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  1. The amount of balls that fly across the opponents face of goal without a touch is criminal, should be 10 goals a game.
  2. But oh so nearly a proddy one.
  3. We had a few all time lows in the four seasons pre MW, that was one, Raith another.
  4. Nice one mate, MOH really needs to see the big picture sometimes, Miller was on his own middle of the box with an empty goal in front of him MOH just charged towards goal bashing the ball against the goalie, still on Miller it was a superb take from Kranjcar's pass prior to HF's goal.
  5. I don't think he took a breath there.
  6. Shoot for the stars son!
  7. Much like Forresters pass to Waghorn v Hamilton.
  8. Two assists in half a half yesterday turned a potential 0 points into 3 tells me it worked perfectly well yesterday. Full 90's at the minute prob not but how much of an impact do you want?
  9. When you look through the posts on here passing opinion on the game/certain player/tactics etc its so far apart and varying you wonder if we were watching the same event. I know we all have our favourites and tend to cut them a bit of slack when we pounce on an error by someone who we don't hold in such high esteem, but its always fascinated me that when you get back to the car/coach/train or whatever just how different our views are of a match that just ended 10-15 minutes earlier are. I suppose that's whats makes it all the more interesting, btw I am always right.
  10. If he is not doing the business he should be dropped the same as any other player. maybe wants to back off the tweeting a bit and let his football do the talking.
  11. Seems that we need a boo boy with Halliday being the latest target, I like him as a player but he knows he will have to perform at the top of his game to get in the starting 11. Competition for places in the midfield when all our options are fit will be fierce, if he is good enough he will play if not he wont, no favours should be given to any player regardless of reputation/wages or fee. Regarding the subbing, I would be more concerned if he was not angry about it.
  12. If we wanted Garner (which we did) the going rate had to be paid, when you look at the total outlay on all 10? players coming in, wages and transfer fees then divide that by ten that will give an average per player, then take away all the wages paid to the released deadwood and you will realise that we have a good squad assembled for not a lot of cash. The transfer market is swings and roundabouts, Rossiter cost 250k ( whatever number of players Warburton brings in this one on early signs might not be topped) but he has the potential to make us a load of cash, Garner might be a standout or a washout! imo he will thrive in the pressure pot that is Rangers and be here much longer than the three years giving us sterling service. Every transfer in planet football is a gamble of sorts but our sums add up fine. When I think back to the Michael Ball/Flo transfer times and the money we lost i'm glad sanity has returned.
  13. He was gone for keeps last season, Hardie and Walsh are on loan there. Its the last season first teamers Templeton/Sheils/Law etc I don't know about
  14. Clark to Bury is one I know, I have missed the whereabouts of the rest, anyone fill the gaps
  15. I thought him being subbed was a bit strange, he was poor first half but looked like doing damage for the short time he was on in the second half.