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  1. Lafferty To Miss The Start Of The Season

    That's gutting him and Jela played well together. Probably at least October before he will be 100% match fit. Get the cheque book out Mr Whyte
  2. Greatest Pre/end Match Atmospheres At Ibrox?

    The Dundee utd game prior the Uefa Cup final was immense and to hear Levein ranting about the referee post match was quite brillant
  3. Rangers players you've bumped into

    I used to work at Glasgow Airport during the Mcleish era and met some of the players when they were away on their Christmas night out. Steven Thompson was sound as and chatted away, Lovenkrands looked like he had been for one too many sunbeds and Big Marv was one of the biggest people I have ever seen! Chatted to Prso which made my day tho sound as a pound and just seemed completly off his nut. He was wearing jeans and an old school tweed suit jacket with the leather patches on the elbows. Only big Dado could get away with that.
  4. He has quite obviously been 'tapped' up so I hope the club are on to this. No sense in keeping a player who doesn't want to be here so thanks and goodbye. I have no issue about players leaving but this is not the way to do it to a club that has looked after him well since he got here (various spells out injured for example) He will play a blinder wherever he goes for 6 months then will rot in the reserves for the remainder of his career. Hold onto that medal Boughie because it will be your last!
  5. Big Vishnu and Brahman tought me all I need to know mate
  6. If he gets a move to the EPL on these terms then fair play to him. Hopefully he gets a huge pay as you play contract..... and breaks his leg on his debut thus ending his career in the process.
  7. exciting news to break over the next few days!

    This non story appears to be complete gash. More than likely the mono browned mob at it after their cup win on Saturday. Have your Scottish Cup and enjoy it, we're quite happy with yet another title win, money to spend in the summer and a man in charge who is not a retard
  8. What Bank

    Super squirrel saver account
  9. Sasa Papac Signs One Year Contract Extension

    Nice one, been solid all season and worthy of a new deal
  10. Got the text, involves a P45 or two
  11. West Ham raid

    Worth a phone call but more than likely the players mentioned will be on minimum £40k a week. I hope to fuck Walter doesn't go to West Ham by the way, there is something far wrong with that club and should be avoided at all costs.
  12. What fee would you deem acceptable for Jelavic?

    If he was to be sold in the summer then £8m would be acceptable. Makes more sense though to keep him, notch up 30 goals domestically and display his talent in European competition. Then we're talking £10m + fuck good business though, please stay!
  13. Shagger

    Lived greegs interview, definition of passion and what it it's like to play for the Rangers. Thus guy is the reason we have won the title. Sign on and he will take over as the greatest no 1 in Gers history
  14. Title Party free on Rangers TV at 4

    What time will the team be at ibrox?
  15. I can officially confirm...

    Just about on 6 th can lads - the 6th goal is on it's way for the Gers