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  1. I actually didn't know cr smith was still in existence
  2. for those of yous to young to remember what an individual performance this was and one of the reasons why I think gazza is one of the greatest I have ever saw
  3. Gazza hat tick to win 8 in a row
  4. Yes he's a season book holder unfortunately 👎
  5. I'm sure it was just the programme could be wrong
  6. He sits Infront of us. Him and his stupid wee pal. He ran on park and his pal filmed it. When I squared up to the pal he said he's ex service man. And I said so that makes it all right. Told the idiot to delete the video but no chance that would happen. Sad thing is he is in his 50's. Sandy jardine front he sits
  7. hadnt beaten them for a while at the tattiedome until the big man popped up with the belter
  8. song at the ready if we sign him
  9. That's honestly shocking. You see take away shops and other Facebook pages offering free stuff if they share page. Sense a Taig had something to do with them being reported.
  10. What exactly has happened to it? Was the best Facebook page for rangers fans? Is t not someone on rangersmedia that made it up ?
  11. Goram Reyna amoruso Gough Numan Gattuso Gazza Van bronkhurst laudrup Mccoist Mols
  12. Wes tav Keiran wilson Wallace Rossiter Barton Forrestor moh Dodoo Mckay
  13. The amount of different type of goals he scored was frightening. Great player great man ugly wife
  14. No wonder big sams off if his 16s are rubbish
  15. Honestly how are we not getting a penalty