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  1. Police Scotland tonight

    fuck the polis and the snp
  2. considering what a shambles we were for years it's so refreshing to see us do it the right way.
  3. Keech Jackson in talking shite shocker

    Boring pish from a hasbeen hack
  4. The amount of shite that goes on in this country and they have special police tasks forces to find out who held a banner,who sang a song and who let smoke off..I mean fuckin hell . Fuckin pussy country. Aye being called a H... pisses me off but it's fitba and it's been this way for 150 years and people need to grow a pair..Our supporters with banners,flags,flares and the Billy Boys made it a fantastic show that people globally would have thought" i'm watching Rangers again their fans are amazing and their team brilliant".. It's our government who should be embarrassed not our football fans.
  5. No guard of honour

    we don't need those cunts standing applauding us..they'll be 10,000 Bears doing the clapping and 50,000 when we lift the league trophy and millions watching when we lift the Scottish cup..We don't need those bitter bastards. Like the rest of the haters they can get tae fuck.
  6. I'm still fuckin buzzin
  7. More than a result: A Return.

    Beating them was more of a fuck you ..4 years of Scottish football hating us,calling us a new club,demoting us,and trying everything to shut us down and we came back on Sunday with an almighty fuck you we're back and there will be no mercy.
  8. They are beelin!

    Spiers is just a knob...don't read the cock sucker.
  9. Player ratings according to the BBC website

    I thought Keirnan wasexcellent as was Ball...Haliday and McKay had them chasing shadows. Brown must have got a 7 for setting up Kenny's goal.
  10. Gerry mcculloch

  11. Thanks but bye.

    Done nuffin...bye
  12. Ally included in celebrations?

    We were pish before Admin underhis tenure. Lost a 15 point lead in 6 weeks under Ally so proved then he didnae have what it took..
  13. Keep believing in Mark Warburton

    Personally i think cos what we've waited on since we were cheated is so close the players have got the jitters and we're commanding games then taking our eye off the ball and losing silly goals...Dom Ball in that holding roll works and that's how we should play tomorrow and the next 2 sundays.
  14. cops to snoop fans forums

    Right don't tell the polis...ive got a few boys together.. Theres Wessy,Tavvy,Keirno,Danny and Leeso...Holty and Hally are coming tae..Kaido and Kenny are on board . Waggy,Mikey and Kingy canny make it and Temps is fucked Laws and Shielsy could turn up..Harry,Clarky and big Dom are right up for it and top boys Warbo and Weirsy will be there. You ain't seen me right