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  1. Haven't been on in a while so apologies if this has already been picked up elsewhere. I was in Asda Bearsden last night and saw Bilel Mohsni and Hameur Bouazza with a club official. I know we have been linked with him plenty of times in the past but would be surprised if we were interested now. It looks as though he played at Racing Santander last season. Possibly just Mohsni's mate up visiting him but thought I'd share anyway. Personally, I don't think we need him!
  2. Wow, Lucas Matthysse. What a statement. Devastating power.
  3. You're right, Chavez isn't a title holder. His last outing was his defeat by Martinez last year, and then he had the drugs ban. I actually don't rate Chavez all that highly and fancy Murray to do a number on him. I agree that Murray does seem like a right good bloke and isn't one to shy away from a challenge! Hope he can do it.
  4. Martin Murray to fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in Mexico City on the 3rd of August. Another great opportunity for Murray. I hope he gets a fair crack of the whip in this one with the judges but sadly I'd imagine that will be unlikely!
  5. Present day Fernando Torres could be included. He offers absolutely nothing and doesn't even look remotely interested. His touch is abysmal, no pace at all and seems to be brushed off the ball by any centre back he comes up against.
  6. Can't disagree with any of this. I really hope Ricky can perform somewhere near his best but it will be such a big ask against a solid opponent like Senchenko. Senchenko on points is 11/1 on skybet. If he gets his jab working and Hatton sticks to his usual gameplan of marching forward with his chin, Senchenko could nick a lot of the rounds on the cleaner boxing. In saying that, Malignaggi stopped Senchenko and he isn't exactly blessed with knockout power (far from it!) so maybe if Hatton can put him under serious pressure early he could get at him and force the stoppage. Either way, I can't wait to watch it.
  7. I thought he came across in a really cringeworthy manner on 'Being Liverpool'. He had a touch of the David Brent about him at times, and spoke to some of the players like they were children. I haven't been impressed with his signings so far either. Borini looked poor before he got injured, whereas Sahin and Allen have been neat and tidy without offering much else. An injury to either Suarez or Sterling and Liverpool will be in serious trouble. They have so few attacking options in the squad.
  8. Tyson Fury made me laugh out loud there. What a bizarre character he is. David Price will knock him unconscious.
  9. Tony Bellew stops Edison Miranda in the 9th round with an excellent body shot. Fairly cagey fight, with Bellew looking a bit tentative for the first half. Miranda was just his usual self, some wild swinging punches and a lack of workrate. Good name on Bellew's record though, and hopefully a catapult to some bigger fights. He has decent power but is actually quite an underrated boxer too. His jab can be a real weapon!
  10. This ref is beyond dreadful. Some of his decisions have been completely baffling.
  11. I've heard he makes a meal of any contact in the box.
  12. Disappointing, but I guess not unexpected. Kenny Anderson will be devastated at that news, especially after the fiasco the last time they were due to fight.
  13. Impressive win for Groves last night. The stoppage was particularly good, he landed 4 or 5 massive power shots. He doesn't look like he should but George Groves has undoubted KO power. The only negative was a pretty deep cut above his eye but hopefully that won't delay the Anderson fight. Really looking forward to that already.
  14. Leon Knight isn't right in the head. He is an attention seeking idiot. He filmed himself commentating on his own goals on a highlights reel. It has to be seen to be believed. Complete lunatic.