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  1. Fuck off man!! What a cunt of a bastard season already, let's just it over with see where we end up and start a fresh in the summer
  2. 4-1 to us lovenkrands final 3-2 konterman 2-1 davis/jelavic 2011 Pens last season theirs was league cup final , think they scored in ET
  3. Huge atmosphere 😂😂😂😂😂😂 get it right up yes manky cunts
  4. These cunts will get a goal , BMG need another
  5. I'm watching Barca Man City hows this German mob doing? Missing good chances?
  6. He is a wank not really new news to be fair
  7. They are playing at the tattiedome
  8. Would love to see dodoo and windass starting for some pace, but MW will try and play it safe after last time, but the defence just isn't up to it. Put on some pace and hit them on the break. I think tonight's team will start at hampden barring training injuries defence gives me the fear
  9. I think someone must have seen that sky sports advert he has done fuck all since signing Hopefully gets better with a few goals
  10. MW not speaking to BT sports probably came from club, good call IMO wankers think they can say and act however that want with us now, especially that cunt Sutton
  11. A valuable 3 points tonight, but the performance will need to be improved a lot for next Sunday. After the league game, Warburton will be more cautious in this one, and we will probably see a similar starting 11 that started tonight. Ill go Rangers to win on penalties 😜
  12. Thank fuck but next week will be spanking on this showing
  13. Just see this fucking out