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  1. Has Warbs got the bug?

    He was certainly buzzing with that win, I don't think there are too many players and staff who are here for any length of time who don't get sucked in.
  2. Should Rangers do this?

    The well balanced tim has two, one on each.
  3. Jordan Rossiter

    Its about time some clubs made a stance on paying nobodies superstar money, well done Liverpool.
  4. "I'll always love Rangers."

    The more good young English pro's spreading the word the better, it will make it easier to attract others be it on loan or permanent.
  5. Jordan Rossiter

    Thanks for pissin on our chips
  6. Matthew Knox

    On the Livingston bench tonight beside Charlie Telfer, 3-2 to Stranraer atm.
  7. Matthew Knox

    I think it should be noted the guy is 16 years of age, turn back your own clock by x years and think how eloquent we were at that age, not very if you were anything like me.
  8. Matthew Knox

    Scott Allans a Rangers fan apparently.
  9. Graeme Dorrans **Rumour**

    30k a week more like, we prob have a few on 30k a month.
  10. Warburton & Lean Squads

    injury prone players regardless of their skill level should be avoided at all costs (Templeton) for example must have cost the club many £££s per game, we would want to be signing guys with 40 plus games a season under their belt, I know sometimes due to not being picked etc (Forrester) it may be harder to guage but I would trust our staff to go into the nuts and bolts of every detail going back as long as it takes. Even if Lewis McLeod and Jamie Ness were still with us they would not have racked up many games, and these guys had it in them to be terrific players.
  11. My wee teddy bear

    RM in the last few days has raised around 1k for this brave young lad, the total now stands around 1500 quid of 100k required, 1.5% of the target has been reached but there is a helluva way to go, I am a techie dinosaur but i'm sure many on here could spread the word on social media and maybe other bears forums.
  12. Matthew Knox

    From people in the know or guessing? 150k is a lot of money for a 16 year old kid with potential who could be a nobody 2 years down the line, or if he signs lets hope a spectacular success.
  13. Warburton Video Interview With BT Sport

    He is straight down the line honest, that's for sure, fair play to the board for appointing this man and giving him a blank canvas to restructure top to tail, it might all have went wrong but it turned out a super appointment. Offers will certainly come along but the man only has to have a look around him on a daily basis to see what he has got already so it will be a tough decision to make when the situation arises, I did read somewhere that the average tenure for a manager in Englands top divisions was something like 10 months so that's nowhere near enough time for any sort of structure to be put in place and implemented, imo he looks to the manor born to be our manager.
  14. I would hope Greg Stewart is on his radar, tried and tested and a stand out in the division we are heading to/