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  1. Who is belting out the famine song on saturday?

    Oh hokey cokey cokey you throw your famine victim in Famine victim out famine victim in And you show him a brussel sprout You laugh your fuckin head off and throw him down That's what a call a laugh Oh wheres ma fuckin totties oh wheres ma fuckin totties oh wheres ma fuckin totties were munchin them while you starve starve starve Got a ring to it eh
  2. Govan Police Pre Match Briefing

    I predict a riot :bouncy: :bouncy: :bouncy:
  3. Aiden McGeady

    Little fenian bastrad :unionflag:
  4. Kris Boyd Talk

    I heard Everton wanted him
  5. Don Cowie talk

    good old Walter with his talent spotting..................another fuckin Broadfoot or Gow Wattie the Tattie strikes again
  6. Protest Against Rangers!

    Oh look, the chuckle brother has arrived. Afternoon Brother - Surely even someone with a white van can see the irony of the opening post - lets protest against the club we love based on a single rumour, from a single source, on the internet !! - been 'chuckling' scince I read that! Even though it's a rumour,it's one that holds no surprise if true.
  7. ***Bosman List 2009***

    sign them all <_<
  8. Bougherra could miss out again

    Broadfoot had a mare against UTD as did Whittaker but we have no-one else at the moment.. Luckily Hibs aren't as good as UTD. This Bougherra injury kind of sprung from nowhere didn't it or am i being paranoid.
  9. I'll be standing up to be counted... Govan east corner No surrender :unionflag: :unionflag: Fuck the P....igs
  10. 25th or 27th?

    Seeing the excited look on my 3 year old daughters face on Xmas morning beats any football match. Anyway i'll be getting lifted for belting out the Famine song on the 27th so no looking forward tae that.
  11. I'll lead the protests from Govan polis station. Let them point out what fuckin law i'm braking in a football stadium..... BASTARDS!!!!
  12. Protest Against Rangers!

    The only thing stopping me abusing that shite and singing on the 27th will be getting arrested. Sick of being told what i can and can't say. THE FAMINE IS OVER WHY DON'T YOU GO HOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Bobo Balde - Answer to our CH problem?

    He has been working for us for the past two years after all I can just imagine the big man on the marble staircase nonchalantly throwing notes of his effortlessly earned cash to the adoring blue masses. Mission complete, Dianbobo. That's an image. It has to be a white suit he's wearing. And a big fuck-off white top hat! Heh heh. It could be a goer, i gather that the big man's chaffeuer has just dropped him off on the Copland Road - Love the outfit
  14. Lovenkrands wants Schalke exit

    Wattie will play him at right back anyway
  15. Lee Wilkie signs new deal at Tannadice

    Fuckin no chance Better off signing David Wilkie