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  1. Alloa Vs Rangers - Video

    That's the first ive seen of yesterdays game, that should have been a decent victory with numerous chances saved/squandered/woodwork clattered, with Hibs fucking it up a victory would have had us pretty much out of sight.
  2. Weirdest bit of Rangers memorabilia ever

    Ive got nothing weird, but I have a framed top signed by the ECWC players with a ticket stub from the game also in a frame with a signed photo of Willie Johnstons headed goal, and a pen set made from the oak seats from the main stand.
  3. Islam Feruz suggestion

    one of many who thinks the jobs done at a young age, loads of talent but even more attitude he will never make a living in the game.
  4. Under 20’s Poor Run Continues

     Durrant is off,where did you hear this one and who is lined up for the job?
  5. And me, I think he scored before three o clock as well.
  6. Poor Stan

    "The Jump" is getting a bit light on z listers.
  7. Friends of Phil

    Exactly that, like D'arts posts they are spot on but its only like minded folk reading and appreciating.
  8. I don't think they exist anymore.
  9. Bartley was rotten imo, Ball is ok but no future EPL star.
  10. BBC

    wtf is that about?
  11. Buying Rangers Merchandise

    Good shout
  12. goram v.hooijdonk or mcgregor v bremen

    Great stuff, the Goram collection is brilliant, I remember thinking at the time when Goram was our no 1 that I would not have swapped him for Schmeicel (sp) back to the save I think Gorams just edges it as he had to do it from a standing start, Shagger was already heading the right way to cover the guys cross/shot, it was still a super save though.
  13. Waghorn

    He causes chaos in the defences when attacking from the right, as above he swaps around between centre and wide, he is too good a player to be off the boil for much longer although he might be carrying a slight injury.
  14. Our great club

    A memory that will last forever and bring you strength during the darkest days, thanks for sharing.
  15. We are where we are but wind the clock back a year to the darkest on/off the field mess, and all but the most optimistic were wondering if we were going to survive as a club never thinking a year later here we are at the top of the league with a top management team playing decent stuff, a solid  board sifting their way through the previous regimes clusterfuck to get us on track. I for one am delighted with the huge strides we have made, of course we have a fair bit to go but we have a fighting chance that's for sure. Every day a year ago and more seemed to bring another drama delivered with glee to pile us deeper into the doom, some have short memories.