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  1. That is a story and a half.
  2. Get to bed Clint.
  3. Who popped the ball into Waghorn to score? was a beauty.
  4. Faure was not the worst signing, he was not great but some of the other signings from our amateur hour make my blood run cold, someone posted the team last time we played Annan, it was a howler.
  5. I got a new card last season, will the card be replaced for the new design or will it carry on as is?
  6. Nae luck Jamie its Waghorn by a mile according to the rank and file fans, I bet now most will not remember who Waghorn was.
  7. He did which in my mind = dead.
  8. Ive seen the clips of the goals but nothing else.
  9. I will swap you mate, my wife got me a large but its a bit neat I will cover all postage and packing, thanks.
  10. Who is that with? coming up 114 -165 when I searched.
  11. I say The Rangers, always have.
  12. Jo Dodoo to the tune of here we go.
  13. We only had 3 until 1967!! William Wilton is listed from 1899-1920, what happened 1872-1899, did a committee pick the team?
  14. We have had 15 full time managers in 144 years, some stat when you consider Newcastle have had 20 in the last 20 years, any other team come close to us in longevity of managers?
  15. First time I have seen a high up showing the back of the SJ stand and the rest of the ground from there.