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  1. Your Stance On Selling Our Players.

    There are arguably only about 5 or 6 clubs in the world (Barca, Bayern, R Madrid and 2-3 clubs in England) that are not "selling clubs", ie, where each player does not have a price that woudl be accepted for their players. Especially since the post-Bosman era, players are a commodity and commodities will be traded. We are much lower down the football foodchain than we once were - partly due to previous financial mis-management and partly due to the gulf created by our lack of TV revenue versus the major European league's getting great TV contracts. That means, like it or not, that every player will have their price, be it Wagge, Tav, etc. Our financial position is by no means secure in the long term given that we are surviving on loans and will be for the foreseeable future until a share issue comes along (and even then the share issue will have to cover the cost of the loans already granted). That makes us even more susceptible to bids from other clubs. The FM-style level of values that we place on our players isn't going to be what their true value is to the club as well. We have to remember where we are as a club and also the level of player we currently have on our books. Whilst is it far better than what we had over the year or 2 before, there are no Messi's or Ronaldo's in our current squad and the price at which we sell will be reflective of this.
  2. Scottish Cup Draw.

    Will be good to see the return of the failures to Ibrox.and even better to see us put them to the sword
  3. Seems the old sporting integrity appetitie has diminished significantly now that the harsh reality of turning on our club has well and truly bitten into the finances of the other clubs
  4. Waghorn's £50 A Goal To Charity

    Good to see this has gone down well and yes, it is Watermans paying the cost and not Waggy...and not through an EBT either! It came on the back of Andy Murray doing a donation for aces so can't take credit for the novel ideal I'm hoping a few other kit sponsrors will follow our lead and do the same to help the foundation
  5. I reckon no based purely on his playing ability. I' don't think we shoudo have re signed him in the first place. One thing that we don't see though is what he is like off the park. It may be that Warburton would have a Eustace type role for him as a senior pro. I'll like to hope we can bolster the front line in January or the summer though as , for me, both Miller and Clark are not good enough
  6. Taking Your Other Half To A Game

    I took my wife to her one and only game of football at our last game of the season in 2012/13 against Berwick at Ibrox. Game was terrible although we did win 1-0 and it was the first step on "the journey" I only took her as she was pregnant at the time and I wanted to ensure Rangers were in my first born's blood! The wife hasn't been asked back and no further plans to do so
  7. Lost A Good Bear Tonight.

    Sorry for your loss Gogzy Rip
  8. Official Rangers Pub

    I think that is a little short sighted Hoosier Retail shops in expensive​ rental areas like airports are one thing. However, as the OP pointed out, the pubs around Ibrox on Match days (and even away days) are very busy and will make good profits from that. If it was properly assessed as a good income stream then it could provide a useful income stream to get us back in the black more quickly
  9. Warburton & Tav Post Match Interviews

    I think the interviews were a fair assessment. It is a very new squad and facing more challenging ties takes a bit of time. The frustration for me last night is that we were undone in exactly the same way that we were exposed at points durign the game against Dumbarton on Saturday. I watched that thinking that if we wereup against better opposition we would be hurt and that came to pss last night. It will be interesting to see the reaction form the players to our first set-back​
  10. Could/should We Knock Back A Solid Bid?

    There are only about 5 clubs in the world now that aren't selling clubs and we are not (and never will be) one of them so every player will be sold if the right bid came in for them at the right time. The filth have made great financial progress in recent years by brining in players for relatively low fees and then selling them on at considerable profit (Forster, van Dijk, etc). We will be looking to emulate that to some extent. Tav, et al, who have joined here have joined with the promise of being able to further their careers. For some that may be in the long haul at Ibrox in getting us back to the top of Scottish football and ideally in the CL, but for others, it will be a shorter stay here with the hope of getting a move back to top flight or top end championship football. We cannot live under the illusion that any player is not for sale at any price. The main thing is that if and when we do sell players, that we replace them with similar up and coming talent who will offer further sell on value so that we are continually re-investing in our team
  11. Another Player Coming Out To The Press...

    Breath of fresh air seeing a former player coming out and saying that it was the worst year we had and that the team was puss poor. Also taking responsibility Never rated him as a player both before and during his time here but fair play to him for some of those comments
  12. Nicky Law: I Feel Pity For Loyal Axed Players

    Took the decision last week not to renew my player sponsorship of him - that interview has fully justified the decision now
  13. Mcculloch Not Joining The Coaching Set-Up

    Great news and glad to see the curtain finally fall on the worst captain in the club's history. A wage thief and an average player at best - learned how to dine form the fatted calf form his mentor McCostalot
  14. Still No Scouting Network

    Nothing like certain fanctions of our "support" to moan about anythign they can. Some people need to realise this is not Football Manager where you just hire a scout form the available list. AA network takes time and preparation to put in place. We have a management team who have said all along that this is essential and it will undoubtedtly have been a pre-requisite of them accepting to come here.
  15. Players We Have Asked About In Europe

    I could do my best King/Murray and impersenations and say "when we sell 45k season tickets" but we all know thta is unrealistic. I do thik we will be back up to the mid 30s though whcih adds a ocnsiderable amount to the coffers. However, I do think we have a considerable amount of freed up funds that will have made the financial position better, plue I also don't believer we will be without some investment from King and T3B, albeit by way of loans in the short term. remember we have offloaded the majority of our most expensive duds (McCulloch and Black especialy) and have probably freed up about 20% of the overall playing budget formt he past couple of seasons. That won't be re-spent on wages (we won't be paying 10-15k a week) so does leave considerable funds available to bring players in