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  1. Any idea if that rsc from Ulster are doing the league champ medals again ? 

  2. What was the point of Whyte?

    It was only a joke implying that ticketus wouldn't get their money if nobody bought a season ticket !
  3. What was the point of Whyte?

    I have been saying this from day one Murray is behind all this. He couldn't sell the club because with the tax case and all the rest nobody would take it on he has recruited whyte to do the dirty work ( run us into admin and shaft all the creditors ) club recovers and attracts interest from buyers because of his status in the business world minty could not be seen to have any involvement in doing this himself so he needed a 'patsy' step forward mr whyte. Whyte will now dissapear into the sunset having trousered a profit/fee for his troubles.
  4. What was the point of Whyte?

    Don't buy a season ticket next year just pick up a paper one every home game 'simples'
  5. Advice please

    Wrap tinfoil around all the televisions in you house it fools the detector vans
  6. You have hit the nail on the head with this colonel they have spent a generation or more getting people into high office and places of influence. If anybody dares to 1. Stick up for rangers 2. Criticise sellick 3. Call their fans sectarian in any way 4. Mention anything that shows the catholic church in a bad light. To name just a few scenarios they are attacked from all angles now and labelled a bigot this is their way of suppressing the truth their long game is an independant republic of Scotland and they are using the persecusion of our football club to further their aims. the sooner the majority of non catholic people in this country wake up and notice it the better
  7. Ticketus Money.

    Wherever it is it was put there to keep it from getting 'ringfenced' by any of the clubs creditors i.e. HMRC
  8. How would we all feel if...

    And he won't be. With the debt we had and the tax case hanging we were fucked Murray knew this. nobody was remotely interested in buying so therefore Murray set up the deal to move the club into whyte's hands knowing full well whyte's m.o. From assuming control of the club try your best not to pay and bills , debts or creditors in any way run the club into administration. Get creditors to accept a fraction of what you owe them now the club isn't quite debt free but it is a viable going concern as a business sell the club and make a profit disapear back to London/Monaco or wherever Murray has now got rid of the club whyte is portrayed in the media as the bad guy new owners have a healthier club not strangled in debt Job done
  9. If UEFA tried to remove titles from us

    And furthermore have we been found guilty in the tax case ? No, didn't think so just what are we supposed to have done wrong then ?
  10. If UEFA tried to remove titles from us

    Why don't we just leave all this pish to the taigs on kerryfail St it has never been in any danger of happening and never will. It won't matter if the unwashed moan to anybody
  11. New leaks EPL2

    Why is this tarrier not banned yet
  12. A Question for Alastair Johnston

    as the Rangers look to be well on their way to recovery aj and paul murray seem to be doing their best to discredit craig whyte. looks like they want back on the gravy train,missing the match day freebies i think
  13. United welcome Away fans

    i think it means they will sell them direct to us
  14. Leyton Orient

    Wouldn't surprise me if this is true it is after all what he does. 1. Buys/gains control of stricken business/football club 2. Tries his best not to pay any bills (waiting for administration as creditors should accept less) 3. Attempts to agree a cva with creditors for reduced payments 4. If no agreement is made put business/football club into administration 5. Sit back and let administrator negotiate with creditors 6. Once deal is done and payment plan is agreed with creditors business/football club will then have a level of debt which they can afford to service 6. Sell business/football club as a going concern ( it will now be worth more as it is a leaner fitter business/football club 7. Look for your next business/ football club to buy 8. Repeat from 1
  15. CVA agreement

    Put political pressure on the hmrc to reverse the decision there are plenty of green and grey minded people sitting in parliment