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  1. 2 goals, one was a penalty and the other would have been saved if it wasnt for the deflection. sloppy passing and he's a poor finisher i just dont think he's good enough to be our main striker this year. There's no doubt he works hard. if we bring the striker in warburton wants i think he'll be dropped to the bench
  2. i'm not sure Waghorns going to be a automatic starter this year. i thought he was pretty poor tonight overall.
  3. Seriously what have decent defender cant win a fucking header it's pathetic
  4. Good to see the defendings improved
  5. Cheers
  6. is the Motherwell cup game on TV?
  7. Honestly people thinking we're getting Grigg or bradshaw... behave! Its obviously this guy
  8. i know its a friendly but we're 10/11 to beat a team from the american 3rd division
  9. Vicarage street just off borough road, if that means anything
  10. Moved for work, regretting it like fuck already and here for minimum a year 😂
  11. Right guys i've just moved to north shields on saturday and so far its fucking pish. Anyone know any good rangers friendly pubs around there. Cause I know fucking nobody. also any recomendations on where to go watch the games when the season starts would be great.
  12. fucking hell, blatant lying to cover up their fuck up.
  13. Couple of reports saying he has signed an extension with Burnley. He better not be trolling us
  14. The blame goes to warburton for me, yes he has been fantastic in the majority of things he's done but the defence has been poor since the start of the season and if anything its got worse throughout. Nothings been done to fix it
  15. Why the fuck arent we using the left hand side