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  1. For me Rossiter and Barton are similar and I'd swap Halliday for Rossiter - but it's great to debate the myriad of options we do have.
  2. I'm not sure I completely buy the CB argument as I think part of the weakness there is the fullbacks bombing on SNPs that Barnton / Rossiter will help protect them - I do think we could so with an alternate option up front. The teams in the league this year will at least try to have a go - which should leave more space. but it sure is exciting to think about.
  3. I thought I was unique! Damm!
  4. You can play for Rangers!
  5. But at least I'm civil about it! Seems it's ok to abuse and bully on here but not ok to hold a perceived minority opinion!
  6. Ah @gogzyselective and out of context condemnation !!! Really! ?? I stand by what I said the statement made was about 'stitch ups'and 'tides turning against us' - which is paranoid drivel! All IMHO! Of course! I don't know what fans expect of the club - do they want them to stoop to the levels of hibs etc or maintain our own high standards - I know which I prefer!
  7. I doubt it - but pm me the link and I'll take a look - unlike others who abuse me and get away with lots of shite on here because they 'fit in' I have my standards and not frightened to apologise if wrong but I'm not going to search it out so just pm me and I'll see if any apology needed!
  8. .... But as it was aimed at me perhaps you should apologise to me!
  9. Nope never ever said that so no apology needed! Im sure someone will go check for you
  10. I think the 'independent investigators' had a timeline of end of July for their report - don't know if that has been extended tho'
  11. Not sure what else the club can do! Despite the wrongs of what the hibs fans did, in this country we don't allow folks to take the law into your own hands. if we want hibs / SFA to do the right thing ( patience ... )then the club also need to be doing the right thing - which is to not condone any actions by our fans that bring or potentially bring the club into disrepute, despite any provocation. Sad but that's the way it is.
  12. He should have been inducted years ago - I think a lot of us related to him and his methods! But it's funny how things change aa MW ( who's methods we all love now) is on record as saying he disliked JW's methods when he was at Leicester - different men at different eras - let's hope MW goes on to be our next inductee to the Hall of Fame based on his success
  13. Whatever! I'm only a beginner at sniddy compared to you !
  14. Who's flippant? Ffs!
  15. Hayley's pass to Ally at Elland road - probably my favourite ever goal!