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  1. "The signings we are about to make"

    I thought that was a posh boys name who we are signing.
  2. Aaron Mooy

    I thought he was ok at best.
  3. We have finally reached the twilight zone

    Bottom line is no Hibs fans on the park no drama, everybody pissed off but hey losers medals would have been presented and the cup would have been presented as it has been done since 1890 odd, they would have done their deserved half lap of honour to milk it in front of their fans, we would be licking our wounds wondering how we could play so poorly on the day but life would have rolled on, the bedlam that ensued had absolutely fuck all to do with The Rangers or our fans, how anyone with half a brain can turn that on its head defies any sort of logic.
  4. Still hurting

    I remember one week from hell in August we got put out the 1st CL qualifier by AEK Athens (Walters Chick Young interview followed), beat 2-0 by the tims at Ibrox and Falkirk knocked us out the cup, must have been over 20 years ago but I remember being gutted for ages after that, Another was a European game when we were going through and a last minute thunderbolt from them turned the game and we went out (Levski Sofia)? Last week was the worse for ages though albeit more of a strange feeling considering what went on afterwards.
  5. 'Mob Rule' Claims Just Don’t Stack Up

    They lie that often they think it is the truth, they seem to be popping out the woodwork with renewed vigour in their coordinated hatefest seemingly unchecked by anyone to reign it in. The polis in the op photo has a strange arm.
  6. ***Rumours thread***

    Craig Mulholland got the chance to run it a while ago but chose to stay put at Rangers.
  7. Danny Graham

    Danny Boy soundtrack hunted out!! for the movie.
  8. Anyone really surprised they came out with that? I aint, I expected it on Tuesday though its a bit late albeit its a big lie to make up so it took a bit longer, as long as it took to find a car in the woods near Stirling when these poor people died.
  9. Suggestions.

    I thought we offered him a contract but Man City stepped in, it was a while ago right enough I might be wrong.
  10. Captain fantastic

    He has had some season, although he was miles off the pace and strangely subdued on Saturday, maybe carrying a knock?
  11. Niko kranjcar

    Where? he was a defender Champion League winner with loads of French caps, we never played him midfield or up front, rb or cb beside Alan Maclaren was where he was played, I was expecting more from him.
  12. Niko kranjcar

    Boli and Guivarch were two of plenty who by and large failed to impress.
  13. I just listened to Bartons interview there, fuck me he can chat, it says a lot for a player who has strutted his stuff around the EPL for plenty years to be " blown away" by everything Rangers, he seems a smart clued up guy as well, I was really impressed by him. It certainly bodes well for the future if this type of maverick individual can be tempted plenty others might be as well.
  14. One man gets it right!

    So some blazer handed the medals to Ryan Hardie to pass on without even going into the changing room, that's fuckin outrageous.