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  1. ST Renewals Out Today

    whats the deadline on this? cant see it on the email or website.
  2. ****Official Livingston v Rangers thread****

    apart from the petrofac final and the semi final we have been poor since the middle of march , its unnaceptable TBH , the league might be won but that doesnt mean the players should act like they're on holiday. The players need to remember the fans are still paying good money to go watch these games and deserve better. the problem with having such a small squad means there cant be a lot of rotation and players not performing cant really be dropped
  3. 4 key battles on Sunday according to STV

    lustig will have an easy time of it unless barrie really ups his game. he has the ability but i think he has been poor recently. Needs to go past his man
  4. *****The Official Rangers v Them thread*****

    Our defence really needs to tighten up. Im genuinely worried about it. I think we can get a win, they're nothing special but we need to up our game
  5. Are some of our players burnt out

    Mark likes his tight squadwith very little rotation and a lot of the players we've signed aren't used to playing nearlyevery game of a season. are some of them fucked or is it a case of some not being able to handle the pressure cause its like we're trying to throw it away. i wasn't at the game so don't know how we conceded the goals but my guess would besloppiness at the back?
  6. Tavernier

    He hasnt been great recently and defensively there has always been questions. However i think the boy needs a rest. Same with a couple otheres that have played virtually every minute this season. They look burnt out
  7. Petrofac Tickets

    Payment was taken on the 3rd im on the semi final/final thing and not received anything
  8. Michael O'Halloran

    McKay needs to look at how O'halloran played today and copy it. he was brilliant and i believe Barrie can do similar on the other wing but he for whatever reason he just doesn't
  9. *****QOTS v Rangers Official match thread*****

    We have been pish, the players need to get the finger out. Far too sloppy for large periods. We need a plan B at times as well
  10. said in January that we needed a proper striker and i still think I'm right. not the end of the world though. on to Tuesday
  11. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    we're missing holt bursting through the middle . a bit sloppy as well, need to pick it up a bit
  12. Charlie telfer

    ally said he would get a chance in the first team and that's why he signed the extension
  13. Charlie telfer

    To be fair you cant blame the boy for leaving. He signed a year extension with the promise he would get a chance then got 20 mins of football i would take him back,the boy had talent
  14. Haris Vuckic Interview

    bunch of sensitive souls in here , he didn't want to come back to the Scottish Championship and i can understand that. not every player is a rangers fan that want to come to us just because of who we are. there are other factors he would be a decent player for us back in the top flight
  15. ***Rumours thread***

    jose baxter , i would imagine its bullshit but some boy in the pub was adamant. good player but he has a bit of a dodgy past