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  1. They are we will get another spanking at Hampden, and probably at ibrox it's all over for MW if that happens
  2. FT cunts celebrating like they have won the tournament
  3. Barca up 2-1
  4. WTF is happening have Man City been spiked with they dodgy blues going about
  5. We are awful. still to go to hearts and Inverness before new year and 2 games against them, I still think MW will be gone before end of season
  6. I'm also looking for something for my hall, something subtle and classy, (the framed tops will come when I get my man cave once weans are out 😂) have been scouring internet with no joy.
  7. What a total cunt! Surely Sutton can't be allowed in ibrox after that hopefully some one will scald the cunt with a bovril 👍🏻
  8. Rangers striker Kenny Miller arrested following an incident in Bothwell on Sept 10th, the day they lost to Celtic. clyde 1 Twitter
  9. Here we go
  10. We will be playing sheep in 3 days so let's see what happens!
  11. When is the draw?
  12. I done it, fuck me they got their money's worth!
  13. Ok , seems fairly comfortable on the ball, good passer hopefully lots more to come from him