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  1. Haven't been on in a while so apologies if this has already been picked up elsewhere. I was in Asda Bearsden last night and saw Bilel Mohsni and Hameur Bouazza with a club official. I know we have been linked with him plenty of times in the past but would be surprised if we were interested now. It looks as though he played at Racing Santander last season. Possibly just Mohsni's mate up visiting him but thought I'd share anyway. Personally, I don't think we need him!
  2. This ref is beyond dreadful. Some of his decisions have been completely baffling.
  3. I've heard he makes a meal of any contact in the box.
  4. Aluko was a joy to watch. The one shining light in an otherwise truly horrendous season. All the best Sone.
  5. It's beyond a joke with this cunt now. He doesn't even try to hide it. Complete and utter disgrace.
  6. Brian Winter is a fat disgrace. Another shocking decision.
  7. It's a statement from the Administrators, not Ally.
  8. Kerkar appears to be playing the headless chicken role today. Where are our tactics?!
  9. Official text - Govou has been given the number 9 shirt. Fulfilled his boyhood dream!
  10. Wylde in for Jelavic apparently. Must be Aluko playing off Healy then. Could be a long 90mins.
  11. The rest of the quote reads - 'rangers are most definitely among the clubs who fit the bill. They are a famous club and always have the opportunity to play in Europe. McCoist is also a fantastic young coach who has played at a high level.'
  12. I think he gave Bocanegra a really hard time today, probably more so than any other striker in the league this season. For those saying they think he is pish, would you rather we persisted with Healy? Sandaza is miles better, and for a few hundred thousand would be a shrewd bit of business.
  13. Sone Aluko has been a fantastic addition, he brings so much creativity to the team. Very pleased with him so far. My MOTM was Edu today though. He looked so much more confident on the ball and won most, if not all, of his 50/50s. Great to see. Fair play to Kerkar aswell. Took his goal majestically!
  14. Yes. He's absolutely shocking. Had a loan spell with st mirren a few years back too.