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  1. *** The Official Morton Vs Rangers Match Thread ***

    we're missing holt bursting through the middle . a bit sloppy as well, need to pick it up a bit
  2. Charlie telfer

      ally said he would get a chance in the first team and that's why he signed the extension
  3. Charlie telfer

    To be fair you cant blame the boy for leaving. He signed a year extension with the promise he would get a chance then got 20 mins of football   i would take him back, the boy had talent 
  4. Haris Vuckic Interview

    bunch of sensitive souls in here , he didn't want to come back to the Scottish Championship and i can understand that. not every player is a rangers fan that want to come to us just because of who we are. there are other factors he would be a decent player for us back in the top flight
  5. ***Rumours thread***

    jose baxter , i would imagine its bullshit but some boy in the pub was adamant. good player but he has a bit of a dodgy past
  6. Before anyone jumps the gun im not slagging warburton in any way. I just thought with the stuff he was saying at the start of the season maybe we would have seen a few of the younger ones get more playing time in the first half of the season. The likes on thomson and hardie who have only had a few mins here and there. The young boy lyon who has been on the bench a couple of times as well. Mckay has taken his chance well obviously i trust the managers judgement on the players and maybe the others arent good enough yet.
  7. That F****er English Stirring It Again On Twitter

    Awk we sang the songs and said the bad words but honestly who gives a fuck . If you're offended by words/a song then you're a dick
  8. Waghorn Not Good Enough

    Waghorn is a very good player but not a good striker IMO . however he is the best we have at the moment and unless Warburton brings in someone new in Jan he will continue to be our main striker as miller/Clark are pish and i don't see hardie getting a chance
  9. ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    take the fucking shot earlier !!!
  10. ***the Official Falkirk V Rangers Thread***

    i get warburton has a style of football he likes to play but he needs to tweak it when it isnt working. this is brutal
  11. Hibs Don't Worry Warbs.

    I'm not really worrying but the bit in bold , a lot of us have been saying this for a couple of months and its been getting worse. cant just keeps saying it we need to see evidence of it
  12. Man U Aka Rangers

    Our biggest problem over the last few games has been a real sloppyness in the final 3rd. Constant short or stray passes and poor touches. Im sure it will be getting worked on in training though
  13. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

  14. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Now remember ref you canny book the hibs players! If our passing doesnt sharpen up im going to smash my tele
  15. *** The Official Hibs V Rangers Match Thread ***

    Sloppy for weeks, get it fucking sorted!