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  1. The team sitting 9th in the Bundesliga went to Parkhead with half a team out injured and bashed them up, Bayern Munich had to play a right youngster in goals against us at Ibrox loads of years ago, someone might remember, I think he was about 4th choice and 16 or 17 years of age, we thought we would be pinging goals past him but that never happened and he was untroubled all night, Nico out is a blow but certainly not a killer one, but we need whoever comes in to make the position up for grabs their own.
  2. If I had a ticket I would gladly give it to you foc.
  3. I wish I had, I got tempted by the 4/1 and emptied my PP account on to us to win, 9/2 on Sunday I might have to replendish and lump on again.
  4. Or "footie" prob more of an English thing but it does my tits in.
  5. Ouch, he was just getting up to speed and we were getting an hour of class per game off him, we do have plenty midfield options with pace which may result in a more pressing formation v the tims.
  6. Hope not, an injury requiring crutches would surely have been public by now.
  7. Meat pie sausage roll, come on Rangers score a goal!
  8. That's shocking, should be at Waitrose Kenny.
  9. And a shit football team
  10. Sounds like Tam from still game.
  11. Warburton wanted him alright ( not many, if any of us were against the signing either) he was the model pro under Warburton's pal Sean Dyce last season, but hey it all turned to shit a bit quick, whose fault? imo Barton for being Barton of old . imagine not being able to cut it in a shit league Joey, toys out the pram to prevent further embarrassment maybe?
  12. Do we have two Mebudes? Dapo and Dire.
  13. Not wrong, or if anyone is remotely shady the contract should be tailored to suit.
  14. A cup final header v StMirren? was something big DJ would have been proud of and a beauty v England at Wembley were another two crackers.
  15. I don't think a Joey Barton clone will be heading our way any time soon.