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  1. The Sports Direct Deal.

    Another box ticked on our long road back to the top...Now all we need is Green,Whyte and all the other shylocks put in the clink.
  2. Rangers being investigated for unacceptable songs

    Come and have a go wi the Ibrox Aggaro.
  3. i'd be hapy with 5 players in the same mould as Tav,Waggy,Holt,Halliday etc. £500k per player maybe more if pushed but at this moment in time spending £2m etc is just stupidity..We need to realise that we are now a stepping stone to bigger things down south or a place to toughen up young players for a move to the EPL or Championship. We cannot compete with the wages of even Blackburn now..That shite are throwing money at nobodies in a panic at us coming up next season and to appease their gypsies.We don't need to do that.MW has got it running perfectly.
  4. Billy King - Welcome to The Rangers

    Should be named captain
  5. Charlotte Caniggia

    Who's the bastard taking her photo FFS
  6. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Maybe it's been agreed and we get him after cup semi 
  7. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    I fancy 3.1...I think they'll score at home but we're playing well so should a few .
  8. Rangers bid £500k for Michael O'Halloran

    Give them.the money and damn their insolelence. ..hurrah . Although I think thomson is done and stokes is a fuckin retarded hair replacement vain manky  tarrier cunt I do think they'll make hibs stronger so if it takes that wee bit extra to bring in the quality needed then our board has to back Warbs .
  9. Our Squad And Dk Investment

    I think some are doing the players a disservce. I feel with a few additions Waghorn,McKay,Holt,Tavernier,Halliday,Law,Wallace,Wilson etc could make a big impact on the SPFL after a season bonding plus after next season they will be even better. Young players need time to fulfil potential plus good guidance and i believe we have that now.That mob have chucked cash at diddys and have done nothing while now we're building slowly and astutely..I have full confidence by August we'll have a squad full of confidence and ability to make a major inpact next season.
  10. Wallace The New Gareth Bale ?

    The new kirk broadfoot
  11. The Billy Boys (Reprise)

    Unwashed scum
  12. A Year From Now

    Top of the league Looking down on the beggars It's the only thing that I can see. For we are the bears and all I see is tears. When we are on top of the league.
  13. The Billy Boys

    Was amazing .
  14. Christmas Day Fixtures

    I remember my dad saying he went to Xmas day games in the 60's.. I loved New years day against the filth.
  15. Gazza

    I'm afraid this could be the end ..its very sad