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  1. cup final ballot

    Fuck all in this ballot either, better start looking for a ticket.
  2. ST Renewals Out Today

  3. ST Renewals Out Today

    Does anyone have any idea why it pops up "You have not signed up for the required schemes to qualify for the product SEMI-FINAL & FINALS 16/17. The seat that failed this validation is ENCSE4 N 0101" when trying to tick box for finals?
  4. ST Renewals Out Today

    £435 for SE4, just what I expected.
  5. ST Renewals Out Today

    I know of a number of local people getting a season ticket for next year so I think we will defo be 40,000+. Think we might even need a bigger bus, not bad for a small village.
  6. Some shitey no-mark

    Eddie Fern takes is up the shite pipe
  7. away fans moved for Saturday

    Kick a alloa fan in the head and petrol bomb his home..
  8. Ballot For Final

    I imagine they will be crawling out the drains looking for tickets. Embarrassing lot.
  9. Ballot For Final

    Fucking farcical that that nonsense club deserve a 50/50 split.
  10. Ballot For Final

    When is the ballot being made?
  11. *****The Official Hivs vs Rangers Thread*****

    Defence has to be first priority in the Summer.
  12. Scott Brown

    Was great to see him get run ragged the full game, penalty miss topped it off nicely!
  13. Halliday's Mate...

    A rat who probably doesn't care about the result on Sunday and is happy to pick up his pay packet each month. Far better off without him.
  14. Barrie's for me a think, fucking screamer. I wish it was up our end but can't be to fussy!
  15. Will winning the Scottish Cup top yesterday?

    It will be a massive game but in terms of emotion I don't think it will be. I was shaking like a fucking leaf, not felt like that for a long long time.