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  1. Stop name dropping lol
  2. We are looking at getting a new club badge designed as 2016 is our 50th anniversary does anyone know a good place to go to get it designed?
  3. I won't be applauding a commie terrorist
  4. Just been told that if busses can't prove their booked in somewhere then they are getting escorted to the ground. Anyone know if there is any truth in this as I just planned on the bus dropping us off in city centre
  5. Was parading up the Shankill on Friday night and was some buzz. Just hoping my 1st "Big Walk" with my band gives me even bigger buzz
  6. I just got text this also. I'm 7 short for our bus if anyone has any spare?
  7. Who's Craig Mather?
  8. Just seen on twitter that Tommy Wilson is to leave Rangers at end of the season. Anyone heard if its true? Hopefully if it is true we can bring in someone who will change the philosophy we teach our kids to play! Maybe Laudrup wasn't just over discussing being an ambassador
  9. I also know 3 that are going, 1 being the guy who's running the bus....the amount of arguments I've had with them since draw was made is unbelievable! Too many people think by going it makes them some sort of Super supporter but it's the total opposite.
  10. I would also just like to say that the 16 seater leaving from East Kilbride has nothing to do with the Westwood RSC as I got a phone call yesterday from a few people who were under the assumption it was our bus! The only bus our members will be on us the one we are sharing with the Calderwood Loyal to Bar72
  11. 35 of us heading up. Booked into the Buchanhaven Hearts Social Club
  12. Got told to try the Waverley Hotel is this the tim pub?
  13. Looking to book our bus in to a boozer for before the game on Sunday as we will be there for about 9:30. Anyone know if anywhere is open or recommend somewhere to go?
  14. What's happening regarding tickets are the tickets from postponed game valid?