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  1. Barton £20,000 a week

    The amount of people I've seen go on these websites and take them as fact is frightening
  2. Welcome to Rangers FC, Joey Barton!

    Going to be a long few months until the start of the season. Am rattling to get back to Ibrox allready!
  3. Nicky Clark Released.

    All the best Nicky. He did win me £180 one midweek game at Ibrox for a Hat Trick. Can't remember which game but it must have been his only one for us.
  4. The actual game

    Kiernan is a poor defender and should be replaced for next season.
  5. Wallace assault

    Fucking inbred dirty scumbags. I hope SFA and Police Scotland see sense and fucking sanction these cunts. The Hibs team deserved the win today as we were simply not good enough. However, there manky spoon burning fans should never set foot in Ibrox again and I hope our board can see that. Let them rot!
  6. Ticket dilemma

    Fitba obviously. What a shite dilema.
  7. *****The Official Rangers vs Hibernian Thread*****

    I'm less confident with this game than I was with the mhanks. We need a fast start!
  8. Joey Barton at Rangers training ground

    Would be an excellent signing if it goes through.
  9. cup final ballot

    Fuck all in this ballot either, better start looking for a ticket.
  10. ST Renewals Out Today

  11. ST Renewals Out Today

    Does anyone have any idea why it pops up "You have not signed up for the required schemes to qualify for the product SEMI-FINAL & FINALS 16/17. The seat that failed this validation is ENCSE4 N 0101" when trying to tick box for finals?
  12. ST Renewals Out Today

    £435 for SE4, just what I expected.
  13. ST Renewals Out Today

    I know of a number of local people getting a season ticket for next year so I think we will defo be 40,000+. Think we might even need a bigger bus, not bad for a small village.
  14. Some shitey no-mark

    Eddie Fern takes is up the shite pipe
  15. away fans moved for Saturday

    Kick a alloa fan in the head and petrol bomb his home..