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  1. Hopefully this is the sign of things to come at last .
  2. Keirnan for me .Wilson is a bombscare and matt crooks has said he's not a cb
  3. Your on first round in may
  4. This is becoming a struggle where to next ???.
  5. Just sign someone cos we canny defend worth a fuck..
  6. Just sign someone cos we canny defend worth a fuck..
  7. They are left all alone at times ..On Saturday mckay was ready to cross and had no one in the box...We need freshening up ..too stagnant in midfield and too slow going forward at times giving the opposition the chance to put 10 back .
  8. Personally I don't care who we bring in as long as they can read the game and defend a cross ball..a big Marv type of no nonsense cb .. must be some out there .
  9. Better than Wilson so an improvement imo
  10. Apoarantly Sendaros has been good in training ...
  11. All this bickering when people should see the big picture We now have 18 very talented players who we can call on at anytime and our first 11 won't be weakened..We've dreamt of this day for 4 years ..
  12. Am I hearing this right..Garner having a medical the morra...Jim yellow tie says so
  13. Nice one
  14. Given the shite we've watched for a few years and the mess we were in then right now he could sign methusela and I'd agree with the decision.. Niko..Barton. .Lescott ..senderos..yes in their 30s but players most of us thought we'd never see again at Ibrox ..mix that with exciting talent like Rossiter. Mckay . Waghorn . Garner . Windass and Forester and we've the making of a very very good side capable of winning this league .
  15. Villa were flirting with relegation all season and the pressure must have been intense so I'm assuming he meant I'm glad for sanitys sake that this is done now. Who realistically do you think we should go for to sort that fuckin shambles at the back