. You may be paranoid - it's just opinions!
  14. RFC -- old board old tricks?

    Celtic fans hate the Obaf act as much as we do - I don't believe that is aimed at Rangers - but it is a poor law. Papers write shite about us and them because it sells and the SFA is incompetent but it is not a coordinated attack on us , our politics or religion but that does not stop people seeing it as that for whatever reason .