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  1. Long time lurker on here & don't post much but I think I can help the OP: You can get the official SFL Numbers and Sleeve Badges here: http://www.thefootballnation.co.uk/scottish-football-league-numbers-white/ and http://www.thefootballnation.co.uk/products/Scottish-Football-League-Irn-Bru-Sleeve-Patches.html Had them sent to Australia & put on my shirt, turned out OK I think: Hope that helps.
  2. Noticed that Lennon was wearing a small red badge on his jacket near the Tennants logo, was it a poppy (surely not!) or was it a small red card (which is what it looked like to me)? If it was a red card, given the display at the Piggery last weekend he surely has to be charged by the SFA.
  3. Watching it in Australia where the sound wasn't muted, loud chanting of Provo songs throughout the minute. Disgraceful!
  4. Thanks for the update, I wasn't aware of this and was annoyed that the game had been delayed for the Egg Chasing by Setanta. Good stuff by SBS.