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  1. Took our club on its worst ever run of results resulting in protests outside the main stand, please no. There is a reason he aint working. Shoestring? Prada laces more like.
  2. Beating the skin off a basket of 100 golf balls with my driver at the range was my after match reaction, I think ive twisted something in my belly though i'm in pain.
  3. He needs to instill some of his mental toughness and professionalism into his weak of mind team mates. He showed balls of steel to come here last time around, the whole of Hampden was chanting "you can stick your Kenny Miller up your arse" he still signed and done the business. Might have been the time before.
  4. I also thought at the first goal big Wes could have been smarter off his line and given the guy no target to aim at, might even have got a tackle in.
  5. Inconsistant, which you will get where we do our shopping, great little plyer on his day but it aint going to happen every week, we need tried and tested quality.
  6. and me and me and me
  7. I think the players we have signed are good players on their game but the consistency is lacking, Waghorn could not miss the other night scoring 3 beauties and a goodun chalked off, fast forward 5 days and it looks like he never played football before, and he is not alone among the players that never showed again today, how do you legislate for that?
  8. #
  9. If you can't stand the heat stay out the kitchen, we need men of substance who have character as a trait, if abuse scratched on a bus scare you away there's no place for you at Ibrox.
  10. Police Scotland will sent someone around in October for a look.
  11. How low eh! seems we are fair game by anybody wherever we go.
  12. I got sucked in the night before the tim game with all the optimism and emptied my Paddy Power account on to the bears at 4/1, I was flat as fuck for a week after that one, but i'm back on track now and quite fancy our chances tomorrow, I genuinely think the last couple of weeks will have given MW a whole lot to chew on and the penny will have dropped about just what it takes to manage our club, I think he is man enough for the task and the shitstorm of the last fortnight will be the making of the man.
  13. The robot sounded like he was reading from an autocue, yip big DJ was mugged alright.
  14. Burnley signed Hendrick and Defour (both midfielders ) for 17m, and this week the manager closed the door on a return, so I think that ships sailed. As a midfielder in the Championship team of season there should be no shortage of suitors for him.
  15. Who brought the fuckin cairds?