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  1. I expect he is on some wages at Villa but stranger things have happened.
  2. Easily take him.
  3. Got the email but chucked the iphone a couple of months ago.
  4. I thought it read like this aswell..
  5. Give him a trial
  6. I got a Union Jack one on Ebay. If you fire in card holders it returns loads.
  7. Can't see us spending 3 million on one player but I may be wrong.
  8. Would imagine there will be a shit load of changes this year.
  9. Wasn't Fletcher on something like 65k a week at Sunderland? He doesn't seem the type to take a big pay cut either.
  10. Any idea what date first game will be? Fixtures are announced 17th a think.
  11. No.
  12. There obsession knows no boundaries.
  13. I've heard a couple commentators saying he is one of the best players in that league. Looking forward to seeing what he can do, might solve the defensive problem.
  14. The amount of people I've seen go on these websites and take them as fact is frightening
  15. Going to be a long few months until the start of the season. Am rattling to get back to Ibrox allready!