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  1. Clyde SSB Tonight

    Guy in my work staunch Celtic fan, first thing he said was congrats played brilliant football and his team are pish. Think will be 50/50 tonight with the realisation we are coming for them / total denial, conspiracy etc
  2. Lee Wallace.

    Excellent today and was off the pace as well for a while fairly sure he was carrying an injury? Also thought we should have got a penalty when he got shoved, ref thought about it
  3. Scott Brown

    Halliday won the mental battle in the first few minutes. Brown tried to go through Halliday and he just bounced off him and fell on his arse. After that he didn't know what to do and made 3 errors that cost them the game. Quality!
  4. Their Fans

    They sure did & McKay Stevens was getting fucking pelters the whole game
  5. Tav's reaction...

    That goal is better every time u see it. The wee man was immense today, really mature performance and worked his balls off the whole game
  6. Their Fans

    Out sung the whole game. Nothing better than seeing the face in the hands at the end. Can't actually wait to go to work tomorrow now 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
  7. Neil McCann

    Wee neilly was being so patronising was immense! If someone can do a gif with the seal moving the ball on rogic's penalty that will make me day
  8. Andy Halliday's having a party........

    Quality, quality, quality. Bossed that midfield 120 mins + of pure effort, determination and never say die attitude. A modern legend, well played Andy
  9. "I think I'm watching Barcelona"

    Absouloulty quality!! Wee McCann was ripping into Lennon as well because we were under strength :-D
  10. The police look like complete incompetent idiots when they come out with rubbish like this on national tv. Never mind the rapists, murderers, organised crime, drugs on the streets etc this football game takes top priority! PC plod will be trolling the Internet and trying to get offended this weekend, a great opportunity for criminals to run riot this weekend. You get the sense they are praying for trouble to create some juicy politised headlines.
  11. Harry Forrester ruled out of Old Firm

    Gutted for him but can see Law coming in as a wee surprise starter
  12. Has to start the next game. Driving runs, taking men on, winning the ball, forward passing and unlucky not to score.
  13. *** The Official Rangers V St. Johnstone Thread ***

    Wow very poor goals we lost and too tippy tappy in the final third. Much improvement needed when up against better opposition. We need to get that defence sorted asap we were lucky it was only 3.
  14. Neil Mccann

    I don't think we have had a better winger since
  15. One of our best goals of this fantastic new reign. It is a privilege to watch this team