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  1. His song can be to the sound of the conga: Joe Dodoo... He scares all your defences.. Joe Dodoo.. He's gonny score a goal! Feel free to add on more folks 😎
  2. Did ye, aye??
  3. So he's liked a tweet, hardly hinting at a move. "Rabbie1980 hints at gers move" Rab has liked and favourited numerous tweets about rangers therefore he must be about to be signing for the Glasgow side. Heard it here first.
  4. Everyone trying to guess who we're going to sign 😂 Maybe everyone should just wait till something concrete comes out or we actually sign a player..
  5. Well then surely he should have lit up the Turkish league? Which he didn't btw. He flopped big time. Couldn't get a game half the time! He's a washed up veteran, dining on his reputation and looking for one last hurrah before he retires. No thanks.
  6. Why no just say who it is then? Ffs
  7. He's past his best if you ask me. We'd be signing the name only.
  8. Let's just put s on on the end of every player's name Ffs
  9. Guessing the guy next to him will be his agent. If it's possible to find out who a player's agent is, then that could help. Unless they both have black baldy agents of course
  10. Fm without the facepack looks shit
  11. We're probably no even in for this guy 😂
  12. The 2 boys Sibbald and Vaulks look good from Falkirk I think. They could thrive.
  13. This is just a gut instinct but I actually hope we don't sign Barton. Or Kranjcar for that matter. I think we are going in the right direction, young and hungry players who will only get better over time and within the right atmosphere. I really like the way we are heading right now. Aye, we need experience to help the squad and especially the younger players, but something just doesn't sit right with me with these too. The manager obviously sees something in them though, so if they do sign they'll have my support and I'll be hoping they prove me wrong.
  14. I reckon Cummings would be a very decent signing. He always seems a danger and the wee cunt always scores against us. He has bags of potential, and at his age is still young enough to improve alot. Especially since he'd be playing with far superior players and receiving better man management and better coaching. He is a pretty decent finisher aswell. I reckon he'd be a really good signing and he'd score alot. But Ffs son get a hair cut!
  15. An injury prone 31 year old isn't a type of player we should be targeting in my opinion. Think there is better players available. He would probably want big wages too. There is potential to be burned here, the same goes with Barton. All my opinion, and I'll nae doubt get shot doon.