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  1. 2 wins and 2 draws so far which could have easily been 4 draws if we are being honest is just not good enough considering who we have played. Still have a lot harder away game to come. We needed maximum points going into the Tim game to put pressure one them, but already the game is freebie for them. We wil get turned over as MW will not know what to do. Aberdeen away after that as well, by the end of September I can see everyone having a very different outlook on our management team.
  2. MW will get a hiding IMO there. Won't know what the fuck to do on this game. By the end of October I expect his jacket to be on a shoogily peg. Folk will crying out for Walter Smith before the new year I'm telling yous. MW is a good Coach and will go on to do a good job in England somewhere, but I really don't think he is the man to try and topple a dominant (πŸ˜•πŸ˜€) taig side, when we have spent a pittance on our transfers so far. frustrating times bears, but NOTHING we can do unless someone hits the euromillions
  3. Fuck off mateπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  4. Will we fuck, canny beat Killie with 10 men FFS. Get your head out your arse
  5. 4-0 taigs thumb hattrick that's how it will go. We are a absolute shambles. MW can only play one way and it's clearly no working so far, we will get destroyed at the tattiedome. Sorry folks, but we need to face facts and hopefully afterwards some of these fucktards in out team will realise what we are up against this season
  6. They are the same type of player mate, slowing things down, fannying about. We don't don't need th both on the park at sonar time. Drop Barton, he is done. Get the youngster On the park. Nothing too lose.
  7. YES 100% Barton is pish, and I would bet my house on him getting sent off trying to be a hero. Put young rossiter in, it's just another game for him and would probably nail it. Barton is a loudmouth fud who thinks Scottish football is a walk onthe park. WAKE UP CALL JOEY. Get a fucking grip of yourself and smarten up or you and your shitey Twitter account can get to fuck ya plum
  8. Fuck it, I'll lay it on the line. MW will not be our manager by March next years.
  9. MW is being found out big time In this league. As much as I want him to succeed, the way its looking so far I don't think he will be our manager come end of the season, sorry folks, but he just doesn't have any sort of experience to deal with the situation we are in. No doubt I will get slaughtered for this post, but I have had my suspicions for a while now. I will be genuinly amazed if warburton will still be there by May next year. So copy this post, screenshot it what ever the fuck you need to do. But let's just see what happens between now and end of season.
  10. We are mate and to be honest we will lucky to get second. Even if we do we will be lucky to get into Europa league proper next season. We have regressed dramatically since we beat the tims. It's been glaring obvious we need proper investment in the squad but alas it didn't happen massive similarities to our 9 in a row run, but the roles are reversed. As much as it hurts we just need to deal with the fact that we will not be competing with that mob for a few seasons yet, and if dodgy Dave doesn't put his money where his mouth is then we could be looking at years and years until we see any sort of success. Bad times at the moment bears, don't see solution any time soon
  11. Joey Barton is pish folks. The penny will probably drop for most about March time when he has done fuck all apart from slow down our team, he has made a name for himself by being a mouthpiece and a dirty player, let's be honest here folks. He thought it would be a cakewalk up here and he has been found out already without any real opposition. Waste of a wage, I would drop him and play rossiter as the holding mid role. He is pish man, sooner MW realises that the better
  12. 4 points dropped already and we haven't even been to any decent away grounds yet. Canny even beat Killie with ten men??! We are on a hiding to nothing this season. We will get turned over at the tattiedome and Most likely get beat at pittodrie then where does that leave us? Scraping for second place all fucking season while the tims stroll off in the distance. We haven't kicked a ball since we beat they cunts at Hampden. King knew we needed investment to make a decent challenge this season but has refused to dip into his kids trust fund after all his bravado. It was blatantly obvious that we needed good players To win this league but we ended up signing English lower league pish we will be lucky to finish second this season to be honest, that team on the field is certainly not a Rangers team
  13. King is a shyster cunt less than a million on players and thnks we can win the league.
  14. Do you need to tick a box or something to receive emails when you are successful? I didn't receive an email about tonight's game but I got one through the post.
  15. First Swiss player to sign for Rangers?