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  1. I'd honestly forgot all about him
  2. Take a look at the Dalmarnock Inn. mate has reopened it and it's a bears boozer ...from Rangers karaoke to Hugh burns and Alex Rae doing a Q and A after taigs game on the 23rd
  3. The guys a dick
  4. In the pub shitting myself after Fergie missed the first
  5. When we bought flo for £12 million Robbie went to leeds for the same ..
  6. Yous are all a bit harsh on Senderos...he's the best Swiss player we've bought in ages ..
  7. Naw the baldy wan who's always falling out Wi people
  8. 9 years 😢😢😢
  9. I was the Govan East angry bear
  10. God bless all involved....heartbreaking news .
  11. Am no happy either with our boards backing ..I expected better if I'm honest as I expected a lot better from the team but we're 3 points off second place so all is not lost yet . I do agree that King needs to get his finger out and get funding
  12. We're 7 games in..I think it's a bit early to press the panic button.......we have alot of goid young talent like windass crooks mckay harry waggy etc.. Imo the problem lies with Warbs stubbornness to change ..Garner has good link up play but no one next to him...waggy should be in the box attacking crosses by mckay and forester ...halliday should be in the middle with Holt or windass ...Tav needs to defend and Wallace has to up his game ...well get there imo...Winning the league was not happening this season but I do feel we need proper cash invested in January to push for Europe .
  13. Canny play as a lone striker that's for sure and done nothing to convince me on Sunday..I'll give him time though as he's finding his feet in this league like we all are..
  14. Am no intetested in building bridges Wi these cunts..I hate them more than they could ever hate me .
  15. Last season.we zipped the ball around at pace and our front 3 interchanged.. Now Garner is static and he's always trying to fit Niko in or previously Barton. I'd drop Garner and mckay and Tav. ..replace with windass moh and Hodson. Ohalloran forester and waggy can interchange at the front with windass halliday and Holt in the middle ...young quick and all able to play each others roles .