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  1. No wonder big sams off if his 16s are rubbish
  2. Honestly how are we not getting a penalty
  3. Hadn't heard of this guy before so snopped on Leicester forum too see what they said bout him. Looks like we have another gem. Loved the fan that said waghorn and dodoo up front hope they rip it up. http://www.foxestalk.co.uk/forums/topic/107614-joe-dodoo/?fromsearch=1
  4. It would have been Derby mate
  5. Joey, joey, joey, joeeeeeeeyyyy im beggin of you please don't take our man Joey, joey,joey, joeeeeeyyyyyy please don't leave because you can to the tune of jolene by Dolly Parton
  6. Prob be our fans that get the blame for the riots over there all ready. So does that technically count
  7. Well who's the ex players at euros? I can think of Weiss, Davis, lafferty and Carroll any more?
  8. Played against yous when I played for thomsons good luck. Seemed a well run amateur team
  9. Good luck to him always a legend in my eyes
  10. I remember the week before the squad was announced he was pictured drunk and eating a kebab in front Pages of paper After that there was an out cry for him not too be in squad
  11. They won't kick out us out the cup. They need the biggest club in Scotland for sponsorship and attendance figures etc
  12. What's email address?
  13. Paul Ritchie signed in June and was sold in August too Man city without playing a game
  14. Best place to park at Hampden?
  15. It's his wife's 30th in Glasgow this weekend so will be up and would imagine going too cup final so maybe signing talks aswell. Or at least test the water