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  1. ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    Anybody know of any decent parking near the stadium ?
  2. Can't see it being as vindictive as that, to me it just smacks of cheap sensationalist journalism. the rhags haven't had a good negative rangers story to create demand for their toilet papers so they just try and manufacture one. I know the BBC led the story but I believe all the Scottish gutter press were in the know about this story breaking.
  3. What the fuck are you drinking ? Could do with a glass of something like that myself !
  4. Bit early to affect the outcome of that game, is it not being played next year ?
  5. what final are we talking about here ?
  6. The Bar At The Stadium Shop

    yeah I agree with you on that point, it was one of the security staff who told me at the start of the season. strange decision if you ask me
  7. The Bar At The Stadium Shop

    It has nothing to do with any licensing laws. They made the decision to make it adults only this season in order to make more money, The suite is only allowed to have 300 people in it and as it is always full the idea was to have more people in who would actually buy a drink.
  8. Paisley Area Buses

    Hi Any rsc's local to Paisley got space on their bus for another two passengers tomorrow morning ?
  9. Sitting In The Other End

    Not quite in with the away fans but today I was right up next to their 'fans' in the west stand what a bunch of negative sad bast Ards they are watching them it reminded me of obscure religious sects indulging in flagellation. Funniest thing about it was their celebration when keirnan was booked you'd have thought they had scored ,as I said sad people and it makes it more ironic because I live in Paisley and shared a coupla pints with some of them before the game.
  10. Holt's Goal Today

    Keep thinking I'm watching the young iain durrant Great player who I hope will evolve into the player His talent deserves .
  11. Holt Substitution

    Totally agree with you mate at the time I thought he was our best chance of getting a goal, the runs he does reminds me so much of durrant in his heyday. but hey-ho mr magic hat man changed our shape slightly and before you could say abracadabra we were 3-1 up. I hope I'm wrong more often as I'm sure you also will have this wish.
  12. Fucking legend As the guy above said many of our revered players had the same addiction and are still held in high esteem by our support. If it makes anybody feel better narrow your view and just concentrate on what the man did when he was wearing a Rangers shirt on his back And I make no apologies for repeating. FUCKING LEGEND
  13. Daily Record Headline

    Could this not be a way of getting out of the onorous contracts we find ourselves saddled with ? By moving back the assets to the oldco would we not be free to do all the deals again and get a better return for the football club? And Making it public might be a way of putting pressure on Ashley and making him come to the negotiating table. Purely speculation on my part as I don't know if this is even legally possible but just a thought I had nonetheless.
  14. Just maybe with them having had a chance to interview(interrogate I hope) some of the other thieves, there could be more evidence to sort out and a stronger case is being built against all and sundry. Water boarding loyal
  15. Ibrox Stadium Upgrade

    there are always empty seats for which could be a multitude of reasons it doesn't mean they haven't been paid for. some people just can't make it every game and the example I can give is the seat next to me lies empty almost every game and has done for the last 3 seasons. I think a bear who lives abroad buys it and consoles him (or her) self with the knowledge that they are putting money into the club when they can't actually attend a game. A guy was in it at the hivs game, ranted a lot then left with 20 mins to go probably 'a down the pub for the game loyal' member who picked it up through secondary ticketing. If I found myself to be in the situation where I was living abroad I would still buy my season ticket as well and I would donate it to govanblue and let him allocate it to whomever he sees fit.