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  1. I feel sorry for him. He's very low in confidence right now and needs benched for a few games until he finds his way again. The management team aren't doing him any favours by continuing to play him and he should have been hooked at HT. McKay had one clever ball in the 2nd half mind you and put Wallace through but he got caught under the ball and the chance was wasted. Couldn't believe it when he took Miller off, he still had the legs for the game at that point and was quite in his right to be pissed off when he got benched.
  2. Superb today as was Hodson. Kiernan done well too. Lee Wallace is the weak link, he's far too slow and needs to be dropped
  3. Good team selection 👍🏻 Surprised Celtic didn't go 442 got a sneak that feeling we might pull this off
  4. A half decent CB and someone who can score goals coming in during the next transfer window will put us in a great position to challenge Celtic IMO. If he conducts poor business and doesn't address our issues he won't be here next season. i don't think we are that far off from being a good team and results have picked up since that horror show at Pittodrie
  5. I thought Holt played quite well, couple of loose touches and passes but on the whole provided a lot of energy and running in midfield and got himself into good positions. Agree with Waghorn and McKay, they have been poor all season. Garner was embarrassing again when he came in with the amateur dramatics can't take to this guy at all 😖. Miller was excellent yet again and is turning back the years his finish was top notch. Also didn't see how the pundits thought Collum had a good game. ICT kicked us off the park in the 2nd half and no idea how that wasn't a red in the 1st. Good three points and some areaa to improve on 👏🏻
  6. Big investment to stop 10 in a row hopefully sooner rather than later
  7. He defends corners quite well but maybe we could have got a decent defender to do that instead? i don't like how he rolls about constantly it's quite embarrassing really. He isn't going to be a very good signing for us, Miller ahead of him every day of the week for me 👍🏻
  8. Neil McCann needs to be offered some sort of position at the club in the future. Insightful, passionate, tactically switched on and could teach a player or two how to cross a ball. Manager wise our next one will be Steve Bruce on a temp basis if things go tits up this year
  9. He's got until Christmas to get us playing and winning, if we are in a similar (or worse) position by then he has to walk.
  10. That's a good point about Hearts and they also came up and done well in the PL last year without spending anything near what we have on wages and transfer fees. what gets me though is the fact that we don't press teams anymore, we seem to have no energy in the engine room this season and we look so poor for it. Even into injury time today we were playing tippy tappy pointless passes. The ball should be launched with seconds to go in the hope you get a flick on or a corner, there's no sense in keeping possession waiting for the full time whistle.
  11. wether it was a free kick or not Aberdeen were poor today and they still beat us. Possession doesn't mean a thing when you can't score goals and win matches. Unless we have a major turnaround in the next few weeks, I cannot see our manager lasting past Christmas. Patrick are no mugs, physical and all pressure will be on us. If we lose that game then we need to look at where we are going with this style and philosophy.
  12. Fuck sake what a finish not a foul tho
  13. Fuck sake what a finish not a foul tho
  14. Thank Christ and well done Miller that was a superb ball 👌🏻👍🏻
  15. Too slow and predictable. Aberdeen will quite happily sit back and hit on the break. We have zero compare in front of goal and make stupid mistakes at the back. Not going to be a good season. But one positive apparantly is our possession is always very high and we train like beasts during the week