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  1. if he is going to stop being so stubborn the he should stay. a good manager can adapt!
  2. Stoke done some good business today
  3. Forrester looks the only one that gives a fuck, not saying he played well but at least he's putting in the effort also i've no idea why MOH isnt getting a game
  4. He surely cant be the best available option
  5. Not against this, although i tend to think playing the way that we do we really need defenders with pace or we'll get caught out
  6. If the tims we're signing him then we'd all be pissing ourselves laughing... Not keen on this one at all
  7. get him off ffs
  8. same old shite there , its not hard to defend a fucking corner
  9. Tav

    Tav is good going forward but lets be honest, he cand defend for shit! 3mill and i'd let him go if Warburton was going to get the money to reinvest
  10. im watching it on sports devil through Kodi
  11. much better already than Saturday. nice to see us playing a bit more direct
  12. This whole plan b is to do plan A better shite needs to go!
  13. We need some fucking urgency and someone witha bit of cutting edge
  14. no i think Warburtons lack of plan B will be our downfall. we won't be far away though