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  1. Boydie Home ? Vote Yes or No

    Aye but with a better work rate...Jelavic Miller Boyd Beattie(when fit) and Lafferty(when fit) a lot of goals there.
  2. McCulloch = Hemdani?

    Great performance from him tonight very composed
  3. Best Ever Rangers Team

    92/93 team for me,especially the champions league run with all the exitement that being in that tournament when it was fresh and new to everyone.I was in the Copeland rear for the games....the comeback against Marseille was amazing
  4. Skint Liverpool pull the plug on Wilson move,

    Wilson and Webster would be ok for next season
  5. We will get through this.

  6. What was all that imminent takeover stuff about?

    I might be being thick here but where is the takeover panel on the site?
  7. List your Rangers pub

    Fallin Club(nr Stirling) has great "Blue Do's"
  8. Cuellar said it himself

    Carlos is no saint in this episode by any means
  9. Why are we blaming Murray

    I blame Murray because he has told lies and betrayed the fans. On Friday he said he didnt have to sell Cuellar and that he would be staying no mention of a clause in his contract. Monday comes hes off for a pitiful sum of cash. But as soon as you announce you have a clause richer clubs are alerted and the clause kicks in and you have no option by keeping it quiet the less chance you have of letting clubs know
  10. Why are we blaming Murray

    He's gave him money, yes, but he should have made more available. Why are we blaming him? He is an asset-stripper. He has appointed a complete fool to handle our transfers and it has cost us several million by putting such a low release clause in Cuellar's contract. We can keep greedy players, they are under contract remember. And yes, I would be calling for Murray's head even if we beat Kaunas 10-0. At the time i dont think they would have thought that was a Low Release Clause . Do you think they expected him to materialise into such a good player. It would have been worse if he wanted a clause allowing him to move to an EPL side if they came in for him,maybe Rangers said to him you can have your clause but only for 10 million euros which for SPL players is good money, maybe he wouldn't have signed for us if we hadn't given him the clause.
  11. *** Official Rangers vs Liverpool Thread ***

    Don't think we will be going at it full tilt bigger game on tuesday no injuries wanted match practice more important.Apparently loads of changes at half time not the strongest team playing
  12. Kyle Lafferty

    Sky sports website. Scotland Today says that the deal will not be finalised until Gow comes back from holiday
  13. Andrius Velicka

    It said in one of the papers thaty it was to do with him playing for 3 clubs in one year ,when rangers sign him he will be free of that restriction

    WELL SAID.....WE GOT TO A MAJOR EUROPEAN FINAL FFS.We alwaqys go on about the mundane SPL playing each other 4 times week in week out moaning about the day to day hum drum of the scottish game.. then we get to the UEFA Cup final,took the league to the wire which recentley we have been no where near Scottish Cup final to play league cup won and we still moan.
  15. Lets put thing into perspective

    This season was all about re establishing the club and getting it into a position to challenge celtic and close the gap.Yes it is dissapointing to nlose the title but only because we came further than we expected and were so close we really thought we had it.This team was only put together at the beginning of the season so it has progressed further than anyone thought we are now solid and can now set about gatting quality matchwinners in now that we dont have to worry about getting a solid spine so we should progress next season.Also lets not forget the people from other clubs and organisations that contrived against us.