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  1. aye so it was meant to be Halliday though you would think you intellectual geniuses would have figured that out. 
  2. McKAy as usual has a shite final ball, Holt ineffective. Tavanier getting skinned time after time. We need another right back and a number 10. Holt and Law on at half time, I am away to fry up some ayrshire bacon, square sausage, to add to a roll and HP sauce. Finished with a cuppa Scottish Breakfast tea (it is 5:25 am here in Vancouver) 
  3. Welcome to Rangers, Michael O'Halloran

    Well throwing shite is something they have done for years 
  4. Permanently empty seats

    My Supporters Club (Vancouver) has 2 season tickets in the Copland front. They are for use of any of our club members back in Scotland or any NARSA club member as well if we are not using them. Our way of supporting the club from afar  
  5. Union Bears Banners.

    I am so glad I got out of Schottie land years ago. The ONLY thing I miss is watching Rangers in person every week. But from rancid so called journalists, to corrupt politicians to demented cops the place has totally gone to shit. AND all based on a group of always offended that has never had more than 17% of the population. Banners were great but we need to find ways to go on the offensive against these cunts. 
  6. Angela Haggerty sacked from Herald

    Dear Hag read and try to understand
  7. At about 85 minutes I started thinking belter of the way to win this is 1-0 with a goal in the last minute or so 
  8. Liam Burt

    You forgetting about Alan Morton? 
  9. Set pieces

    The really upsetting piece is our goals conceded from Corners and set pieces compared to goals scored. Mibbees what is tried on the training ground works because we cannot defend corners. 
  10. All White Strip..

    Yes that is the one. The tops in those days did not have any badges or names of course just the team number.   
  11. All White Strip..

    I have a picture somewhere of Jim Forrest scoring a goal in an all white strip. Interestingly I think it was against Real Madrid at Ibrox 
  12. Best rangers goal ever seen

    King Kai's goal against them in the cup final replay at hampdump.   
  13. Yes hymen on a goat or anal sphincter on same beast just different gender
  14. Other than meeting the top 2 in the SPHell I expect a semi final appearance in this anything less not acceptable.