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  1. 60 Minute Double Sub

    I don't think The 60 min substitutions are purely tactical - they are strategic - in that even if we are dominating a game the 60min subs are made - I think they are strategic in that it gives good game time to the subs used keeping more of the squad match fit and sharp, and bringing on fresh legs early, and on the day who gets subbed can be either tactical or just a version of of squad rotation. I don't see any other manager consistently doing a double sub on 60 min ( or any other set time ) and I think that strategy is quite innovative but the strategic element is lost to many who only think of subs as tactical or for injury . 
  2. *Chaos Theory by cushynumber*

    Luck is when opportunity meets preparation. Some say ally was a lucky goal scorer but he put himself in the right place so that when a chance came he could take it. Similar with this team - well prepared and taking the opportunity - lucky!    
  3. He needs to be brought in line with all the other newbies!!   So a wage increase then .....
  4. Can't fault his ambition and Spurs do not seem afraid of trying young players - I wish the lad well but that's the problem with loan players in general - we are developing them for someone else . 
  5. Possession Football

    This - same in the Everton game - I still remember during our 9 in a row run everyone saying how good a football team Celric were and we kept beating them - it's all about end product no matter what philosophy we adopt. 
  6. BBC

    Man the pitchforks!  
  7. Except we beat Killie 3- 0 last year.   just saying like!    
  8. Kilmarnock fans - we know where their loyalties lie

    They could have just been friendly and were honouring us - there is only one team in Glasgow!
  9. Bear's Den

    There should also be no Laughing  about this as 'let's all laugh at Celtic' was banned from the Bears Den so any joviality must be restricted till you are out with the bears den! 
  10. Waghorn

    Lol it's that attitude that makes it hard for us to back youth - no fucking patience - he has not scored but his energy levels are great - his movement great but up pops the negative thread merchants! 
  11. Waghorn

    Stealth - striker has not scored for a few games he is shite thread - until he scores again! He seems to be one of the hardest working playesr in a team of grafters, and still chasing down balls with full gusto at the end of games. Threads like this ....
  12. Part of the reason that Warbs got the job?

    I think thats what I like about the current set up - Between King and MW they are really providing leadership to the club - moving it strategically and hiring great people and doing it very professionally. While its not a Souness like impact I think the effects of the current leadership will provide something 'Struthesque' in terms of building blocks for a long terms, sucessfull future. 
  13. Who lives in a house like this?

    Jimmy Calderwood ..... well he is orange.... anyway enough about his fake tan - I also note he has a maroon bedroom! Definately not right!
  14. Part of the reason that Warbs got the job?

    (Strangely enough I was going to post something similar over the weekend). Agreed - and while his primary job is the team - I fully expect that working to a budget, understanding what monies and levels of investment were available to him were a big and ongoing part of the discussions. He seems a clever man and happy to understand and work within the financial straits of the club - he will also be able to more than hold his own in any financial discussion the board wish to have. 
  15. performance V expectations

    But no matter how well drilled over the piece quality counts ( see yesterday - Fakkirk were well drilled, stuck to their task of closing us out- our quality brought the result) our expectations are not to be able to purely compete but to win - and great teams/ winning teams have great quality and are well drilled. Our expectations are higher than purely a well drilled team.