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  1. Think someone has caught wind of this thread.
  2. Was fucking hiding yesterday and should have been subbed at half time. Absolute idiocy that he lasted that period of time on the park.
  3. Our bus is the same, fucking murder.
  4. Very difficult fight for him. I've watched some of his BAMMA fights and he is good but UFC is a massive step up so difficult to judge.
  5. Left Auchenhowie on a stretcher on Tuesday, could be ligament damage. Season over.
  6. I had a dream last night Wes made a fuck up so i'm going for Gilks
  7. Got one, bring them on.
  8. Hope they end up like leeds. Di Matteo is a fenian bastart.
  9. Knox should have been in front of Westwood all day long. Been terrible for ages.
  10. I understand why Trump might be president soon with the amount of fucking morons in the crowd.
  11. What happened in the crowd there? Switched over and switched back just as refs or something were getting involved.
  12. Really terrible news. Just something you never expect to happen.
  13. Fury will be bankrupt and on Im a Celeb within 5 year.
  14. Pretty sure you could if you got the form posted? I might be wrong but that was the case last year.
  15. Looks fairly clear to me that if you ticked all home games you will get a ticket? T ballots only for those on semi final/ final and then your chances in ballot are based on tickets bought prior in the cup. Doubt it will matter if you actually attended the games.