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  1. What is the point in Rangers tv

    Also in Canada and subscribe to RTV, it is for bears abroad mainly.
  2. Big Hands Back In Court 16Th Dec.

    Why so negative on everything on this forum Sweetheart,let Hunter post his own bullshit, and let's move on
  3. Rangersradio - Call In Show

    Great work Fox on the show, I listen live when I can here in Canada and use the archive if I can not listen live in the office. Keep up the good work and give my best to Bridge, Tru, and Ox.
  4. He will be linked with every job that comes available in England by the Scottish prss
  5. Rangers Chat

    I has anybody got a update, site seems to be still down.0 U
  6. If Ever There Was A Time

    If we win the league there will be reconstruction to 16 or 18 in the top league, if we do not win it there will be no reconstruction, sporting integrity and all that .
  7. The One Thing Ally Got Right

    We are getting carried away with the SA stuff, English Championship , he has already failed miserably down there. He will sign for the Tims for the cash no other reason its all about the money
  8. Morning Dave King

    SA , will sign for them, Liewell would not make the mistake of leaking this out to the papers if he did not have assurances that SA would sign for them. Please do not give me the Pish that its a short career, I would be shocked if he does not sign for them now.
  9. Stubbs

    Lets just sign Allan in January to a pre contract for nothing, lets remember Allan failed miserably at West Brom.
  10. We should wait until January and sign him on a pre contract, the Hivs will then take a token amount to let him leave then .
  11. Scott Allan

  12. Scott Allan

    Sell on to where, he has already been in England and done nothing, he is back at hibs and that is his level.
  13. Worst Player This Season?

    Quite simply our worst player was also our most expensive wage wise.... McCulloch
  14. Mcculloch Injured?

    There is a God after all.